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  1. I'm glad everyone likes it, it has inspired me to start another mod. So look out for that!
  2. I have a Dremel 100 and I bought this set at Walmart for cheap. I used it on .118" thick acrylic to drill a 1/8 hole several times. It's what I use and works for me.
  3. Very cool! nice straight cuts. White is an awesome color. Love it.
  4. My motherboard shorted, and a puff a smoke and a loud pop came out of my computer. I had to purchase a new motherboard, and decided that I should start some case mods. So I went to Lowes and bought a Dremel and an Acrylic Panel. Also bought rubber window trim and mounting tape mnpctech. Then transformed my side panel. The line wasn’t as straight as I wanted it, but I had to make due and leave it. I felt there was too much black so I decided to paint… Wanted them to dry faster, I got impatient. Here it is finished. I have never engraved before, and decided to try it out. But some modding ideas don’t make it to the finished product. Here it is it looks super CLEAN. But the black back wall and the floor, needed to be replaced with acrylic instead of crafting foam. The foam felt cheap to me. One of the radiator tubes paint and ripped due to bending, so I covered it up will black Velcro and It looked nice. The stripes on here were electrical tape, and I loved the look but wanted something more permanent. Floor and wall acrylic. Got lazy and just decided to zip tie the wall down. Then I added the Di-noc Carbon fiber stripes. I wanted to implement these switches some how This is where I scuffed up the paint pretty bad so I decided to cover the who panel with Carbon Fiber Vinyl (IMPROVISE) I had red cold cathodes but I shorted those L newbie mistake. So as of now they only look nice. Wanted to fix some accents. Painted RAM, Disk drive, I/O shield, GPU brackets and the SSD also had to flip the HDD sticker so it wouldn’t be upside-down inside of the case. I use Noctua fans now and here are the left overs of the last ones. Sadly the Noctua Industrial PPC (Black Noctua fans) came out right after I bought my poop brown ones :/ same with GTX 780 and the GTX 780 TI. Tough luck. Workstation-ish area. That’s a white and black DX racer chair in the background. Own one of these and you’ll try to recline every chair you ever sit in again. Love it. Average cable management THE FINAL Here's a video. In the video description has the specific parts used in my PC. thanks!
  5. Prior to doing mods I have not had any power tool experience, electrical skills, nor painting abilities; never really built anything... Until I discovered case modding! I spent days in the garage making un-straight cuts, scuffing up the factory paint job, using math I thought I would never use outside of high school. What I can say is that I’m proud of what I built. (I did not own any of these tools, beforehand. But surprisingly they weren’t too expensive.) About 1 year ago. One of the greatest moments, is getting the parts to your first computer. An here it is put together. OH the Newbie I was. YES that's a SSD twist tied to had side of the drive bays... A few component upgrades later… And finally… I was happy.
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