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  1. thanks guys :) i hope to improve on build quality and as well as picture quality :) for any questions just leave it here :) i'll answer as soon as i could. x99 system soon
  2. at this point i just had to make the door in which i havent had any pictures of much only this i cut a strip of aluminum and bolted strips of acrylic to form the door for cables here ...and routed the cables and tubing finally hex life <3 by the end of the day got 1st place too at a local event hosted by gigabyte :)
  3. about this i'm not sure whats up with this...kidding.was hidding it for an event i joined a while back :) i didnt realize how blurry most of my pictures are til now.sorry guys the EK solution behold :) does it still look the same way like how it started?:) gpu block time for my 780ti plain the way i like it :)
  4. had the hinge laser cut with some items and now i took a T aluminum bar and it would be used as a double pivot hinge made 6 pcs of hinge and will be shown soon basement also got some panels...would be the ssd mount also soon
  5. things i'll be using and a few of these 1st cut a hole for my 360 rad up top black ice 360 xflow stealth and an old ek 120 xtx is what im supposed to use but the 120 would cover the whole processor part...too bad i had to say no to it had a 360 laser cut bracket for the top threw in a test board on it too here is the top bezel for the basement... i'll be using these aluminum angle bars cutted to my desire..around 25mm long aaaand 1x1inch aluminum square tube riveted them on the once top but now bottom panel of the case had a front panel out of 3mm acrylic too to those who will ask if it is strong enough printed a psu dimension mount too to hand cut 3mm acrylic screw it on then screw the psu on too had to cut the bottom panel too test fit next are the hinge
  6. good day guys. here is my work log for my latest build.i hope you enjoy :) thank you to my sponsors bitfenix philippines and and kingston APAC i would like to introduce the case and my concept turn my aercool devil red into an inverted case with a fabricated basement i hope you guys enjoy.thanks modzoo community :)
  7. this website is also giving a free motherboard from biostar...maybe you guys are interested...http://www.back2gaming.com/?p=34160 no referral links no bulls**t :)
  8. here is my mod <3 http://themodzoo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1327-bench-press/ humble and thankful to have a place here at the zoo.... :) sadly im just getting to know them.i will surely refer you bill :) adata and biostar i think would work well :)
  9. hey guys.any fans of biostar here? they are looking better and better :) and getting more serious... here http://www.biostar.com.tw/app/en/mb/introduction.php?S_ID=755 check it out... also check my mod if you guys arent busy :)
  10. thanks to the mod zoo and thanks again to my sponsors
  11. now the magical part happend...i ditch the rigid tubing coz i cant do it nice enough :/ just painted everything together as a retouch and finished the loop..so here are some final results hope you liked it guys :) sorry for the surprises :)
  12. i said i also needed a psu cover so...without the render.i just measured up what i needed and..viola now for the psu mount...took some 1inch aluminum flatbars..and measured out the psu holes just 3mm acrylic and clear epoxied together the gpu would also rest here but its too flimsy so...
  13. after a long time here are some more picture... some magic was involved since i lost my camera...soooo
  14. i wanna implement this on my psu shroud :)
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