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    ToddK got a reaction from bungwirez in Fresh Meat: A Dota 2 Scratch Build [7/5/17]   
    1) I love love love that grill.
    2) That trick to remove the zinc plating is GREAT.  I went through SO many aisles of screws trying to find something decent for the Eskimod 2 build.  I ended up setting on green deck building screws (mostly cuz PLA off the printer kinda works a bit like wood.)  I totally didn't want plain old screws showing either.
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    ToddK got a reaction from InsolentGnome in ESKIMOD 2.0 - [COMPLETED]   
    I'd like to introduce my new best friend.  Under my workshop bench was this little fellow.  It's a sharpener I used for my lawn mower.  Turns out it's also the best for shaping acrylic.

    And here's probably the most fabrication and challenging part of the build.  Tons of time went into shaping the acrylic and sheet metal AND I'm still not done.  Need to cut the holes out of the sheet metal still.  Getting close though.

    And here's the final printed raid caddy.  Hot swappable drive PCB with LED activity indicator.  Should be fun to get running.

    Designed for airflow from the rear deck to carry away heat from the HDDs.

    And peeking through the back.  Still need to trim the mobo tray a bit.

    And the team received their championship rings in the past couple weeks.  Here's a pic.  Now wouldn't that make an epic power button?

    So off to the 3D modelling program I went.

    Biggest trouble is the resolution of my 3D printer.  This will be a lot of prep work to get it somewhere I'm happy with.  Either that or I find a higher resolution printer and try it on there.

    So this was an unexpected birthday gift.  USB microscope.  Turns out it may be exactly what I need for fixing up the print out.

    So much for me talking feces about not having much prep to do on my printed parts.  Yikes.

    But what's an epic power button without lights?  Early tests are looking promising.  Bet the team's rings don't do that...

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    ToddK got a reaction from Ronnie Hara in Thermaltake CoreP 5 ANT-MAN   
    Loving the carbon fiber vinyl on there.  Looking great.
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    ToddK reacted to Cheapskate in Gigantea-CM Elite 130 casemod[Completed]   
    I'm suspecting a slow descent into madness is occurring here. He's building up a collection of robot minions. 
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    ToddK got a reaction from Jeffrey Stephenson in SkyVue   
    Final result is outstanding.  Loving it!
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    ToddK got a reaction from samufiscal in Blue dimension workblog 2.0   
    I like the ingenuity on lining up the 3D printed triple fan grill.  I've been debating how to best do that myself.  I like your solution.  I also like the light blue color.
    Great stuff!
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    ToddK got a reaction from FAT in Scratch Build RINZLER by FAT   
    Yep... I am officially jealous of cnc'd acrylic.   :o
    Great design!   :D
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    ToddK reacted to InsolentGnome in Origami - An S-Frame project by MetallicAcid   
    Someone should do that just because!
    MA, if you turn this into a crane, you win the internets!
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    ToddK got a reaction from Ronnie Hara in HyperX Mod   
    Ronnie mod?!?!?  (grabs popcorn)
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    ToddK got a reaction from Karambit in Frozen Throne - [COMPLETED]   
    Using the evenings to take care of some little details.  Hoping to get myself to painting in a couple of weeks.
    What to do with a whole bunch of old PWM fan extensions?  Make a PWM fan splitter of course!  :lol:



    And voila!  One triple fan splitter.

    And a quick test in the old Downtown box.


    Speeds are varying nicely.  We seem good to go!  :D  Going to throw it into my box for a week or so just to make sure it works fine.

    And for good measure covered up the back labels on the fans with some blue metallic vinyl from MNPCtech.
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    ToddK reacted to noobas4urus in Fresh Meat: A Dota 2 Scratch Build [7/5/17]   

    I'm honored to welcome Silverstone on board, they're hooking me up with some power!
    Thank you very much Silverstone!  
    A SFX SX600-G to be exact, most power supply enthusiasts will recognize this as the smallest, most powerful full modular power supply on the market currently.

    She'll give me plenty of juice for the hardware I have in store.

    At 100mm X 125mm X 63.5mm, it fits in the palm of your hand.

    Also comes with a complete cable set of course, these I think won't remain stock though.

    Ok, back to our regularly scheduled build log...USB ports!

    Went better than I expected after I took the ports off the PCB.

    After I finished the ports up, I routed the front of the case for the incoming mesh.

    Infinity cloverleafs Cheaps, I'm committed.

    Ended up cutting my panels via rotary tool, that way I wouldn't have to hammer everything down after tin snipping.

    Side panels done.

    The front took a little more time, I had to account for the contours.

    Yup, liking that.

    Seeing how it all looks together.



