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  1. another update. psu shroud/pump concealer. sleeving part 1 wires. done. hi guys, just a little update. Ghetto acrylic bender. - heat gun in MY is very expensive, no budget for now so need to think of a DIY. Testing some parts of the bend got burnt coz i place it too close to the heat. for a first time, i can say it is a success, needs more practice though round 2 of sleeving. test pic. halfway done. finish. and my great partner for sleeving. 12% beer just a test fit and do some markings where to cut holes for this and that. what do you guys think about the position of the res? thanks for viewing. gpu shroud. red led just for testing.
  2. Project Alpha I've been a pc enthusiast for just about a year or so. Building a gaming rig was only my goal at that time. But as time/months passed by, my love for PC grew. That is the time when i was hooked up to modding. This will be my first ever PC Mod. Right now, i'm in a foreign land and it is hard for me to grab all tools and materials to do modding since im still not familiar in this country. Anyways, I will stop this nonsense and proceed with my build log. Below is the list of parts/hardwares to be used in this build. (This is my first time to build a Liquid Cooled PC and Im really excited ) Some of the parts/hardware are to follow since this will be a Long Term Project. Specs: Case: Bitfenix Phenom ITX (Thanks Bitfenix for the free case) - ✓ CPU: I5 4670K will OC to 4.5 if possible - ✓ MoBo: Asus Z97i - Plus - ✓ RAM: Dominator Platinum 2400mhz - 2 x 8gb - ✓ GPU: GTX 760 - ✓ (waiting for GTX980 and block) HDD: WD 500gb (planning to grab a NAS so no need for 1tb.) - ✓ SSD: to follow, still undecided PSU: Corsair AX760 - ✓ Monitor: DELL - U2414H led - ✓ Keyboard: Razer DeathStalker - ✓ Mouse: Razer Mouse (undecided) MousePad: RAZER GOLIATHUS FRAGGED Speaker: (undecided) Water Cooling: CPU Block: EK Supremacy CPU Block Nickel Plexy - ✓ GPU Block: EK FC670/760 - ✓ Rad: Black Ice GT Stealth 240 XFlow Rad - ✓ Pump: EK DCP 4.0 Pump - ✓ Reservoir: D65 x L170mm RES - ✓ Fittings: Compression Fitting - ✓ Fittings: 45 Degree Adapter - ✓ Fittings: 90 Degree Adapter - ✓ Flex Tube: Primochill Advanced LRT Tube - ✓ Coolant: Mayhem Pastel Green MODS and Misc: Fans 1: CM JetFlo 120 2pcs - ✓ Fans 2: CM XtraFlo 12CM 2pcs - ✓ Fan Controller: Sentry LXE GPU Back plate: Custom made - ✓ Led Lights: White, Green Led - ✓ Sleeving: Nex-Gen Sleeves (White, Black, Green) - ✓ My arsenal random shots. tools.... prepin the case. selfie before modding starts. LOL starting to dismantle the case. done removing the mobo tray. random shot preping the mobo tray for some trimming. excuse the photo. i don't have a place to work on(i live in a condo).... soooo... if there's a will, there's a way. trimming..... motherboard tray/psu shroud. another selfie. hahahahha drilling holes for the stand offs. random shots....
  3. i injured my self for not wearing gloves. *the cut is a bit deep. i was working on my previous project when i cut my self while trying to bend a metal sheet and my hand slip and cut my self on the sharp edge(freshly cut) of the thin metal sheet. lesson learned. always wear gloves. :) thanks for this opportunity to have those awesome tools.
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