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  1. Soon, a digital camo film will be applied on the case. Shipping in progress... http://mnpctech.com/pc-mod-vinyl-wrap-graphics-modding-films-sticker/urban-winter-snow-digital-camouflage-pc-case-mod-car-motorcycle-vinyl-pc-case-mod-car-playstation-xbox-film-sheets.html
  2. Well, this time, it's over. Here are the pictures of the rest of the work and the final pics. The setting up of rigid tubing was not easy because in this case, it must pass from one side to the other, while respecting the curves to join the different elements. Final pics
  3. While doing the rigid tubing, some pics of the motherboard...
  4. After a delay due to a shortage of parts, I'll be able to make the rigid tubing. Meanwhile, I continued to work on the case. To start, I made a support for the bottom reservoir Then I made a small change in the positioning of the pumps. With the pumps in the bottom, and power into place, I had no where to pass the tubes. So I moved the pumps up. To keep them aligned and stabilized, so I made a "coupling" between the two pumps holders. next step, rigid tubing....
  5. Thanks, I'll see for this badge and other products shortly ;)
  6. A few more pictures, with some positioning tests to better estimate the additional changes to make more and make sure that everything "will fit" well. Placing pumps, the orientation of the tops will be adjusted for connection to tubes. On the opposite side, some positioning tests. A support for the bottom reservoir will be done tomorrow.
  7. We continue with the small DIY. A bit of cutting, drilling, grind, painting, testing ... To begin, a picture of one of the two pumps Now DIY. To remain in the dominant white theme, and to cover the black background of the case, I made a white background which will be under the motherboard Then some paint work that are ready A small preview of rads in place into the case to be continued...
  8. Hello everyone. A new topic for a new project. This time I'm going to work on an order. The work must be flawless. Let's start with the presentation of the configuration I will torture. Case: Corsair Carbide 540 Air MB: Asus Rog Z97 Formula VII CPU: Intel i7-4790k RAM: 4x4Go Corsair Dominator GT 2133MHz GC: SLI Asus ROG GeForce GTX980 Matrix Platinum PSU: Corsair HX850 Dual loop CM/CPU + CG * WB CPU: EK Supremacy Acetal-Nickel * WB GPU: Bitspower Matrix VG-NGTX980AM Acrylic * Pumps: 2x XSPC D5 Vario * Rads: EK Coolstream PE360 + EK Coolstream XTX240 * Rés: 2x EK-RES X3 110 * Liquid: Mayhems Pastel White * Fittings: EK HDC 10/12mm * Tubing: Acrylic rigid 10/12mm Some pics: Work has already started.....
  9. Yes, ambiant temp (outside) is 30°C and in the room about 35°C and here it was after a 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme with 10007 points
  10. And here, the adventure of the "Bat O Fou" ends (almost) here. Almost, because I still have to make some changes in the tubes under the radiator, paint touch-ups ... little things but better it to be perfect. I have another case that I have to install water cooling, so the priority for my mod is secondary.
  11. Finished !!!!!!! Tomorrow, case cleaning and photo shhot
  12. The mod "Bat Ô Fou" is currently being completed, the final photos will arrive shortly. Meanwhile, I prepare the desktop to better appreciate the configuration with the acquisition of two screens ASUS 27 "(VE278) to go with my Philips 273ELH.
  13. No no no, it's not toilet paper, it's paper towel (kitchen roll) :lol: :lol: Still some newbie errors like the tube under the rad, not correctly straight (I'll put a extender next time) and the tube behind not well aligned. But for my first rigid tubing, I'm satisfied, particularly as I spent 5 hours non-stop to realize it. 5 long hours, just for 6 tubes :P When this mod will be finished, normally end of the week, I have another PC to watercool (rigid tubing) with dual loop for a "customer". Dual loop in a Corsair Carbide 540Air, ASUS Maximus VII Formula, 2x 980GTX Matrix... full EK and Bitspower for the GPU WB
  14. And now, the rigid tubing is completed, filled with liquid and the pump is OK. I let you enjoy the pictures
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