    Until next time, keep on keeping on.
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    ToddK reacted to Bill Owen in Frozen Throne - [COMPLETED]   
    You're son is VERY Lucky, and the AMD folks will love it, too :)
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    ToddK got a reaction from jackalopeater in OverKillveri   
    Love me some 295x2.  Right now that's my dream card.
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    ToddK got a reaction from FannBlade in Frozen Throne - [COMPLETED]   
    Hi all, back again with another mod project.  This one called "Frozen Throne" inspired by the Lich King trailer.  More to that in a bit.
    PARTS LIST: ____________________________________________________________
    FX-9590 4.7Ghz Eight Core CPU ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 Motherboard Corsair Hydro H100i Cooler EVGA SuperNOVA NEX750B1 PSU  Thermaltake Smart 750W (see why below) 8 GB Kingston HyperX Fury Memory AData Premier Pro SP900 128 GB SSD 2x Seagate 1TB 7200 for Raid 1 Crossfire Sapphire Dual-X R9 270x GPU Ancient Antec broken nasty old case Many thanks to the good folks at AMD for their contributions to this project.
    OVERVIEW: ____________________________________________________________
    This project is a gaming rig for my son.  He's admired the Downtown build and wanted a rig of his own.  He's asked to build out a castle design, so we've come up with the details below.
    INSPIRATION: ____________________________________________________________
    We did some digging around at a number of pics online.  What really got us going was the moment in the Warcraft Lich King trailer where Arthas stabs his sword into the ice and it cracks.  We thought that would make a pretty sexy window for the PC.
    Video link here.

    So I threw together some designs in a vector program.

    And did some research on cracked ice finding this cool image.

    Then I took a small piece of acrylic just to proof out that I could create the look I wanted.

    From there we took the case and started doing some design mock ups in cardboard.
    Walls for the outside.

    Pillar/towers for the corners.

    And some barbeque skewers for the gate.

    Preliminary mockup done.

    Still fiddling with some 'accoutrements' for the outside.  Will paint the gate metallic and replace the drawbridge with chains from a broken necklace or something appropriate.


    Finally for now have thrown it into photoshop to work through some of the coloring and such.  Some texture work for the 'stone work' on the sides.  Likely to distress to give it some wear to the look.
    Front look:

    Side look:

    Lots of stuff left to do.  Talking about things like:
    Sigil over top of the front gate. Embedding speakers in the corner pillars. Airflow points. Lighting effects. Gutting the drive cages & painting. Airbrushing blown snow on top. Much left to do, but more parts for the mod are on order.  And waiting for the weather to break so I can get into the garage to start tearing down the box and cutting up the MDF and sheet metal for the externals.
    More coming when the weather and deliveries allow!  :D

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    ToddK got a reaction from 23RO_UK in Prj2 'Downtown' - [COMPLETED]   
    Project complete.  Much thanks to Gigabyte and Cooler Master for their terrific contributions to this project!





















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    ToddK got a reaction from Akira749 in Xenomorph   
    Love it. Run with it.
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    ToddK reacted to Orange Clockwerk in [Cyprus 29] CM Stacker : Update 18: Custom Fan Enclosures   
    No problem dude, good luck! I love to see my mod zoo monkey buddys in the MOTM over on BT. =D
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    ToddK got a reaction from alpenwasser in Prj2 'Downtown' - [COMPLETED]   
    Did a little re-design work on the front panels.  Making it a little more like a commercial foyer.  Added a little business sign.  Thinking I could add a number of them all along each side.  Now to figure out what businesses to put in.   :)
    External design seems good to go.  Here are a bunch of shots.  Enjoy!   :lol:














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    ToddK got a reaction from Orange Clockwerk in Prj2 'Downtown' - [COMPLETED]   
    Got a Friday off and a quiet weekend ahead (wife is out of town.)  Panels are on.  Let the re-assembly begin!!!


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    ToddK got a reaction from cheekymcgee in Newbie Budget Build - Pimp my old PC   
    Glad to hear it. Gave me a good reason to take my pc off the floor & put it on the desk to enjoy.
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    ToddK got a reaction from Andy Bain in [ worklog ] Boris Karloff   
    Sweet idea.  I swear if I had that thing I'd take some clear acrylic and build a frame to suspend a mini-itx dead center just to contrast the shrinking of technology.
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    ToddK reacted to Ardeeo84 in Newbie Budget Build - Pimp my old PC   
    Others have said this and your mod is what modding is about.  It's making it unique, different, and most important your own.  I like what you have done and how you have done it.  Thumbs up, man!  I want to see more.
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    ToddK reacted to Michael Kaiser in Newbie Budget Build - Pimp my old PC   
    Todd glad you posted here. What your doing is exactly what Modding is all about. Some of the most experienced builders here are building incredible mods from left over parts. We don't look at it that way around here. Sure the latest parts are exciting, but craftsmanship is number one. Welcome to the addiction!
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    ToddK reacted to alpenwasser in Newbie Budget Build - Pimp my old PC   
    Nothing wrong with a some creative tool use if it gets the job done IMHO. ;)
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