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  1. Packages frome EVGA Look inside here is the Z170 Classified 4Way but I'm going to change it with X99 Classified And only 3 TITAN X SC...... 'm waiting for the 4° TITANs ATTACK coming soon...
  2. Project Upgrade to Version 2.0 on the front page
  3. Thanks Bro! :D Said it by the best Italian Modders I'm very pleased ;) You know also that you have reawakened my sleeping monkey with your Twister Mod 8.0.0.D with the illuminated plane
  4. COMING SOON...... HW up-grade From EVGA X79 Dark Classified to EVGA X99 CLASSIFIED With BITSPOWER WBs From 4 SLI EVGA 780ti Classified K|NGP|N to 4 SLI EVGA TITAN X SUPERCLOCKED
  5. Then I put the anticyclone inside the Tank Exactly what I had thought, besides the measures are designed to be compatible with the mod that I will do outside the Tank. Add some water As you know I wanted to use 2 Tanks, but then I decided I put them outside and so I think ....... WHY DON'T USE 4 TANKs!
  6. I'm working on a project dedicated to BITSPOWER's Tanks, Dangerous Tanks (sorry theatricality) that I carry with friends of Extreme Modding Factory, in July and August I and my friend C3r34L3 were busy and we were unable to meet , so I studied and made further modification to this project to be inserted inside, I thank my friend Danilo and his laser Now put the EK logo inside a tank is pretty easy, but put the Bitspower logo is a bit 'more complex, given the size and the various details you need a laser and the design still has to be slightly modified, as we discovered. As mentioned before we did some test, because I wanted to see my ideas in real (sometimes they are unrealizable) A version only engraved, not just the effect I wanted And a perforated version first version with too small details, the laser has detached them second version with larger details but very close, the result was not perfect, too fragile lastly changing a bit 'design I got the desired result Notice the size And here is the version installed on his base
  7. I am happy to announce that a new SPONSOR decided to participate in the realization of my Project! I wish to thank DEMCiflex Computers and Electronics Dust filters and in particular Roxannefor the support And I have a lots Fan Grids ...... I'm very happy because these, for me, are the best products!
  8. Buddy you are saying that you are Modding the Air Cooling Module of Corsair?
  9. Finishing touches on the extensions cover for the fans opening a clean Quick installation and verification As mentioned I do largest grids and here is the mounting. The two side grids And the Top
  10. Once again I thank my new sponsors CORSAIR, and Jon Gerow for his support, they have posted the new RAM DDR4, as usual, for me, Corsair Platinum, the BEST RAM of EVER: Memory Kit C15 DRAM DDR4 3000MHz 32GB (4 x 8GB) Dominator Platinum Series (CMD32GX4M4B3000C15) After years is a real satisfaction for me have Corsair as Sponsor . Let go the unboxing, the kit that Corsair sent me is of 32GBs and equipped with air cooling. It features a beautiful box, but the most important thing is that the modules are Platinum of 8GBs (faster than Corsair do), so I'm free to upgrade to 64 GBs Here the air cooling module And RAM Modules Ilike these things ..... NOW starts the upgrade to X99
  11. Good job Bro, I like the your work on case ! ;) And Icemodz is awesome ! Follow :)
  12. Another reason for which I did the Tanks extensions is that I will use 2 PSU, 2 LEPA G-1600W. However these remain inside the case and are not accessible, so I will use sockets with on-off button. Initially I wanted to place the PSUs under the Cooling Towers, but the space was little and remained under the RADs, thing I didn't like at all, but now I have much more space, the plug is next to the PSU and not under the RADs. Here is below the case and positioning I then made metal extensions covers, that then I'll wrap. I did 4 panels to size. I have bent them Some tests with the Tanks of Bitspower positioning higher and lower ù I fasten the cover extensions and the socket panel The fan bocks that are inside the 900D were a bit covered by grids, about 25mm per side, thanks to the extension I can overcome this problem, I have "only" widen these grids, that is remake them. Top case and lower lateral blocks Test on the case
  13. The Colonel


    ;) FOLLOW :) Great use of your Printer ! Awesome ideas !
