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  1. Thank you for advice and link, I went out and got me a Black and Decker rotary tool today. My next paycheck I'm buying the case and other tools so I can start my modding.
  2. Hello everyone, I am new to modding, I have always loved to the custom look and mods that people come up with when I look to buy/build me a new computer, so I decided I would try to do some mods myself and see how it goes. I have not decided on a theme yet, all I have come up with is my color scheme. I have yet to purchase anything as of yet because i want to have a firm grasp on where i want to go before jumping in and blowing allot of money on things i don't need right away. For my color scheme i would like to go with a White/Black. But when trying to think of a theme to go with with this color scheme I tend to drift to racing and I'm not really a fan of racing. I am hesitant to choose a theme of a game (don't want to pick something and latter end up not liking the game all that much) I have decided to go with a Corsair 900D case for the room (as i would like to add water cooling next year) and there is plenty of ways to make it my own. As for tools and experience, I don't have many tools right now, just basic screwdriver sets for tearing apart my current electronics. I know i will have to purchase some tools, I myself have never worked with tools much so suggestions on starting tools and brands would be very helpful. Thank you all, and keep up the amazing work. Hope to be one of you soon.
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