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  1. Thank you guys soon will some more ups and I'm planning on posting my other project also that the objective is to create a legal case saving money ... And sorry for my English translated by google... :(
  2. very good guy i like old cases as well :D
  3. Hello guys, I'm new user here on the forum more I follow the modzoo for many years ... The proposal is a simple, clean, and quiet case ... Let the pictures ... This photo is already a bit old, I've already changed almost any hardware, but I think is still on: D First modification was cutting the side ... Full sleeve at the source, this was surely the most annoying part, it is too complicated, I thought it would be easier ... Sleeve MDPC-X ... Part of cable management... I made some platelets of acrylic to hold the cables, it helps a lot in organizing ... PSU Cover and cover mobtherboard tray Well guys, that's it for now ... soon I intend to do some more mods, hope you like ... Sorry for my english of google...
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