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  1. Greetings, I haven't been to the forum in a while, but I am in need of advice. There is only one place I know of to get solid guidance on case modding, so here I am
  2. This build looks excellent. I am in the process of completing an air 540 build, and I really like the way your hot swap bays look. I have looked around, but I cannot seem to find the model of hot swap bay device that you have... with the honeycomb mesh grill. Is the mesh something that you added? What model is that if you don't mind my asking. Thanks, Carson
  3. Hey Xrqute, Thanks so much for the kind words. I'm glad that the log is proving useful... it took a while to write it :) With regards to the custom painted fittings, be sure that you swap out the o-ring, as you would not want to use the o-ring that is on the fitting while painting for obvious reasons. The adherence of the paint was different depending on the fitting that I used. Before I go into details, I would just remind that you should use automotive-quality paint (preferably enamel-based as opposed to lacquer), and definitely use SEM brand self-etching primer. Because SEM primer is not available nearby, I experimented with other types (ie rusteum self-etching), and found that they do not lay (as) flat and have a tendency to chip. The resistance of the paint to chipping was different depending on the fitting. I'm not sure how to account for the difference, except to assume that there were differences in the finished metal. When I painted Bitspower compression fittings, the duplicolor engine enamel paint that I used adhered very well, and short of dropping the fitting I did not experience an chipping; however, when I painted the Primochill hardline collars (when I switched over to rigid acrylic), the paint chipped very easily... so much so that I repainted some 3 or 4 times. To answer your question, if you go with a lacquer based paint (which you may have to due to a larger selection of colors), then you should definitely follow up with a clear coat of enamel (use like-branded enamel, though, as enamel can cause lifting of lacquer-based paint). If the color coat you choose is an enamel-based paint, I suppose it comes down to a question of patience. The only reason I would not put on a clear coat in the future is if it is a piece that is not going to endure much wear or if I find that a clear coat affects the hue or gloss of the finish. In retrospect, I think that a clear-coat of enamel could have saved me some headaches with the primochill collars. Remember that you should apply the paint in thin coats. Finally, a tip that Bill Owen gave me really helped with getting my enamel paint to apply evenly: fill a bucket with hot water and let the paint can sit submerged for 5 minutes or so prior to use. I hope that answers your question, and let me know how things turn out ;) BTW: I highly recommend Dupli-Color as a paint brand. It's is readily available at auto-parts stores and comes in a wide variety of colors. -Carson
  4. Wow!!! I am truly flattered and humbly proud of those numbers! It is inspiring for sure... I'm actually doing a build right now for a Boys' home in the area. It's pro-bono, so it's a budget build... but with the case mods I'm doing it's already over budget ;) . Thanks so much for the opportunity to share my build with so many others, and I'll keep y'all updated on my next one.
  5. Hello all, Having just finished my 900D high-end build, I have begun the planning phase of my newest build. This is a budget build that I am doing for a Boys' Home in New Orleans. The theme (and I'm sure that this will not please NFL fans in other cities) is going to be a black and gold NO Saints build. This is particularly easy given the black/gold color scheme of ASUS' most recent line of MB's. A brief outline of the parts I have decided on so far: MB: Asus A88X-PRO APU: A10-6800K GPU: None RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8GB (CMZ8GX3M2B1600C9G) SSD: Samsung 840 EVO 120GB HDD: 2x300GB WD Green Drives that I took from old machines PSU: Corsair RM 450W I have narrowed down my chassis selection to 2 options: Corsair Obsidian 450D Mid-Tower Phanteks Enthoo Pro Full-Tower Which of these two chassis would you recommend? The price is comparable, and I am familiar with Corsair's Obsidian Line; however, I am leaning toward the Phanteks because it gets praise from reviewers, it comes with a psu cover and hdd cage plate, and because it looks quite nice; however, I am worried that -- since this is a budget build with an APU rather than a GPU+CPU -- the system may look empty in a full-tower chassis vs a mid-tower. I also am not so sure I like the way that the Phanteks panel windows are laid out, but I cannot judge this without having seen the case. I am leaning toward the Phanteks chassis, but I am open to suggestions for the 450D or any other case. My second question is about gold spray paint. Can someone recommend a good gold metallic spray paint for my custom painted parts and components? I typically use automotive quality spray paint, and I prefer enamel based over lacquer for the durability. I can use a lacquer paint, but I hate having to apply clear enamel as I am inept at doing so evenly. Obviously I need the paint to match the gold on the MB, so that is really of paramount importance. Thanks for any advice on these two issues, Carson
  6. @jojoharalds Thanks for the kind words. I'm in the process of planning a budget build for a boys home in the area, but the case mods will abound :D @Bill Owen I figured that the Floyd build had a destination, but wow does it never cease to amaze. A houses of the holy build would be awesome... a lot of potential for creativity there for sure. Although you've done a Floyd build, I was thinking about how cool an 'Animals' build would be... or Dark Side of the Moon. Pink Floyd did so many concept albums that you could probably do a build honoring each one :)
  7. Thanks so much! Coming from you and the others on this forum it really means a lot. By the way, I don't know what you did with your Pink Floyd "The Wall" tribute build, but I would pay an arm and a leg for it (big Floyd fan). Whenever I want to show what themed builds can be, that build is on the list of examples.' (as well as quite a few others you've done :) ) -Carson
  8. Hey Bill, I updated the entire first post to reflect all of the most recent updates. Are the photos not showing up? I am not particularly adept at using imgur.com, so it's a sure possibility. Carson
  9. Thanks! I think the tricolor theme came out well also, although it was difficult to find a good balance of the three colors. I suppose it's not as 'sleek' as dual-tone builds, but it was a fun challenge to get three colors to work out aesthetically. The painted tubing is my favorite mod... mostly for the novelty of it ;)
  10. Thanks for the compliment. Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. I got the sticker from moddiy.com or KustomPC's I think... I cannot remember. I'll get back to you with a conclusive answer. Check out the updated build log on the first page, though... I think you'll like it.