  14. Meanwhile also arrived the new Red Carbon Fiber film of HEXIS for the fans ducts. I ordered it in Nederland, the previous film hadn't satisfied me for the low quality, this costs about ten times more but the difference can be seen. It's of the same quality of 3M if not better, with real 3D effect to the touch CORSAIR NEW SPONSOR for Project 900D Monster Xtreme I'm finally VERY HAPPY to announce a new sponsorNEW SPONSOR for the new version of my Project, I want to thank CORSAIR and Jon for their support and for the RAM DDR4 send me Dominator Platinum Series 32GB (4 x 8GB) DDR4 DRAM 3000MHz C15 Memory Kit (CMD32GX4M4B3000C15) Umboxing Comining soon.....
  15. You are right for the carbon fiber, which is why I want to make limited use, but I must confess you that the real is really good. The reflextive one has the problem that is made for glass and it's very difficult to use on curved surface ......
  16. After the first LOOPs tests with illuminated plane, pumps and Cooling Towers in position I decided to put out 2 BP Water Tank Z-400 Multi, that are fantastic and huge, as you know. I'll do a specific Mod of these Tanks. The first tests made however were not satisfactory: I so decided to make a change that in the course of Mod i think several times, but had never done because it would take me a lot of time: making an extension which lengthens further case. In a first version I tested an extension of 100 mm in a second extension of 120 mm, that's the difference before-after treatment "Enlarge your Case" and the case with both extensions installed I also had to redo the case top , this has made happy my monkeys because before the Monsta was precise whereas now there is much more space A test with a cover (it isn't the final one) and the grid
  17. Hi guys, arrived a Rock 'n Roll a package from the UK, and what's more Rock' n Roll of Fender guitars? and I will use the chrome knobs on my Mod! Don't you think that I would use those included? I wanted do some finish and I wrapped mirror the pumps support plan to get a chrome effect I painted with chrome paint the black supports that I had sawn At the end finishes will be all chrome as fittings. Here is the piece assembled
  18. FOLLOW Bro! :D Please give us some UP! ;)
  19. It's a Great Work Bro ! :D Do you finished the cut? ;)
  20. I modified for the third time the pumps support and the support plate behind Before After Now, however, I'm satisfied, the back plate is more solid and supports the whole structure, the opening for the pumps wiring of is very comfortable
  21. I do the duct fans Wrapping Test to decide which color-material have the best effect Assembled it all Here are four options: 1) Mirrored chrome effect, this film is very difficult to put on a curved surface, it is 3M but not for car wrapping, is specific for glass or flat surfaces 2) Brushed Metal, this film is beautiful and I have seen it used in some projects on SSD and other parts, in this application, however, it seems me that doesn't sit well with the red and black plexy 3) Red Carbon Fiber, this would be my first choice but 3M doesn't offer this color, so I bought the film on Amazon and with fans off you can see a big difference .... 4) Black Carbon Fiber, the quality can be seen, 3M original film, a bit thick to put on, but it's fantastic, it isn't exactly the effect that I had thought but very nice I'm reevaluating it I would like these parts were beautiful both with fans off that on, certainly you must consider that for a long time the PC is turned on. Then turn on the turbojet ! Here are four options turn on: 1) Mirrored chrome, much better than turn off, but not the effect that I had thought, moreover this film, because of its characteristics, has imperfections 2) Brushed Metal, this film hasn't a good effect even with the fans on 3) Red Carbon Fiber, as expected this color maximizes the effect of the fans LED, but you continue to note the low quality of the material 4) Black Carbon Fiber, the quality is undeniable, there is also the 3D effect, but there isn't a real incandescent effect of duct as above I am torn between the two colors of Carbon Fiber PS. I ordered a new Red Carbon Fiber film of Hexis specific for Car Wrapping https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxVP9eXpy2Y http://www.hexis.nl/hexis-skintac-hx30ca200b-kardinaal-rood-carbon-glans-1520mm
  22. I do some position test for the loop, something I wanted to use from the beginning are the Silver Coil Mayhems spirals here is some tubes This solution don't convince me much, especially as aesthetics. So I dusted off an old solution that I had set aside because the spaces are too precise, put the connecting pipes under the floor and behind the side panels, another solution is to put out the Tanks I then redone the pumps support as anticipated to have more space above and in front The support isn't touching the floor, it's raised by 5 mm, the last finishing touch with chrome edging, which I will use also other parts like finish
  23. I work on pumps support, the initial idea was that it was raised from the plane of about 1-2 cm L support Horizontal bracket with cable open Test height pumps fixing plate pumps And here is the result More I looked them, less I liked ...... I tried to turn them and ........ Much better! Indeed IMHO are really good
  24. Wow ! Your metal bending ie fantastic bro I like the effect very much ! Great job
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