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  1. Akira749

    I'm on the hunt!

    Dazmode had some a while ago. I know he don't sell them anymore but he might have some leftovers.
  2. Akira749

    Help a noob.. 90' non rotary fittings direction

    Sadly, without the rotary feature it won't be really possible. You'll have to get some rotary ones or you could also buy some male-female rotary extender. Here's an example : http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Barrow-G1-4-Male-to-Female-Rotary-Extend-Adapter-Fitting-Water-Cooling-TXYZ-A01/32537751954.html?spm=2114.01010208.3.67.s1P210&ws_ab_test=searchweb201556_8,searchweb201602_3_10057_10056_10065_10055_10054_10059_10058_10017_107_10060_10061_10052_414_10062_10053_10050_10051,searchweb201603_9&btsid=7e574888-8a7c-469b-bb6c-23172a4b76b4
  3. Akira749

    Lady Sif

    Thanks!! :) Yeah the curved window can be tricky to shoot sometimes :lol:
  4. Akira749

    Lady Sif

    Voting is up guys! https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/VultureVoting Three cases to win instead of one now!!
  5. Akira749

    Lady Sif

    BUILD IS DONE!!! The leak phase when on flawlessly, not a single mini leak. Everything has gone the way I wanted and i'm very happy with the end result! The last thing I had to do during the leak testing was to install the Darkside RGB LED strip and also I wanted to put something where the HDD cage was originally. So I asked my friend Gdesmo to provide me a nice thick piece of acrylic with some sweet brass inserts for the screws and two tiny LED holes. And I tried some etching! It was my first attempt. It's not perfect at all but in a way I like the rough texture of the handmade etching....it fits with the Norse nature of Lady Sif :D One last thing, I want to thanks my great Sponsors who were with me from the first day in this project. EK, obviously with there awesome Vulture case and all the watercooling gear! Ensourced, Joey did a tremendous job again on the sleeved cables! Darkside, Daz provide me the wonderful RGB LED strip and also the red sleeved Sata cable! THANKS GUYS!!! So with any further delays, it's photos time! Here's Lady Sif resting in it's final place along side Xenomorph! Once again thanks everyone for following my build logs, if you didn't I would lost interest in doing them so you're a part of this as well! This Mod-Off was really cool and just having the chance to be beside those 7 other builders is an awesome thing for me! Cheers everyone!
  6. Akira749

    Lady Sif

    Another quick late night update... Tonight I was able to finish the loop...I like how it turned out! The rig is currently in it's leak testing phase. Tomorrow I will be able to fill it up with the final coolant and then I will only be left with one last aesthetic thing and the lighting for saturday and then the final shooting!!! Here's two quick pictures I took tonight. G.Skill Ripjaws Z "Lady Sif" Edition! Completed loop. As clean as I could. Cheers everyone!
  7. Akira749

    Lady Sif

    End of weekend update... During the weekend I pretty much installed everything in the case so all it's left to do is the loop and some vinyl treatment on the ram sticks and some other misc stuff. I also need to install the lighting. Here's a few pictures to show where we are at now. Radiator and fans installed! The EVGA Supernova 750 G2...with some vinyl treatment on. The whole thing installed!!! Enjoy!! Next update will be with the completed loop and maybe more...
  8. Akira749

    Lady Sif

    Yesterday I received my sleeved cables from Ensourced!!! One thing I did struggled and feared was the color match between the case and the sleeving. When I ordered the sleeving, I didn't have the case in hands and I also didn't had any samples of the sleeving colors. My choice was based only on pictures. When I opened the package yesterday it was such a good relief to see that the color match was awesome!!!! The sleeving is Paracord 550 and the colors are Imperial Red and Silver. During the weekend, I should be able to have most of the build done. Stay tuned!
  9. Akira749

    Lady Sif

    Thanks Cheapskate!!
  10. Akira749

    Lady Sif

  11. Akira749

    Lady Sif

    Update! Update! Update! Hi everyone! It's been a while since the last update but here we go!!! Just as a reminder, the case was away for painting but the painter had a good waiting list. I knew it from the beginning and it was ok for me. Last friday, I received the case back from him!.....MAN that case is looking sooooo good!! The pictures aren't even able to show how good it looks! Thanks again Mark (Hanoverfist)!!! A while ago, I did receive my package from Darkside too and I just realized that I didn't add the picture in the log. So let's start with the Darkside Modding stuff! It's their wonderful RGB LED Strip! I used them in the Xenomorph build and they work like a charm!!! I also installed the GPU block on the GTX 980 SC with the plexi terminal and the awesome Nickel backplate!! And here's the piece de resistance in Candy Apple Red and Orion Silver!! I took the case with me for my morning coffee on my deck. Taking pictures of a candy color isn't the easiest thing to do but I hope you can see the color shifting in some of the pictures. This is also why on some pictures the Candy Apple Red will look more orange, some more pinkish and some darker red. It's sooooo gorgeous in real life!! These new pictures are also marking my recent camera switch. I moved from my trusty Canon Rebel XSi to my new Nikon D5200. I still need a few adjustments but so far I really my switch from Canon to Nikon. The PE rad has been painted in Orion Silver too. You can still see the original lettering but I will "highlight" it. Very cool mirror-like effect on the paint!! I just love that shot! Later the same day, I took the studio shots. When I checked them after the shooting, they were ugly for the most part so I redid my shooting early the morning after. I can see you... Things will go at a faster pace from now on! Before the end of the week I will receive the last 2 things to have everything on hands to complete the build. One thing being the sleeved cables from Ensourced for my EVGA Supernova 750 G2. I will hold you in the dark for the other package until the weekend. Thanks and cheers!!!
  12. Akira749

    Lady Sif

    Thanks! :)
  13. Akira749

    Lady Sif

    Totally agree Bill! The color is soooo nice!
  14. Akira749

    Lady Sif

    First tease pictures of the paint job by Hanoverfist!!! I'm so happy with the color!!!! Thanks Mark! I can't wait to see to case with my own eyes!!
  15. Akira749

    Lady Sif

    I'm pretty sure it would be a nightmare to find someone who will be able to replace it. I hope mine will stay clean