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  1. FannBlade

    Fractal-Design Define XL "The Cobra"

    Thanks Here are couple new videos
  2. FannBlade

    Fractal-Design Define XL "The Cobra"

    Better? I hate to say it out loud: you were right!!!
  3. FannBlade

    Fractal-Design Define XL "The Cobra"

    But I have all these Hoover attachments laying around and you can suck the heat out! I agree ,I will stick the headlight bezels on and probably knock it down 1/2" or so.
  4. FannBlade

    Fractal-Design Define XL "The Cobra"

    And you guys thought I was just laying around the house! Well as you can see I scraped the fiberglass grill and opted to step back in my wheelhouse and do it in METAL. The 1/4" aluminum will be shaped to a bezel look and polished. Watch for upcoming video. It was a little struggle getting shape right...cut apart once to reconfigure the angles. So what are your thoughts - is it sticking out to far or just right?
  5. FannBlade

    LED Case Feet Giveaway

    Awesome, glad you are happy with them. Looking forward to seeing them installed.
  6. FannBlade

    LED Case Feet Giveaway

    I probably forgot to mention they are 12 volt. So basic red + and black -. That is one problem with new design is the bolt sticking up into case,where the old one were flush style bolt that didn't intruded much inside case. Sorry it took so long to get these shipped - missed mail Fri. and schedule pickup on Sat. didn't happen. Looks like you will have them today!!!! Remember they have lifetime warranty against rust. Just contact our service center in Asia for RMA...........
  7. FannBlade

    Project Car

    Auto sexyness paired with PC builds.......time for a cold shower!!
  8. FannBlade

    LED Case Feet Giveaway

    Here is a little sneak peak. Day 1 Day2
  9. FannBlade

    Project Car

    Nice metal work! Can wait to see more.
  10. FannBlade

    LED Case Feet Giveaway

    Congrats to: RcRon7 Thanks to everyone that entered. Ron please let me know what cutout you decided on and color. I will get these cut ASAP. Thanks to all the Monkeys that help me decide.
  11. FannBlade

    LED Case Feet Giveaway

    And the winner is..............? Still deciding! Stay tuned for the Ultra Exciting Announcement
  12. FannBlade

    LED Case Feet Giveaway

    Ain't that the truth!
  13. FannBlade


    Nice work! Great design vision,bet your glad to get all those ideas out of your head. Great job on the weathering, I don't think everyone knows just how hard it is to make it look real....artistic eye required.
  14. FannBlade

    LED Case Feet Giveaway

    No "LIKE" button slows things down! I really miss liking myself.....
  15. FannBlade

    LED Case Feet Giveaway

    Four days left to get a set of the World Famous LED case feet! Don't make judging easy on Bill and myself. Lifetime guarantee (against rust) some disclaimers may apply.