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  1. Compunut8791

    Project BRIMSTONE

    The story of how BRIMSTONE came to be. Around two and a half years ago I stumbled across an old Antec SX 830 computer case that was thrown away. I saw it in a dumpster and knew what it was; and said your coming home with me. As time went by I had ideas for it but sometimes they feel through, purchased equipment for it that was good at the time; but eventually went bad, and messed up my plans once more. So, I started to buy top rated equipment, and eventually went back to work on it, in my kitchen; at my apartment. That eventually turned out to be my garage and my paint booth. From cutting metal, to coming up with the paint scheme, the overall theme, and the color which it was going to be. Now it was time to make this case over exceed its designed abilities. I drilled out all the rivets, cut out the entire front panel and took away the two 80 millimeter fans to make room for a single 120 millimeter fan. Cut sheet metal, riveted it in and then cut the 120 millimeter hole with a hole saw. While I was doing this I decided to cut an access hole for the CPU in the mother board tray and from there it sort of got out of hand and BRIMSTONE came alive. I chose this idea to be a HELL and back theme because of where my life was and what I have gone through. And when one searches for Brimstone it relates to fire, sulfur, fierceness, destruction, and weight. It consists of steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. And after it was all said and done, it weighed a little over 40 LBS loaded with the equipment. Now it was time to paint it all and every panel was an alternating color red or black. So, I chose deep blood red paint and black gloss paint which I eventually changed the color due to the theme. I cut two plexi glass panels to fit the front and back of the case and I did my own etching for the theme as well. Now it was time to load the equipment. This became a water cooling project that too had its ups and downs. Because of a pump and tubing issue, which were replaced? So, here we go again what I have in this build is a ASUS Sabertooth 990FX mother board, AMD FX 6300 Vishera 6 core processor, 16 GIG of Corsair Vengeance memory, WD Raptor 300 GIG hard drive, Power Color R9 270X Devil video card, Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Gamer Limited Edition sound card, and a Thermaltake Smart M850 Watt power supply. And now to the water cooling equipment; Cpu cooler EK Supreme HF, Reservoir EK Bay Spin (PLEXI) edition, Radiators; EK Coolstream RAD XT 240 DOUBLE, and a EK Coolstream RAD XTC 140 SINGLE, water pump; Swifttech Mcp655 variable speed, the fittings are from Koolance due to size of the tubing, the tubing is from Fesser. The fans for the cooling are from Noctua (2) NF-R8 PWM 80MM, (2) NF-P12 120MM, AND (1) NF-A14 FLX 140MM. When all the equipment was installed and Windows 7 was finished it was time to install the finished items the black lights for the UV reactive tubing and the finished minor details to button everything up to make it finished. What am I expecting from this project? I am looking for a couple of things (to try and get a business going by building or designing custom computers for people) and to try and get sponsored by some of the great custom computer and water cooling companies out there; in order to further my building, and designing of my future projects in order to get my name out there and to develop and standing reputation in the computer modding community, and possibly employment with someone to make a career of the fantastic hobby. http://postimg.org/my.php?gallery=ba0dv83q
  2. This so far is beyond awesome and the case is that to not bad for a 900.00 case. For all the equipment included in the build did you refinance your home in order to purchase all this greatness. Some of this stuff makes us computer nerds extremely jealous and also it is the stuff that dreams are made of.
  3. Compunut8791

    Fractal Design Case Mod Giveaway by Mnpctech.com

    With as the contest ends, and 8 days after it will be my birthday on May 23rd and I will be 43 years young. I am in need of a new case and with the color scheme and this modd; it would be awesome to have a full EK WATER COOLING build.( I do not know if the case could accomidate a 400L tube reservoir for a future build.) But, how about a build with red and white tubing from primo chill, a red top flow meter, EK SUPREMACY RED TOP cpu cooler, red and wite fittings from primochill, and 1 0r 2 rads from EK to round out the build with white DNOC Carbon fiber on each rad. These are just some ideas with just looking at this awesome build of the R4.
  4. Compunut8791

    Hello and Introductions

    I am a member of the Gamers Arena on Face Book and I will give the link to my current build. https://www.facebook.com/groups/gamersarenacommunity/596311903810174/?notif_t=like
  5. Compunut8791

    Hello and Introductions

    I would like to post a work log on my recent build for everyone to see. How would I go about uploading pictures, and descriptions to the forum? I looked throughout the forum and didn't see how to do this; is there a complete process on doing so?
  6. Compunut8791

    Hello and Introductions

    Hello: My name is Loran Lindberg; I have been modding and building my own computers for about 20 years. I never really felt the need to belong to a forum. But, I finally decided If I wanted to get noticed and show some of my work; maybe it could take me places. So, here we are on one of the greatest modding forums that I have been too. I have a college degree in Architecture and designing; and a degree in Graphic Arts. But, it has taken me no where. So, that is why I am here. I decided to choose to seek out the modding forums in order to not just get noticed, but; to possibly get sponsered, or maybe to get employed with one of the great custom computer and water cooling companies out there to make a career of the fantastic hobby. And to further my building, and designing of my future projects in order to get my name out there and to develop and standing reputation in the computer modding community.