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  1. Well finally I can get back to working on this build some more. Now working on getting the correct fittings.
  2. I can do that Bill! Minor update today. Test fitting adapters to see if everything is fitting as design. Looks like we are good to go.
  3. A little update until after the holidays. Got my GPU today. Plenty of room for the pump.
  4. Well yesterday I got the base. I went ahead and mounted it to see how everything lines up. So far almost everything lines up. The only issue (due to my design) I am having which is not a hard work around is where I am going to install the quick disconnects to the base. The top of the memory heat sinks are standing in the way. I really like the Tridents Zs too. lol! I will find out the work around today. Here are the updated pics. Also, in process of picking out the color that I want to go with. I have come down to these three colors. Really liking the middle color so far. The left one is a really cool color as well but don't know for this build yet.
  5. Thanks man! I actually went back to the normal fan/radiator setup. Like what you would normally see in the Falcon Northwest Tiki's.
  6. Yep! The LED strip will light up the front panel. Thanks Cheapskate!
  7. Thanks Mosquito!
  8. The first base was done and this is basically what it's going to look like. Had to fix a few things but it will be finished soon. Also received the sheet metals today and did a test fit.
  9. Nice build you got going there. Look forward to seeing updates.
  10. Getting design ready for the front sheet metals but had to change the logo so it would be easier to machine. Sent the new design off to the fabricator today and should have by next week. On the other side of things, Jim over at Clockwerks Industries is now working on the base. Looking awesome!! Will add update pics of the base as Jim sends them to me.
  11. Anytime bud! Here are some more updates from Jim. Enjoy!
  12. Thanks to you Jim, this is going to be really nice. Over the time frame that Jim has been working on this portion of the project, he has been updating me with the pictures. Here is the build pics of the water distribution.
  13. Yeah, this build is looking awesome. Look forward to seeing the finished project Jim!
  14. Decided to design a front end that will act as a water distribution panel for the water cooling. Got Jim from Clockwork Industries helping me out on this one. I sent him the design and he will be building it. Huge thanks to Jim on this one. Here is the design.
  15. The motherboard I will be using is the EVGA Stinger Z170. Today I mounted a EKWB Supremacy EVO Copper block onto the board and mounted the board into the case so I can start designing a layout for the radiator and fan. Got the idea for the layout but still need to tweak it a little. Today I did a quick sketch in AutoCAD of an idea on how I would layout the fan, duct, and radiator. Basically to get some ideas.
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