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Ice Dragon Cooling

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  1. our new cooler

    When I get it back from CES I am going to attempt to clean it up and work on the windings - maybe hide the fan too. The french guys did not like the aesthetics of it very much, but I think they missed the part of it being a "proof of concept". So, hopefully I can clean it up and make it more presentable.
  2. our new cooler

    all cleaned up, and running - already packed for CES. Prime95 maxT - 63C, idle - 33C.. an 8150Fx and 270GPU.
  3. our new cooler

    We have moved the twisted tube to a micro MSI 760GMA. I wanted to use the Fractal case I was given a few years ago at CES. It will. hopefully, be cooling an AMD FX8350 and an MSI 265. It actually looks a little better than the picture. I still have to tuck some cables away and screw in the fan controller. I am waiting for some RAM and wil then hit the power button. There is a tiny NB fan at one end of the coils and a plate at the other to force the air out thru the fains/tubing. Come visit us at CES if you are going.
  4. our new cooler

    Prime95.. not bad
  5. our new cooler

    alive and running. These are the idle temps. Prime95 is running now. Of course, it still needs the side panel and some fans/fan arrangement. I'll try to do that this weekend.
  6. our new cooler

    NPT fittings.. I bought those by mistake, and would rather just straight fittings. But, it looks to work. I just got back from being out of town and hope to fill it this weekend..
  7. our new cooler

    just gotta fill it. I will tweak the routing of the tubing to maximize the fan's air and see what happens.
  8. our new cooler

    what we are thinking is creating a swirling flow inside as best we can. Something like some fans on the bottom blowing in (or the top), and then fans in the front blowing in, with a fan blowing out in the back. If we get really bored we might set up a simple CFD config to see what kind of flow patterns we can get.
  9. our new cooler

    that is probably the biggest obsticle right now - there aren't any correlations for twisted tube in single phase heat transfer. Most of the time it is used in refrigeration systems. If I knew a few things it might help the design, but the heat removal capabilities are very dependant on how the tube is arranged and how the air is flowing over it. There are a lot of variables. My tube segments are about 2.5 feet long, and I was suprised at how easily I was able to make it fit inside an old alienware case. So, I could feasibly use more tube length. Some of the modern day cases are much larger and have a series of 120fans across the bottom/top that might enable a lot of heat removal. I also have a micro case that I will see it I can get it to work in after the alienware. It should be interesting. What we are looking at is using this in a custom computer system that is always set up the same way. That way the tubes would be pre-bent/curved etc to fit right in and maximize air flow. The end user wanting to put this in a system would have to do their own bending.
  10. our new cooler

    So, we have been working on this little heat transfer experiment for a while. In a previous job (kryotech - everyone here should know who that company is) I had experience using twisted tube making two-phase heat exchangers for some testing we were doing for intel. So, me and my friend began to ponder using them in single phase system such as a liquid cooled computer. This system we are testing does not require a radiator. We 'think' that the heat transfer of the twisted tube will equal that of the radiator. So, we are not trying to improve the heat transfer but to just offer something different. It will take careful routing of the tubes and arrangement of fans to make sure that the air flow of the tubes is the best it can be. The nice thing is that the twisted tubes are very flexible, and once formed hold the shape well. I already have it installed in a system and hope to try it out soon. I did my bending by hand, so the curves are rather sloppy. I'll post some pics of that later..