  11. Thanks so much for the kind words. Sorry it took so long to acknowledge them... I haven't checked the thread in a while. It is updated now, so check it out ;)
  12. Guys, I updated this thread with a new log and pics from my completed build, featuring a change to rigid acrylic tubing and new mods and customizations.
  13. FannBlade, I think I'll try just that ;). Thanks for the response. I'll post back with the results. Carson
  14. Hello all, I have a question regarding spray paint. As such, this isn't a modding guide, so I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong place. I use a unique color of grey for my build: it's Duplicolor Cast Coat Iron Engine Enamel automotive spray paint. The issue that I have run into is that when assembling my rig, sometimes a little chip in the enamel occurs. When it happens, I've been biting the bullet and removing the piece for complete respraying. Now that I've filled my rigid tubing loop with coolant, this has become a far more problematic scenario. Specifically, I used the paint to customize my bay res face plate, which involved unscrewing the plate from the device and breaking the water-tight seal. For obvious reasons, I do not want to have to drain my loop, disassemble the res and respray now that I've bled the air out. I've searched high and low for a paint own that is even close in color, but have had no luck. My question is this: is there a way to use spray paint on a touch up brush. I was thinking about spraying down onto wax paper or something, and then using a small piece of felt or something similar to the tip if a paint pen, soaking up a bit of the enamel before it dries and then carefully touching up the chipped spots. Is this a feasible workaround? Are there any better ways of doing this? If I bought a can of paint, is there a service that would take it and put it into a touch up style brush? Thanks so much for any advice, Carson
  15. Hello, I purchased 3 12" Darkside Dimmable LED's from MNCPTech.com, and I ordered them with 3-pin fan connectors with the plan being to dim them from the motherboard fan controller. My motherboard is a Rampage IV Black Edition. Unfortunately, when is attempt to control the through the MB fan controller software, it does not pick up any rpm signal, and so does not offer any voltage adjustment option. Are these LEDs Dimmable through a MB fan header, or do I need to use a dedicated fan controller? I have an Aquaero 6, so I could try using one of the fan headers on it, but connecting to the MB would be ideal. Could the issue be that I've daisy-chained them to one header, or will I need to use my Aquaero to dim them? Thanks for any info, Carson PS: I hope I've posted my inquiry in the correct section of the forums.
  16. Thanks Bill! I was very pleased to have found that color as well, because the first grey that used looked boring... like a flat grey primer. I also find that Dupli-Color's rattle can engine enamel applies evenly due to an effective spray tip. I can't say the same for their metal speck paint... of three cans, two have been defective. Thanks again for the kind words, as well as for the excellent modding guides, - Carson
  17. Hey Bill, On this guide you write Where exactly do I get these stencils? When I click the thumbnails of the stencils at the top of the page, it just enlarges the entire image of the supplies needed as opposed to linking to the stencil printouts. Are they found in a different thread or on a different page? Thanks, Carson
  18. Hey alpenwasser? I didn't realize it at first, but it WAS your guide that I used to learn to lace cables... thanks so much. It might well have been your Helios build that I saw the nylon thread lacing. Thanks so much for all the great info. -Carson
  19. Thanks, I think that EK should consider making their acrylic blocks with only the coolant channel translucent ... or at least make a version like this ... as the blocks do look better like that in my opinion. I intend to paint my gpu block in similar fashion next time I do maintenance on the build. Cable lacing looks great doesn't it:). It's actually easy when you get -- time consuming, but easy. I saw recently that someone used thin fishing line to lace their cables, and it looked really good. Something to consider for those who don't want the look of twine lacing. - Carson
  20. Thanks for the feedback. I have a hard time uploading photos to these forums for some reason, but I think that I have it down now. Is there a way to reduce the image sizes without having to repost new links to each image? If not, I'll get to it tonight. Thanks again, Carson
  21. I also wanted to quickly show my cable lacing. The method I used was the one posted in the modding guide section of the forum: I think that I laced them a little too tight, causing them to be stubborn or become unaligned around bends. Much better aesthetically than a cable comb in my opinioin. -Carson
  22. Ok, I think I got the pictures posted correctly. Let me know if anyone is having trouble viewing them please. Thanks, Carson
  23. Is anyone else unable to see the photos in this log? I'm able to see them in chrome when I am logged in and when I'm not, so I'm pretty sure that I posted them correctly. Thanks, Carson
  24. Hey chilliewillie, I'm not sure why the pics are showing up for you. I can see them. What browser are you using?
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