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  1. Hello. I am about to use the Mayhem's Blitz Pro part-2 cleaning solution in a new loop and was wondering if I even should. The loop was previously using Mayhem's Blood Red fluid and I have replaced the CPU block, but am using all the hardware from the previous build. All of the water blocks and radiator are EKWB parts and the tubing is PETG with Bitspower and Primochill fittings. I will be using new Mayhem's Blood Red fluid and am now wondering if the cleaning solution is still a good idea. I have flushed the system with distilled water enough times to have gotten the red mostly out, but I know there is still some in there (darn red). My question is, should I use the cleaning solution and just ensure a proper clean? Or is that overkill and a simple flush is all that is needed? Thank you and enjoy the cooler weather Kris
  2. I was wondering if any of the experienced modders had some insight into the glass vs PETG tubing. I was looking into the glass tubing as it's new and the clarity is near perfect. My question is, what would be the reason to stick to PETG tubing? Thanks all. Kris
  3. Hello. I am about to plan the loop for my new build which will feature three GTX 980 ti GPU's in SLI on an EVGA X99 Classified motherboard. I am planning on using PETG tubing for the entire loop, but am a little confused on the multi-link tubing. I am aware that Bitspower sells pre-cut acrylic tubing (Crystal Link) for linking multiple graphics cards, but this is not available in a PETG variant. Also, The Bitspower multi-link fittings are designed to use 12mm OD tubing. Since the PETG tubing I am using is 1/2" OD, there is a slight difference. My question is, should I just custom cut the PETG tubing to use as my multi-link tubing? Or, should I just use the Bitspower acrylic pre-cut tubing and call it a day? I hope I made this question as clear as possible. Thank you in advance, Kris
  4. Thanks for the reply Mosquito. I was using a cheap Wagner heat gun that kept tipping over so I decided to go with a more industrial product. I had purchased a decent amount of PETG from McMaster and I made some test bends that were pretty crappy. I noticed that if I heated up the tube too fast by being too close, bubbling occurred. I also noticed that when turning the tube I accidentally twisted it resulting in creasing. I just need practice. Also, now that PETG is the new star of the show, is there a reason to use acrylic tubing anymore?
  5. I am about to purchase a Master Appliance heat gun for bending acrylic and PETG tubing as well as other uses. There are many options, with the most popular being 500-750 degrees and 750-1000 degrees. Any suggestions on which range is best for hardline tube bending? Thanks :)
  6. Well I am not sure that I will be doing hardcore editing but you never know. Do you think the 6-core Intel CPU is the best of the best?
  7. Hello all, I am planning my first custom loop water-cooled build now and need some help before my head explodes. I love to game and will be doing some amateur video editing/ rendering. Here is what has transpired so far: 1. Purchased just before Christmas some parts for this build Intel i7 4770K CPUASUS Maximus VI Formula motherboardEVGA GTX 780 ti Classified graphics cardEVGA SuperNOVA 1000 P2 PSU2x Crucial M500 256g SSDWD Black 1tb HDD32g (8x4) Corsair Dominator Platinum 2133 mhz memory 2xASUS VG248QE 24-Inch Screen LED-lit MonitorCorsair 900D case​Ok. So when I received the case I was pretty unimpressed with the build quality, cheap lower panel magnets and most everything else so I returned it. I then settled on CaseLabs for my next case manufacturer. When thinking and thinking I decided to just go all out and learn to build a custom water-cooled loop as well. It is February now and I decided to sell the video card and PSU as I changed my mind on a couple of things. I sold the GPU because I either want a pair of reference 780 ti cards or maybe even the 780 ti Black Edition cards when they become available. I sold the PSU because I want a Corsair AX1200i for no other reason than I just do :) I still have the CPU and motherboard and am wondering if I ca make a better choice there too. Yes I am losing some money and it sucks but oh well. I am hoping to get some insight on choosing a X79 or Z87 chipset and what the cons/ benefits are. Also is the ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition just ridiculous and unnecessary? I can't make up my daayumn mind and I am going crazy. I just want a badass water-cooled loop in a CaseLabs case that I ca brag to myself about.
  8. Hello. My name is Kris and I have been building computers for just about 10 years now. Until recently however the builds have been pretty basic and all air-cooled. I am planning a pretty insane water-cooled build soon with a CaseLabs case and will need some killer advice. Glad to be here and can't wait to start modding. -Eazyice
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