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  1. I cut some holes in the plate so that i can screw my SSD and HDD on it but i dont put it in my case and I must clean it also.
  2. Looks very awesome !! Love the colors :p And the idea with the ssd is great ! Can't wait to see more from that build ;)
  3. It looks very well !! You've althogh made a greate color choice ;) I got panic as you started to paint the motherboard but uve said you feel the same and I hope that it wont destroy anything someday. Then I must add that the paintjob you've made is in my opinion very great. I'm looking forward to see more of this build and your future builds ;)
  4. I've to change the monitor holder so that the monitor will comme near the wall and isn't right in front of my head if I'm sitting at my desk so here the pictures first get it al little bit smaler then put it back and finaly less space between wall and monitor :P and I've found this: could be used.... and in a few days I'll start to make the window larger. I want to cut a huge hole in the left side panel and cement a acryl glass in front of it. Do you guys have any tipps for me befor I get started ?
  5. I normaly don't like green but this metallic color is awesome and looks like the best one-man paintjob I've ever seen ;)
  6. Great job and very nice theme but I can't understand how u paint the ssd like this :oo there is only one thing left to say: AWESOME.
  7. Its a MSI R9 280x 3G. At League of Legends 42 degree. And i wanted to give it back but i waited to to long so the month i'd have to give it back was ended . What do you mean with TIM ?
  8. No not really 'cause I like it to look inside the case threw the window. I overclock her only a little bit (from 1020 to 1030MHz) 'cause the driver isn't working very well and the card seemed to overheat althought the gpu fans are running with 80% of the whole performance. I've the same oppinion but I made the wiring with the best of my knowledge what wasnt very easy cause of the NZXT fan controller and the cable from it. The only thing I can do more is sleeving the powerwire and remove the fan controller. :$
  9. Zip tie ftw :D Thank u but I dont know how i can cement the fan there i saw it like this in the NZXT Phantom 410 but i think for holder like this there is to less space :$ in my point of view the z11+ has for all wire to less space....
  10. Hey everyone, I'm new here but this forum is awesome and have awesome members who create realy nice stuff. I'm sorry for my english but hope u can understand me enought to help me. PS: I'm German :P This is my rigg : So here is my question have u guys any idea how to make it looking better ? And maybe cooler ? Do you need information about the pc-hardware i could use which isnt in that system ?
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