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  1. i think solidworks is a much better experience to work with than inventor but im stuck using inventor for solids. they may use both. ask. because if you cut your teeth with inventor, it will be easier to transfer to 3dsmax to do cool stuff with it. anyway, if youre thinking of using solidworks, with a few hours of something like lynda.com tutorials, you can pick up enough basics quickly to use it for making parts. i think the learning curve for it is faster than any other modeling type program. though, its not modeling. its solids. being that, your friends can use your parts easily for fabrication. with all your dimensions intact as part of your creation process. i used sketchup for the first time recently because of the incredible amount of computer related models they have for it in google warehouse. (also grabcad) its a time saver. then i delete a bunch of the erroneous modeling from it i dont need. save it and open it in max. opening sketchup models in max is better than exporting fbx from sketchup. sketchup likes to duplicate the primitives on me... pain in the butt
  2. attachment is missing sir! the pop top is a dremel-rivet nightmare. the rear sides have to drop down to allow tightening of the upper side panels but the rear center has to be tall enough for 8slot pcies plus extended for the hinges.. etc etc. anybody have a laser/water/mill they can let me borrow for the weekend? im gonna start a log in july. probably the 5th.. eh actually probably the 6th. i may not function correctly on the 5th.
  3. whoa that sleeving process is cool.
  4. design maturity. its ~about january, may, june. i dont think i can make it cooler (for me), but im open to suggestion!
  5. id like to see that, sir! im searching for other integrated frankensteinish details to add to this. for example i have the antivandal switches as his electrical posts and the latching clasps as his metal sutures. i thought of maybe doing the interior as a mad scientist laboritory with 'liquid' cathodes and other weird stuff but i have 2 nexxxos 120 monstas + phobya shrouds + 25mm fans (about 127mm height) on the interior floor that almost block out the side window entirely so screw it :( instead its going to be low key blood and veins (tubing) and whatnot. side note, i just ordered the asus striker as it was available on newegg yesterday! still waiting on matrix Tis
  6. this is a future build im working on. i had to buy 3 prodigys (2 M and one itx and! one additional green face i bought off ebay) to get this started. originally i was going to base this on a maximus formula vi but the rog video cards reviewed back at the beginning of march still arent out so the formula was put in my computer im using now to stay. and so this will be a 2011-3 build. notice the 3 leds on the top of the rig red/blue/green. those are rog load lights.. so those rog cards are important for my blingage. everything red ive purchased, everything in italics has not been released yet. its really just a waiting game for me since computex brought out so much cool stuff that wont be released until like 3/4Q. this will fit atx and eatx boards. the eyes follow you around (the pupils are set back into the case a little) and glow different depending on water temps via aquaero. all the black (hair, mouth, etc) will be laser cut p95 black matte plexi. green/red lighting is clear plexi. rear panel where the 40mm fan mesh is will be replaced by a nzxt multicard reader set sideways. the left side window is the air inlet (with asus nfc) covered by demciflex. im trying to make this airtight otherwise.
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