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  1. Very nice! looking forward to seeing more on this :)
  2. Very cool looking fan design, very unique style that stands out. This should be interesting build log :)
  3. Hi all, While i'm waiting for more parts for the HoBo laptop build, I managed to build a PC into my old Behringer Speaker box. My bass guitar was damaged and had to be thrown out but i wanted to put this speaker to good use. I have some random parts lying around the house to build another computer so I quickly put this together. Unfortunately i don't have any pictures of the construction process as it was build on the fly, but i thought i'd show you all whats been done so far. I need to install some red led's around the front fan, add some extra usb ports to the top panel and clean up the back place a bit more but for now it's fully working. This was a fun little project to build, especially creating the red metal top plate to hold the PSU inplace, plus the spare 200mm fan fitted into the front of the unit perfectly. What do you think? What improvements would you recommend?
  4. ApheX

    HoBo 2.0

    Testing all parts for problems or errors.....
  5. ApheX

    HoBo 2.0

    Thank you Bungwirez. Ok, this is the last update for today. Here is a full idea for the design. Let me know what you all think.
  6. ApheX

    HoBo 2.0

    Updated design
  7. ApheX

    HoBo 2.0

    Hello, I haven't had a chance to design or make anything resently, wat with work and normal day life getting in the way, however it's time to start a project. I had a old 13" gateway laptop that a friend gave to me as the screen was damaged and he didn't need it anymore. I had another screen that would work but it was bigger than the laptop, so i did what any good modder does and made it fit. I had to crudely bend the screen brackets to fit the 15" screen and re-drill the screw holes to mount it, however it worked. Here are a few photos. Yes I did put black cardboard on the back of the screen :/ So it works, but it doesn't look very good or is it very safe. Due to this, I'm going to build a whole new chasis for this laptop. I taken all the parts out and tested them while running Ubuntu and it operates fine. I'm going to use green acrylic sheets (not sure if they will be clear or not) to build the bottom and top of the laptop, with hex standoffs to mount the laptop mobo and top of the laptop base. Two more sheets will be used to house a screen with new brackets mounted to the base of the chassis. Here is a list of parts i'll be using (I may add more later on) 15mm Hex standoffs http://www.rakuten.co.uk/shop/go4products/product/9591724/?sku=9591724&sclid=a_pla_uk 10mm Hex standoffs http://www.rakuten.co.uk/shop/go4products/product/9591722/?sku=9591722&sclid=a_pla_uk 160pcs of M3 nylon Hex standoffs http://www.banggood.com/160pcs-M3-Nylon-Black-M-F-Hex-Spacers-Screw-Nut-Assortment-Kit-p-942282.html?currency=GBP&createTmp=1&utm_source=google&utm_medium=shopping&utm_content=saul&utm_campaign=electronic-xiao-uk&gclid=Cj0KEQjwhPaqBRDG2uiHzpKLi6ABEiQAk_XXifjcC0UsHGNZ83q-kY_Zd9Yvq6iIKuqARQZMgBWlQBMaAgxr8P8HAQ Rubber feet or bottom of the chassis http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Affix-Black-Adhesive-Rubber-Feet-Fixings-on-Sheets-Select-Size-when-Buying-/120907399517?_trksid=p2141725.m3641.l6368 Laptop screen hinges http://www.bonanzamarket.co.uk/listings/LCD-Screen-Hinges-15-4-in-For-HP-Pavilion-DV5-Laptop/255540638 Carbon fiber vinyl - Thinging of using this so only the egdes of the green plastic show. Could be great if i use a clear green and have lights inside to make them glow http://www.bonanzamarket.co.uk/listings/LCD-Screen-Hinges-15-4-in-For-HP-Pavilion-DV5-Laptop/255540638 More parts will follow. Here is a very basic design showing the layout of the motherboard and the size of the sheets to build the base unit. I'll habe some more detailed plans up later when completed. Ok so stay tuned. I will start adding more details and updates when the main design has been completed :)
  8. If i was lucky enough to get this case i'd use my existing system setup (seeing as i have no money to get newer parts for now) - Asus M5A97 R2.0 Motherboard - AMD FX - 4100 Quad core - 16GB DDR3 1600mhz ram - 1TB Sata HDD - 500GB Sata HDD - 250GB Sata HDD - 128GB OCZ SSD HDD - AMD Radeon HD 6870 - Corsair H55 CPU cooler Then i'd mod the case with a Star Wars Imperial look. Nothing mental, something simple to go with the existing look. A small Imperial black logo cut out of plexi glass and some minor black panal add-ons to beef up the cases profile a tad. Angled rectangles lining up with the edges of the case but with that Star wars feel. Maybe add a Tie fighter to the inside of the case for fun That would be a cool build to make
  9. Hi there, Since my last case was destroyed in a house move, I've wanted to start a new project, so I've chosen to build a PC case from scratch. I'm plan on using acrylic to make this and maybe a gutted old PC case frame, but I'd like to make it all out of Acrylic really. I've got autocad, however I was wondering if anyone has a ATX layout template for the motherboard i could use to make a start?
  10. I can't see them either. Using firefox.
  11. I Like how this mod is taking shape. Bill's weathered optical drive idea would look great on this case :)
  12. I've improved the design i came up with for better air flow, plus i think it looks a lot better this way.
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