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  1. thx! nothing really special to be honest... outside is only gonna be painted
  2. Hello, I am Corné Buiten from the netherlands! I am only 15 years old I have a thermaltake H15, i like the looks but dont like the inside! so the inside will stay the same but the inside....... this is stock. like you see it got some cable management but not a hol lot and its not clean on the inside and i dont have a modular psu so yeah. And them chrismas vacation came and i was bored. so i decided to make this my setup btw. and yes thats a miata middle console haha as you can see its FAR frome done.... The only electrical thing i used was a electric saw and sanding machine! the theme will be Mat white and Blue hope you guys likes it. i wil post more updates with progress pictures. Greetings Corne Buiten
  3. at first thaughts i was like why not shuttle x79 board but then i saw the rad and thaught nope not gonna fit xd
  4. YES ANOTHER UPDATE :D and itd good like always!
  5. maybe sell your ram, proc 1vidcard and buy a 1366 with an i5 750 or i7 ?
  6. yeah realy nice this cant wait for more
  7. I had a rat 5 for like a half.year.modded with pinky rest from a 15euro mouse now its dead and i dont know the prob
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