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  1. Thank you, people just like you who recognizes the effort ta force in making the best. thank you
  2. thank you, Differential here is all done manually, simple tools, Do for love and dedication ..
  3. Photos right the campus Party 8 Brazil. Brazilian Championship casemod ..
  4. Good means that late, but ready and already here on campus Party project. First I thank God. I thank my wife Angela for helping me at all, only she knows the difficulty I had in making this project .Thank you to friends who helped me with the toilet parts. Thanks to the sponsors of this project. and the team Modersbr Thermaltake Brazil Ttesporte = = = HyperX Brazil Monkey custon = = Extreme performance solutions pc mod = Aquatuning Brazil. this here is not half as much sandpaper I spent p; give those finishing in acrylics ..
  5. Next picture is playing the part of the watercooler, folding acrylic tubes, the workaround used the square piece of wood and cut with tico tico., But it worked ... Thanks again to the support of hypex, thank you With HyperX own the phone box will make a mod to put 2 UV LEDs can ilumiar for the support that made of acrylic, done manually
  6. Parts already made the painting water transfer for me.
  7. Fis the thor hammer rays. will be on the roof and the front of the case. done manually in blue acrylic uv of 5 mm.
  8. Summary of the parts made by acrylic m, im manually. as everywhere that has the photos above ... below are all the parts already with paint and ready to be assembled ..
  9. The part of the painting is special here in Brazil I create to be the first to do this technique in computer cabinet, casemod. Water Transfer Printing, a painting made based on water, where the ink is transferred from a soluble film. The technique is most popular in the color wheel, but is compatible with any other material is a film with rays design which will match thor rivers and taken the first white background to highlight the rais, follows the film photos and video making my first piece was the Standing cabinet has all the course the ready parts
  10. The pieces below are acrylic pieces 10mm, all cut and done manually by me. using micro rectifies and saw tico tico, lots of file, sandpaper and dedication. This gig was the longest I did, was 200 acrylic parts MANUALLY done for me. These pieces will be placed on the roof and front do one thing only, to the effect that the hammer of thor cracked the ceiling and the front of the cabinet
  11. Cables provided by Monkey custon Already in the air the page of Monkey !!! http://www.monkeycustom.com.br/ https://www.facebook.com/Monkeycustomm?fref=ts Thanking the Aquatuning Brazil by sponsorship of the parts down, thank you. http://www.aquatuning.com.br/
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