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  1. Love watching the process. Great stuff!
  2. If it wasn't 10:00 in the morning here I would have grabbed a glass of wine to read through this update! Love the creativity on this build. Love all the little details. Well done sir! Fantastique, beaucoup de respect!
  3. No problem. The 'pouring a glass' feature should end up being very cool. Some things you'll want to watch out for though: Evaporation. You may end up having to top up the fluid frequently. Trajectory. You'll have to be really careful with pump speed to ensure it doesn't get too high and miss the glass. Air bubbles. With the hole so close to where the liquid lands it could produce a lot of bubbles that keep circulating through the system. I have this problem on my current scratch build. It actually causes the landing point of the stream to vary quite significantly. Relocation. You're going to have to drain fluid from the bottle any time you need to move the computer. Having said that, I'm very interested to see how it turns out. Should look fantastic.
  4. Loving where this is going. Keep up the good work!
  5. My best was finding motherboards with MULTIPLE M.2 slots. M.2 drives in raid zero? Yes sir! Windows has never loaded so fast for me. #Eskimod2 Worst for me was an acrylic CPU block. Had some sort of micro-fracture in the threading that only leaked under load when gaming and dripped right onto my Raiden RAM and corroded them - ugh! Switched over to a metal Heatkiller IV CPU block and haven't had a single issue since.
  6. AHHHHH! You pulled apart the Avexir's. You're a braver man than I am - LOL!
  7. Ha, for sure. There was another build too that crushed me on the MOTM at bit-tech that had them clipped as well. Always fun to do something a bit out of the box.
  8. Those are looking outstanding. Looks like clipping fans out of their mount is the new thing. Loving it!
  9. I'm loving this. 1) It looks GREAT. 2) You have absolutely the right attitude about it. Start small and cheap and work your way up to bigger projects. Welcome!
  10. Well, one final and mostly irrelevant update. Got some cool weather today so I thought I'd test out the "wind tunnel" design. About 11 degrees celsius outside, so I cracked the window and started some gaming. Running a pair of R9 290's in eyefinity (5760x1080) the machine rocked along a barely over 40 degrees. Could not believe it. These cards used to hit 70 degrees watercooled easily.
  11. 1) I love love love that grill. 2) That trick to remove the zinc plating is GREAT. I went through SO many aisles of screws trying to find something decent for the Eskimod 2 build. I ended up setting on green deck building screws (mostly cuz PLA off the printer kinda works a bit like wood.) I totally didn't want plain old screws showing either.
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