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  1. Well either way im using Primochill now. It was fastest way to get tubing. Redid wiring to pump seems to be doing alot better now. Running prime since this SHOULD be the HOTTEST the PC Gets. oh side note it sweet talking to people ive seen on a webisode for the record. I watch them often that primochill petg tubing guide thing with the noob ive watched that...to many times. That is what inspired me to start a water cooling build actually. along with window mod from Bill. ill keep updates on whats going on. Rusty
  2. so i noticed last night when i bumped the pump power cable that it would shut off. So i redid wires and gave it the Rusty test (moving wires) EVERY way they could go and it didnt shut off. tubing is now done and i ran leak test for 8 hours. if he pump shut off and the water around cpu heated up really bad then that would melt/blow a tube. Kind of like a radiator hose in a car. Water pump dies, you blow a hose...or engine. Rusty
  3. no. i do not have a pressure equalization valve
  4. it only has one setting. On
  5. Well now im starting to wonder if melt is wrong word. The diamater of one end of tube it bigger than it was.
  6. no but i can tell you it is 20% fatter than it was. my ONLY thought was that it didnt go RIGHT into place i had to assist it to the right and in.Does that make sense?
  7. this is it while it was running
  8. im just trying to figure out how that melted and nothing else did. Rusty crazy part it was fluid coming from radiator which would be the coolest coolant in the loop
  9. Lain DDC Pump with EK X-res 150 top, PETG tubing with primo chill ghost fittings, EK Black cpu block. Black ice thin radiator 2 x 120mm Corsair SP Fans. Radiator is mounted on front. Ambient temp around 65-68F. Idle temp for CPU was 37-39C Prime 95, 45 mins showed 49C. System Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 Gskill Ripjaws 2x4GB DDR3 PSU Corsair CX600M...600watt modular AMD PHenom II x4 955BE
  10. So i used the petg tubing. Setup went fine. But after running computer for awhile one of the hoses actually melted on fitting to cpu block. Has anyone heard of this happening. my temps were fine this is why i am confused. Any help would be nice Thanks Rusty
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