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  1. MNPCTECH Combs are so AWSOME!!! updated this to the AM 4 plattform ASrock Fatality Gaming pro paired with the Ryzen 1700x @4.1 ghz with a sett of G.Skill trident Z 3200 Mhz DDR4 Memory @2666Mhz. (Due to some ryzen issues on memory) Before the Upgrade After - Ryzen Upgrade
  2. I bought these carbon fiber PC cable combs from Mnpctech here, https://mnpctech.com/buy-stealth-cable-combs-for-pcs/carbon-fiber-cable-combs/
  3. Update: Started on the planing of the loop and doing some bends, also tested the newly aquired waterbock for the cpu and seems to be working very well. Stay tuned for more updates soon.
  4. It is finally here three month of waiting is finally over, Fresh out of the production phase from germany the "Cuplex Kryos NEXT " waterblock from aquacomputer has finally arrived, here are a few pictures ,can´t wait to get this installed
  5. Thank you for the input,glad you like it, about the di noc i am going to do that one again since i did not (like u said cut it wide enough) but i always heat it up to (like u said ) make it stick better
  6. Hey everyone,today i will be working on some cosmetic aspects of the case, using some di noc vinyl . adding some carbon touches to the overall look., the frame where the tempered glas sidepanel is located needed some coverup ,due to the versatility of the case there are many different mounting holes that i did not use and wanted to cover them up ,especially since the tempered glas did not cover them. (but the vinyl looks great i think) then i made cover for the 6 and pin on the gpu to make it look a bit cleaner also with some carbon fiber touches. and finally the 16Gb corsair dominator platinum memory got some carbon fiber touches aswell. stay tuned for more.
  7. PACKAGETIME So today i recieved one of my missing pieces for this build the Aqualis reservoir from Aquacomputer. That borosilicate glass will add a nice quality flavour behind that tempered glass sidepandel of the case here are a few unboxing shots to share with you the quality More to come soon... stay tuned and thank you for checking out my buildlog
  8. Added a "small" detail for that custom made front panel of the Be quiet Dark Base 900 pro project Black treassure slowly gets to a finishline soon i will be able to add the rest of the components and plan the watercooling loop.
  9. The Be Quiet Dark Base 900 Pro is all coming along, still waiting on my cpu block i was hoping to use in this build, and some more watercooling gear like tubing and fittings, but in the meanwhile ideas come up and why not use the time and integrate them did a small cover for the top radiator with a small lip on the bottom,so i am able to cast some "indirect" light on to the gpu and my watercooled nvme Drive. )samsung 950 pro, Used 4mm acrylic and bend the bottom 45 degrees to the front so the LED light does no throw to much glow to the bottom but more to the frontþ also installed my custom ROG logo on to the motherboardcover. more to come soon.
  10. Hey everyone here is a short video of the project enjoy, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dG1DFE3Wd_U
  11. Hey everyone i would like to share with you the final outcome of my just finished work on the Fractal Design ´s Define C Computer Case. Hope you like the final pictures. Thank you for checking out my Buildlog. Until soon!!!
  12. working on Cables and led's today. Have to train the cables forst though. *tightfit. Also speedmatching the two pumps. one is an Alphacool D5 and the other is a alohacool Dc LT. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  13. And the work on this continues Starting on tubing here a little sneakpeak more to come soon
  14. Hey everyone, So it is time to continue , started this week on my own front panel door, made out of 4mm acrylic, and also did a cover around the fans to make it look cleaner while showing off the fans Huge Shoutout to Bequiet for making this possible Thank you !! http://www.bequiet.com/en Stay tuned for more to come soon, Happuy modding to all of you
  15. Hey everyone ? the mainboard is all together again. i think the paintjob to compliment the Fractal Design Case came out alright. also testfitted the gpu... and found that a bracket to hold it steady is totally nessacery. so thats what i will be doing next ? Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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