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  1. I would build my first ever gaming rig in this case. Get a quality Mobo, good GPU and decent storage. Would all be new to me so it would be fun.
  2. Hello. I am trying to figure out where to post some pics and a hands on look at my new Cooler Master Elite 110 case. Tiny mini-ITX case. Well laid out for people who don't need internal optical drive(I use external Blu-Ray). Any suggestions for a noob with 20+ years experience in modding? John
  3. First contest on new forum. Excellent. I'm John Hanlon and I've been watching Mayhems for a while now. Really interesting colors.
  4. I've been doing computer software and testing since before PCs were invented. Retired now. I've been modding computers since the early 1990s when we didn't even have a name for. I'm glad to be here.
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