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  1. As much as it's billed as a water cooler's wet dream, it's really not ideal for a number of reasons. The ones the instantly come to mind : 1. rad mounts are not reversible, at least in the basement. So you run into real problems when running and bending hardline with the PSU. 2. If you water cool, you're really limited by to using bay reservoirs if you don't get creative. Which, to be fair, is all about what mod'ing is about, but to say this is a primo water cooling case is not true if you are using tube reservoirs. 3. Want a 480 rad in the basement, can't use the drive cages. 4. With corsair fans and a 'thicker' rad like an xspc AX, can't do a 480 push/pull in the basement (can in the roof). 5. Can't do push pull in the front and use drive cages Niggling bits that bother me : Thumb screws that you have to use pliers to unscrew A billion different screw types Rivets NON removable motherboard tray The stock top dust cover The stock window ( gray window) The magnets in the side doors The 'screens' in the side doors that you have to cut out after removing the plates The magnets in the side doors (yes, they bother me that much :)) The stock front face (Thanks again to Bill for the guide/vid on fixing that) I'm sure there are more in my head, that's just what comes to mind as I was working on mine today. To be clear, I don't mind being forced to be creative, not at all. But to bill this as the ultimate WC case is a disservice (Dear Corsair R&D ... )
  2. Thread likely a good reason to clean my spaces, yeah ? (My wife is nodding emphatically ... )
  3. WRT FBS : For painting, I use it for stencils some, but mostly for lines when I know I'm going to be masking over something that will likely come up, even with the scotch 233. I could see it being too thin for your mod needs, but it's awesome for paint. I'm sure you'll find a use :)
  4. Finally got around to picking up a band saw, went looking around this weekend local to Austin. Big box stores were worthless, which isn't wholly shocking, yet the wood worker supply shops were > $1k for nearly everything on the floor (and were busy enough on a Saturday morning to be not exactly overwhelmingly helpful). So I ordered this one : http://www.grizzly.com/products/14-Deluxe-Bandsaw-Anniversary-Edition/G0555LANV , plus rolling stand, and likely will order the fancier fence in a few weeks.
  5. I really do want some of that larger honeycomb. Source me some and I'll pay you a finder's fee (well, a shipping fee...:))
  6. Yeah, I knew it was off. Well, ok, I figured it was off ;) It's not like I need to do all that much in that way of volumetric equations for spheres in my day job ... (cubic, yes...) Thought about blown glass, that may be an option if I can find someone willing to work with me. Talked to a buddy in LA last night who's neighbor has a makerbot, said he'll run me off something. Of course at that point I should just print the ports as well. Anyone done research into 3D printers and has recommendations ?
  7. Awesome, see rusty :) Should be fairly obvious where I'm going with this, it's just a matter of finding the proper materials.
  8. Hmmm. And hmmm. Printing is an option I suppose, I know a couple folks who are in that space, and I have access to a couple here in Austin. How about I change the question : I need a transparent hollow ball that can hold fluid and be drilled and tapped for G1/4" in several locations. My maths are rusty, but a 4" sphere, NOT accounting for loss of wall thickness, should give me what, 263 cubic inches of fluid ? Which is a bit over 4 liters ? My maths can't be right.
  9. Well, ok, specifically acrylic balls. I'm looking for some. 3-4" in diameter, MUST be hollow, and I'd like the wall thickness to be fairly thick, likely in the 1/4" range. I've talked to Tap plastics, I've talked to McMaster/C, no luck. Oh, and must be seamless :) Thoughts ?
  10. Pretty sure I'm in, I had to import resources from Omaha to help with the metalwork (former Seabee, now a federal cop and former(reformed) hippie...). He's coming back down to Austin this weekend to assist with burning out the last of the 6061.
  11. Kudos, I guess, to them for actually responding, though as Cheaps said, very 'management'. Next we'll be talking about leveraging synergies and cross platform verticals ... :\
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