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  1. Thanks alot for the reply ive had some good results from rattle cans on a CM scout and a phantom before this new case im gonna do but ive never painted a case with automotive grade paint.I have a sandblaster so thats not an issue the fact that i dont own a paint booth and a decent HVLP paint gun is limiting me to colors but thanks for the paint recommendations ill have to go check that out and as for primer i always use SEM although pricey you get what you pay for thanks again
  2. Hey guys im new here and im gonna be receiving the new Phanteks Enthoo Pro in a couple of days to do a build with and im wondering if anybody has used the Preval sprayer before( http://store.preval.com/p/the-preval-spray-system).I am just limited on stores i can buy from and all of the aerosol cans seem to be the same color but we have a guy in town that can mix me some automotive paint but he wants to charge me way to much to paint it($300).
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