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  1. yeah, you're right about the handle being the last part :) , I'm just working on the 3d model and got carried away. ;) But that's a good idea having a handle that can change positions due to changes in weight (like if I ever end up doing a Crossfire/SLI config or ad water cooling) Thanks, I guess I gotta get my priorities stright :lol:
  2. ok, I've been thinking about the centered case handle and have thought of a few things. option 1: -Billet case handles from mnpctech.com and just placing one in the center of the case. Although I see a problem. there is only two screws to one handle and this might put too much stress on the metal. (i'll have to see if it's even possible to buy one and not the set of two) option 2: -speaker handles. I think one of these would work well. It also looks pretty sleek. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The only issue i've thought of with having one handle in the center of the case is the center of gravity on the case. if the handle is not at the center of gravity, there is the issue of having the front or back of the case being heavier than the other causing the heavy side to droop lower than the other. I don't want this to happen. Thank you for your input!
  3. Wow, that's ver unfortunant... you should seriously shut off automatic updates on your compuer. just a suggestion ;)
  4. Yeah, Chinese lore, that's a good idea! I know what I'll be doing ;) For the name, what do you think of Project: "The Five Clawed Serpent" I also forgot to mention that I was wanting help with the design of the window cutout. I want it to be slick but not a square with rounded corners. Any ideas? Thanks for the ideas Primal! P.S. expect some 3d concept models soon :D
  5. Are you designing the case in a 3d program entirely or are you pulling a pre constructed 3d model of your cases and just redesigning it? if you are getting a 3d model of the case and just modifying it, can you tell me where I can find the 3d models of computer cases? thanks a ton! p.s. it looks like either way it's going to turn out awesome!
  6. Happy 4th of July monkeys! OK, so here's the plan: I'm wanting to mod my nzxt case with a window, handle, psu cover, and hdd cage cover. (as well as some artwork) It's DRAGON themed (black with red accents). I currently have the idea of doing a chinese style dragon wrapping around the case with a glossy red vinyl (custom made vinyl work). I will also be doing some red LED lighting in the window and possibly in the front of the case where the fans have the little intake grill. For the hdd and psu cover, I was just going to get some black acryllic and do 90o bends to fit around them. I also had the idea of creating an acryllic video card blackplate but i'm not sure how it's done. Currently I'm running into a few problems. I'm not sure what design to use for the window cutout, and as for the handles, I would really like to just have one handle in the center of the case (so I can carry it with one hand and have my other hand free to carry my monitor or suit case) Plus, I have yet to come up with a cool name for this build. Project _______. help fill in the blank :) Tell me what you think. All criticism and ideas are going to be well considered.
  7. I was just looking around the mod zoo for the first time and stumbled upon this post... WOW! May I say that this is an amazing concept? Becasue it does look VERY nice. I think I may know a decent solution for the hard drive and ssd. I was looking at the SketchUp file and noticed a little bit of room under the rad and thought it might be a good Idea to mount the hdd and future hdds there. Then for the ssd I think it might be cool for it to be showcased somewhere by being mounted with double sided 3m tape. (or you can just put it with the other hdd) I then noticed the window on the left side of the front of the case and thought that showcasing an acrylic cylindrical res would be pretty cool. P.S. saw on the 3d model that there was no cpu cut out. or wire management holes. I just thought I would point that out just in case you didn't notice. All in all... AWESOME!
  8. Hey Primal! I bought a nzxt h230 for my college computer case. I was rocking the Thermaltake chaser mk-1, but it's unfortunanty a little large (in my opinion) to have in the small college dorm room. Hopefully this thread isn't dead XD but good luck on finding a cool case for college!
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