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  1. phenoptix

    *** PHINIX AURORA ***

    Nice work Mike! Is that acrylic going to need lighting up? Also where do you get the brass inserts from?
  2. A bit slow on the draw here, but we sell LEDs from www.phenoptix.com. Not as cheap as Cheaps recommendations, but we do sell some rather nice quality LEDs!
  3. phenoptix

    Led spectrum/analyzer/movement

    You can always prototype it on the Arduino then swap it out for a barebones version with just the ATMega328 and whatever else you'll need to run it.
  4. phenoptix

    Acrylic letters and lasers

    Probably a little late to the party, but we can cut acrylic! http://www.phenoptix.com/products/laser-cutting-service Looks like it would be an interesting bit of laser marquetry.
  5. phenoptix

    Electric help with LED´s

    Any pics of the arrays in question? I do like a nice load of LEDs!
  6. phenoptix

    Any one with a CNC who can cut me some bits

    That would be good, send it to ben at phenoptix dot com. That's a very nice box of goodies! Is it in response to this? http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pimoroni/picade-the-arcade-cabinet-kit-for-your-raspberry-p
  7. phenoptix

    Any one with a CNC who can cut me some bits

    how thick is the ply and how big is it? I have a laser cutter than can cut up to 5mm A4 size.
  8. phenoptix

    Hello and Introductions

    Hey all! I'm Ben and I run phenoptix, a UK based Purveyors of Cool Things! I've been a fan of MNPCTech for a long while and I'm the owner of a Special Edition Copper Ruler! I'm a modder myself and have done mainly console mods in the past, along with house mods that I'm forced to do by my wife! The forum already has a great buzz and I'm really looking forward to watching it and helping it take shape! We have our own section where we tout our wares and may even give stuff away. We'll also be posting some how tos and reviews. We have lots of LEDs, Arduinos, Raspberry Pis and a laser cutter, so there should be a lot to see!