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  1. Nice work! Color of the wood grain is amazing.
  2. Build looking great. I too never put in much thought,just let it evolve....I like the way you think! Subbed
  3. Awesome stuff!! Glad to hear the group back together again. I agree-people get back on FORUMS so we can actually find it!! Not lost in FB feed page. (Yes me too!!) Marigold?
  4. seems to work on my end. scroll down and a tiny link shows up. Added a link to Indy CNC FB page. Video is pinned to the top of page.
  5. Here is a MOD Zoo Exclusive video update on the Cobra build. You may have to download it (around 700 MB) to get it to play. You phone guys may be out of luck until it's up on YouTube. Mod Zoo Exclusive Cobra Build Here is a Facebook link so you don't have to download it. Indy CNC Mod Zoo Video https://www.facebook.com/IndyCnC/
  6. Awesome PodCast! So much I could comment on...but now my brain is on fire when you brought up Amazon! Someone please teach them to pack products,all your high end electronics go in bottom of box with a piece of packing paper on top. Good to hear from the group again. Keep them coming so I know I'm not the only idiot around sharp objects!
  7. Stay tuned guys. I'm moving to a new hosting site with https: and have a new Youtube channel coming online soon. Along with a shop move and I will need to get all paint work done since I don't plan on any paint work in the new shop. I will be moving toward all CNC work only. Pics should be back up in a few days and I hope to re-post all old videos on the new YT channel.
  8. I wish I was an English lit major....so I could explain just how blown away I am!!
  9. Here is one to tie you over. Ron you can email me the pics and I can upload them to my server.
  10. But I have all these Hoover attachments laying around and you can suck the heat out! I agree ,I will stick the headlight bezels on and probably knock it down 1/2" or so.
  11. And you guys thought I was just laying around the house! Well as you can see I scraped the fiberglass grill and opted to step back in my wheelhouse and do it in METAL. The 1/4" aluminum will be shaped to a bezel look and polished. Watch for upcoming video. It was a little struggle getting shape right...cut apart once to reconfigure the angles. So what are your thoughts - is it sticking out to far or just right?
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