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  1. Just wanting to let everyone know what's going on.. Currently in the middle of an exam block and have been a but busy with the stu-dying in the lead up and therefore unable to make much progress... However I should have a fair bit of time next week and am hoping to get some work done and post an update
  2. isn't it just pure fun :P, and will do, its gone untouched for the last week or so due to being busy... but i'll try and get to it in the next few days.... should at least tap out the xspc rad to m4 and get some m4 x 30mm screws for the rads one thing that has made progress so far is the component's... ive now managed to source nearly all the required fittings, so all I still need its the fillport/through-panel fittings also been thinking about main compartment airflow, and how im going to get enough intake... food for thought hopefully will have the next update out soon, but then again.. there's a reason why this is a multi-stage, long-term project
  3. in this one the case finally starts to take shape... so about a week ago I got to this point, and was making rapid progress towards having it all in one piece.... but then ran into this issue... :( (inner top panel was too long - and thereby the bottom panel was too long as they were made to the same measurements) which was odd enough considering I was pretty sure everything was measured correctly, measured thrice and no, it wasn't a measurement/cutting accuracy issue as everything measured in as it should be.. turned out to be a tolerance issue, hadn't accounted for the gap between panels sandwiched together and other imperfections... had to disassemble, trim and re-align everything for the top and bottom panels and here it is as it stands today, a week later..... about 0.5-1mm shorter (less deep) with the sides of the bottom panel properly attached meaning that the test-fit's can continue :D (midplate not fixed in place, but sitting at correct height) the next steps are to fit the midplate & mobo tray, then mark & cut all the necessary holes in panels... anyway, that's the end of this one, hope you enjoyed reading, and I look forward to hearing from you!
  4. the craftsmanship on this is absolutely amazing :o :D.... **whispers to other modders.... "we need to lift our game -we're being put to shame!"**
  5. actually... you can.... or at least in Oceania.... I recently decided i'd enquire into whether getting them unpainted directly from HL would save me some cost.... got quoted arround $140 for a standard (480) rad and $45 for shipping on a pair.... which they said should cost me more for a non-standard order but they couldn't be bothered with putting a special item on the books so it would be normal price.... seeing as it was no cost saving, I decided to try and source some rads locally, and with the aussie dollar being so low at the moment, I bought some 2nd hand rads at least for the next little while... but enough of the story.... the point is that they were perfectly happy to sell directly to me when I emailed them....
  6. are there any more magical words in relation to mod projects? ok, sweet, I will have to consider it when im choosing radiator screws... gonna tap out the ex480 to m4 and standardise on it in this build, just have to decide on what type of m4 screws to use... eg: steel, SS, nylon, buttonhead, countersunk, philips, flathead, allen/hex etc.
  7. thats crazy... :lol: also this one will actually get some sleeving (and hopefully lacing) at some point... just don't know if it'll be stage 1 or 2 of the build... depends on time and budget... and if your interested, the one you would've missed was the super lanboy build I did for the CM case mod comp... fiinally.... in your HELIOS build, I noticed that you were considering using nylon screws on the rad's... how strong are they, and would you consider them suitable for supporting the radiator or just for fans?
  8. so this is a quick update to give you all a slightly better idea of where this is going... :D first the replacement/cover panels including front/back(they are identical panel sizes), bottom, top, top drop-in rad mounting plate and the midplate.... measured all these up a little while back and recently cut them from 1.6mm brushed aluminium on the sheet metal shear at school then used the bender to get nice looking bends on the sides of the top panel and midplate... B) (the marks/scuffs/scratches can be easily sanded out) drilled and filed to fit the original front and back panels, and the front one sanded to remove scratches and oxidisation close up on the surface finish... tempting to just tidy up the brushing on all of them and then clear coat them and fitted finally the second rad for the project arrived today :), so i thought id show the two of them... the one on the left is an xspc ex480 and the one on the right is a HL sr1 480mm... and yes they will be painted to match, yes they are 2nd hand (I know these are rubbish photos, but cant get decent light till the sun comes up tomorrow) hope you enjoyed reading it and I look forward to hearing from you!!!
  9. thanks bill, only hope it turns out nearly as good as the case in my mind....
