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  1. Hello again folks this is the last update of this brief project log and here are some rather nice photo's taken for my by Nate from E22. So happy with these and how the rig has turned out. Thanks for viewing.
  2. Small update with a few pics I took whilst playing about with the lighting, It is going for a little photo shoot in the morning so I shall be concluding this small project log with some good shots this week. These were taken with a very high ISO but the mood of the PC is captured well I feel. Bye for now
  3. Thanks Dude yes lots of free space in there but without making the loop fill the space or a tube res inside all I could think of was maybe buying a USMC Ka-Bar Knife like the one Jax used in the TV Show and mount it in the case but that will 100% keep it from any LAN or Show as that thing is not legal out the house here :( where would we be without mink oil :P
  4. Really do appreciate you looking she is filled up now but I am not happy with the lighting but got some more LEDs on the way so I can get it right :)
  5. Cheers Bill just filled her up and having a mess about with the lighting now soon it will be on the desk and in use
  6. Thank you I also really like the look of them in the raw aluminum happy how they turned out :)
  7. Hello Guys I have been working on this build in my spare time over the past few weeks as I needed a workstation as my main gaming rig is not finished yet and my last finished one GT3 RS has been sold due to an offer I could not refuse. I have been using a test bench as my daily driver and it had to be sorted so I wanted to create a moody and dark PC to suit the MSI X99 SLI Plus board and this TJ07 was the one I used last year for my Red Candy PC it had been an empty shell with need for stripping normally I would take a case and have it dipped in acid but I wanted to do all this myself for that extra bit of pride knowing the toil and hours of work are worth it .. Then I took it round to my friends powder coating shop and had it done in a nice matte black the internals did not need stripping or new finish just a clean up as I knew a steel mid plate will be going in and I am not using the optical rails. The MNPCTech Feet also got coated they was a little worse for ware and needed some love you can also see the Cooler Master Silencio PWM fans which are very quite and seem to have good Static Pressure . So this project has been kindly sponsored by The Specs: Intel 5820k MSI X99 SLI Plus 980 GTX Samsung SM951 256 GB PCIE SSD Crucial DDR4 2400 MHZ 16 GB (Ebuyer) Crucial BX100 500 GB SSD ( Ebuyer Seagate 4TB Surveilance HDD (Ebuyer) Silverstone 750W Strider Gold PSU with Black Cable Set Silverstone TJ07 Cooler Master Silencio PWM 120mm fans X4 EK Waterblocks for CPU . GPU, Fittings , Radiator Aqua Computer Aquatube MNPCTECH Case Feet E22 Ultra Clear E22 Laser Etching So 1st thing was making the new mid plate this was a piece of 1mm thick steel picked up at B&Q drilled and riveted it for that industrial / moody look I was going for in my head Got some of the old Caustic Soda out for removing anodizing .. Pump is braided and mounted ... The rear panel was a Pulse modding one the threads on the PCI brackets were shot and I had no option but to drill them out and use a nut and bolt ... Some Hardware shots next .... MSI X99 SLI Plus .. From SilverStone Next some Awesome E22 later Etching ...... I took some more of the 1mm steel etch primer then matte black and took it over to E22 HQ and then this .... Riveted again The HDD and SSD with the drain tap down below Cables at the back So next we have pics of the assembled PC so if you do not want to see yet .......................................................................... This is where I leave it back later with more pics of the filled loop and some lighting installed bye for now folks.
  8. Hi guys I know this update has been long over due but this project has become a longer on that I thought and I have built several other PC's since I started this and this has been on the back burner a few times. One of the problems I had was the original frame was out of square and was causing the panels to be a really poor fit so I just went and made a new one ... This meant more holes was needed so .. Will be using a AquaComputer Bay Res at the top Feet not sure on this right now I am looking at cutting a metal plinth or maybe layers of 3mm acrylic between Aluminum Had a play with some flat bar but this is a defo NO You can see the Metallic Silver Powder Coating now but I am not 100% happy and its is going into the acid bath and getting re done ( The apprentice did after his A1 job on a other Case he was allowed to do these panels). Here is an example of why the powder is to be re done The finish is great 90% over and it does have a nice shimmer Hardware will be changed again with Skylake next month but the layout is the same .. The EK CPU block's spare mounting screws being used as Risers .. Next like fate joined them I know this case and the board I am going to use are made for each other.. So I am now off to carry on with my other projects as I55 is getting close so bye for now ..
  9. Thank you so much Bill I am really happy with this build :)
  10. Hi again folks this is my last update with some finished pics of the build before it is packed away for the Insomnia 55 Lan in August. Want to take the time again to thank EK Waterblocks , MSI , Corsair, E22 and Pexon PC's for the support and without them this would not of been possible. I would like to mention how much fun this project has been for me and putting my work up against some talent guys makes what I have been doing for the past few years really worthwhile. Thank's for looking and I will see you all again soon with more of my work for those of you who are not fed up of me yet ;)
  11. Yes I do not deny its a massive help being so close to E22 :)
  12. Hello people sorry about the long delay in the update just impossible to find the time to dedicate to forum's with the workload I have looking after my mum, the dogs and time for my daughter , whilst trying to earn a few quid from the client builds I am doing/done and the powder coating jobs etc. I have been working on this every week for a few hours and now we have some changes made and a complete PC so here is what has happened in pictures and some words but I think you will understand it .... 1st up I was not happy with the small details not matching on the motherboard , GPU and PSU .. Took the block over to E22 and Nate etched this Porsche Badge into the Acetal The Sexy Pexon PC's Cables with the Corsair HX850i GT3 edition :) Next up is a pic of the rear of the PC which I painted in a dark grey and the same red I used for the Tubes etc .. Had major rethink on the layout as I was not happy so I decided against the second rad as it was not really needed this 360 is ample for the i5 and Titan Black in the loop as the EK Vardar fans are excellent quality.. The SSD was given some detailing to match ^^ Here are a few shots of the PC in the dark with the MSI logo backlit with red LED I decided to make some grey pastel coolant as with White, Emerald green and Red here in this pic I am happy with the match with the light grey in the braid .. I popped her onto the desk last night and I think my table was made for this PC .. and as I have been using a test bench for the last few months it will be nice to have PC in case finished so after the next photo shoot I think I am using this rig for my gaming PC :)
  13. Hi again folks i have been a bit unwell for the last few weeks and progress has been slow but we now have a decent update to show you so 1st off here is the laser cut panel for around the motherboard thanks to E22 for the laser magic :) quick shot of it with some light behind it had to make a little adjustment as it was a bit tight against the PSU To make this light up some metal had to be removed from the case Fixed in some angled aluminum strips to hold the leds and allow the light to get where it needs to be Made a bracket for the 120mm Rad at the back Next up the cables from Pexon PCs just pure perfection best in the UK for sure Perfect fit :) I was snapped whilst working on the tubes after deciding to make some grey coolant but paint the tubes red to match the new front grill and as I wanted them to be a little different than just using pastel red as I did in this test run Anyway the tube went to the paint shed It will need another coat and some clear coat but this is more what I wanted :) This is where we leave you again and I will return next week with more :)
  14. Thanks Dave and yer the panel is now cut and installed soon to be revealed :)
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