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  1. About to get started on a Fractal Design Nano S mod. She will be my dedicated build for LAN events and gaming at home :wub:

    1. LooseNeutral


      Koolbeans. I've been looking at this case, and what others have been doing with it. give me a shout when you get the log going. here and/or message me on the twitters.

  2. Thinking about a mod for upcoming PDXLAN in Nov 2016 :wub:

  3. Good afternoon, just wanted to provide a quick update. This mod has been cancelled and PC case has been donated to a charity event: http://www.nocturnekittie.com/lanevents/fortcon-charity-raffle-pc-build/ . I will start a new mod after upcoming event for PDXLAN Nov 2016 BYOC for which I will be using the Fractal Design Node 202. I will post here as well, thanks for the comments and support!
  4. Will update with a banner here... I'm, baack! Miss me? (lol) This time I will be doing a mod on my Silencio 352 (MATX PC case) which was kindly provided by Cooler Master. My intention is to paint the case a blood like red color, maybe add some custom water cooling (pending), cut into panel for windows, add fan grills, power switches, bay covers, handles and custom feet. A tentative list will be shared below. Current PC hardware may be upgraded by the time this build/mod is done, will update here as I progress. In the meantime enjoy the naked hardware pics *grins* Tentative custom parts list: - PC Window Sheets 2-3 (smoked) - 5.25 Billet Bay Cover (black w/red screwed combo) - "Skull" Laser PC Fan Grill (black) 120 mm - "Flames" Laser PC Fan Grill (black) 120 mm - Mini Case Feet (black) (may use silver instead, unsure) - Black Billet Grooved Handles - Cone Spike Screws Qty to be determined - Military Fighter Pilot PC Switch - mnpctech Single GPU Support Bracket (depending on final GPU for build) Will include a final list of PC hardware here towards the end... Front Panel and Hard Drive Bays, Stock Front Panel will not be reused. Silencio 352 Case broken down. Factory case feet removed. Right side panel, left side panel may not be used.
  5. PAX South 2016 done! ^_^

  6. Getting hardware in :wub: Having issues with low profile cooler so will update once I get a replacement
  7. Keeping this one simple, I have another Cooler Master case mod coming up :wub: Will add custom feet and handle next, still debating on a window.
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