  10. so... here starts another one of my worklogs :) this will be first stage of the build (out of two or three), and will predominantly consist of the reconstruction of the case and getting the loop into a functional state.... I was planning on waiting a little while longer before starting this project, but have recently acquired a lot of slightly better hardware, and have a bit of free time on my hands for now, so I thought id get the first stage under-way... now for the explanation behind the name of this project: 1) it is to replace my smaller lian li PC-A10, as that case is just not big enough to take a 480 rad.... 2) Lowfat's "BIG LIAN LI" is a very similar project with one of these lian li monster towers, gutting it and completely rebuilding the internals, there will also be a number of similarities to his build which you may notice along the way... but im also going to be learning from his mistakes.. (there are a few if you analyse it like a modder, eg. the side panels don't fit properly due to the rear cover plate being exterior) having just said all that....it should be noted, however, that there will be no direct copping of any part of Lowfat's lian li build, and this will all be original design work on my part... and finally onto the victim, A Lian Li A71f, which I settled on after looking into the v2110 and realising that the a70 series cases were much more friendly to extensive interior changes and would allow for greater flexibility, then proceded to try and track one down... this particular A71f, was previously owned by another modder (wishes to remain anonymous), who had extensively modified the internals and had them laid out like an FT02 with 4x360mm rads, was shipped to me in flat-pack form... (still need a few minor bits but I have all the main parts that I need to start work already) the front and top: the sides: (basically scratch free... the marks are fingerprints, tape residue and the likes, that I haven't cleaned off yet) the back (with large removed sections) and inner front panel the motherboard tray and I/O sheid/slots supplied, not the original, but likely better, as I always wanted an 8 slot atx tray... and removed from the back panel of the case it was from (nb. same lian li I/O panel as lowfat's build) and now for where the fun begins... the bottom panel had had the middle cut out by the previous owner as part of his layout... and for shipping it was cut at the front and back.... which means that I need to rejoin the lot with reasonably high precision.. but it all still looks almost as it should when put together, which is a good thing now some progress as required by some forums: (outdoor photography because the light is better and why not... :D) but that will be it, as im wanting to save some secrets for future updates....
  11. Freebee

    Project VF8

    I was just about to say, you better look out, I like this design.... thermaltake might steal it... :P but to be honest, I agree with bill, they should have just hired a modder or two, most of us have our dream chassis design's just sitting in our heads, waiting for an opportunity to build them.... (starting to go off-topic) and seriously... modularity.. thats the next big thing in cases.... why not just build it right in the first place, that way it dosn't need to be changed eg. tj07/murderbox.... but then again, if that were the case, we'd all be in need of a new hobby/job... :lol:
  12. http://www.moddiy.com/products/modDIY-PCI%252dE-%7B47%7D-PCI-%7B47%7D-AGP-Slot-Protective-Jack-Cover.html thats what ill be using now that ive said that i'll be doing the same... bit pricey if you need 5 or more, but they might be suitable for your build.... and ive been searching for foam dust filter material, and only found it for sale in quantities way to large or way to small, just had a look and found exactly what im looking for for a decent price... http://www.moddiy.com/products/Premium-Dust-Filter-Material-%2850cm-x-40cm-x-5mm%29-.html this site is known for having everything in the way of connectors/misc parts, but dosn't always have the best prices on some stuff...
  13. sorry about being an update behind.. the failed boot was likely paint on one of the ram contacts... as you insert and remove the sticks it can scrape off paint that may have accidentally got on the socket contacts.... some people who paint their boards don't even botther masking off the slots, but instead insert/remove an old pci card/ram dimm repeatedly till all the paint is scraped off of the contacts.. and that board looks amassing... if only you had found a way to remove the colour from the insides of the pci slots.... regardless, im going to have to do that to my baby blue gigabyte board when I next re-build my rig! and to address the more recent updates, all I can really say is WOW :o, really want to see the end result of this one, please take your time to get it perfect, it would be terrible to put in all this work early on, just to come out with it not as good as it could have been!
  14. looks really cool... looking forward to seeing the end result, however... it looked like that radiator is aluminium, and the gpu block you're using is definitely copper.... im a little worried about the rad corroding... unless you have some very good corrosion inhibitor in the loop...
  15. window design is very similar to the antec super lanboy (what is it with manufacture's and creating similarities to my builds ATM)
  16. im gonna go ahead and say that it's possibly an Aussie trademark...or at least planning a way to jam in as much radiator as possible... there have been enough Aussie builds with ridiculous rad set-ups as proof...
  17. so ive got an A71F on the way... looking forward to doing some crazy fabrication (more than the A10 and slanboy put together :P) and i managed to get some accurate (aprox. +/- 1mm) measurements for the a70/71/f series of cases.... (not v2100 as pictured) as per diagram above A: 532mm- clear opening between front/rear rails B: 560mm- to outside of chassis (557.5mm internal space) which shows that the biggest rad they can fit comfortably is a 480 (no 560's <_<) thanks goes to OCAU members: the3coopers for the measurements and shane41 for the A71F
  18. Im gonna claim to be the first to use that exact 3.5" hdd and res mounting plate design, built it into my lian li PC-A10 a year ago.... http://themodzoo.com/forum/index.php/topic/1497-lian-li-pc-a10-functional-modding/ awesome case though.... (for a mid tower :P)
  19. Thanks, I really apreciate it and hope to make the next one even better!
  20. hey guys just posting to let you all know that voting has started for the CM case mod comp... if you enjoyed following this project, or think it deserving please vote for it in the "scratch build" section: http://mod.coolermaster.com/
  21. so this system has changed a heap by now and is looking to get shelved for a year or two (PC-A71F on the way!! :D ) but i thought id mention with the launch of the FD define S.... I had that HDD/ pump mount plate design a year earlier.....as you can see in the posts on pg.1... feels cool to see my idea in a production case :) , but i also feel like "where's my royalties?" <_< .... don't expect to get anything for it, but if we start seeing that design in more cases, I would like it known that I did it first.... ^_^
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