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    Zagreb, Croatia
  1. Ivan Svrzić

    Case Review: Cooler Master N200 MATX Case Review

    Support for the longest consumer graphic cards like the GTX 690 or the HD 79990 Whaaaaaaaaaat?
  2. Ivan Svrzić

    Unknown Sharkoon mod

    Glass is in case :D Tommorow I'll paint it, not choosed color yet, that will do in shop :D
  3. Ivan Svrzić

    Unknown Sharkoon mod

    Thanks for this informations ;) Yeah I know this about cage, I think I'll put old cage from my old case ;) I know about brackets for fans, I think that I have one, but I need 2/3 of them because I want 2/3 fans at the rear panel.
  4. Ivan Svrzić

    The Mod Zoo and Tapatalk

    I'm not using tapatalk, I'm going through the web browser on phone and it's the best forum that I'm on, simple and clean
  5. Ivan Svrzić

    Hello and Introductions

    Hy guys, my name is Ivan Svrzić from Zagreb, Croatia and I'm 18. I'm still going to high school, last year :) In the free time I'm playing LOL, COD4 and BF3.
  6. Ivan Svrzić

    Post Your Pc

    This is my rig: CPU: Intel i7 920 @ stock cooler MBO: Asus P6T SE RAM: 3x2Gb Mushkin Frostbyte 1333MHz PSU: OCZ ModxStream PRO 500W GPU: Sapphire HD5850 MW2 edition CASE: Sharkoon Rebel 9 Economy edition HDD1: WD Raptor 36Gb @ 10000rpm HDD2: Seagate 500gb @ 7200rpm MONITOR1: Samsung 152T MONITOR2: Samsung 152T This PC is not working at Windows (BSOD), but it's working at Ubuntu, and it's really anoying naah
  7. Ivan Svrzić

    What do you drive? (or dream ride)

    Yeah, blue is the main color of ZET (Zagrebački električni tramvaj - Zagreb's electrical tram), all buses and trams are blue. For sure it's better in MAN bus than MAN tram haha Old trams are made of Tomo Vinković, but new are Končar - maybe you heard for them
  8. Ivan Svrzić

    Standard dimensions

    Hy, where can I find standard spacing between fan holes on radiator, motherboard tray, HDD cages, ans stuff like that? Thanks!
  9. Ivan Svrzić

    What do you drive? (or dream ride)

    I'm going to school with this bus (but we have about 10 other type of buses, they are changing) And then with this: Or if I'm lucky with this:
  10. Ivan Svrzić

    Unknown Sharkoon mod

    What do you think about something like this?
  11. Ivan Svrzić

    Project: La Fee Verte - Update 03/07/2013

    Really like that airbrush, it'll be awesome :D
  12. Ivan Svrzić

    Aurora Design's DeToX

    Really nice
  13. Ivan Svrzić

    Unknown Sharkoon mod

    I found the name ;) It's Sharkoon Rebel economy
  14. Ivan Svrzić

    CURV3D | New beginnings

    Thanks! I like that unique design, I've never seen it before :D