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  1. Thank you! I already want to do another project :) Alright nice! :) Thank you Drerex! *bows* Im soo glad you like it! Thank you Bill :) huge honor! Thanks. Yes a bit, tried to fix it as much as i can and its a bit better now. the upper pipe is pushing it a bit to the side. Thank you, youre so nice! Thanks!! :) Hi and welcome to my last update Modzoo. :lol: The final pictures are done and here they are!I hope you enjoyed my work log and I want to thank everyone who took a look at it. :)Feel free to ask questions if you want. ^_^ Thank you (and see you again in the next project)! :wub:
  2. Thanks! Almost the last update Odyssey is finished, the last thing to do is the photoshoot. Will do that this weekend!Meanwhile im going to update with some spare photos, and photos from the Dustin Expo. Sleeved start button. Intel SSD's 520 and 730. Will probably exchange the 520's to 730 in a moment. Sawed-off SLI bridge! And now for the expo. Had a great time together with GIGABYTE Nordic in their booth! Was fun meeting people and talk about computers and modding. See you in a couple of days!
  3. Im glad you like it, I thought it was a bit risky to go for frosted! Thanks :D Thank you :D Thank you! :wub: Hahah, I think so! Im not sure the power button would be long enough to go through both. But why not? :P Hi everyone! :( Ive been struggling the last few weeks with the PSU... <_< it has been awful. The PSU is originally semi-modular. But when I got it (won it in a compition) the modular cables were missing... So instead of buying extra cables or a new PSU, I got the BRILLIANT idea of making the PSU fully non-modular. "Seems fine to me!" ...until i saw the cables lol. Every cable is coming from a splitter, one big cable splitting into 3 or 4 cables. Which makes it hard to do custom cables. But after some blood & tears I finally did it! B) I have also shortened all the cables. Added the hexagons from the laser cutting to cover the modular holes. (dont mind the pump haha, its attached to the PSU) Here is what the fan placement looks like. Im really glad that Im able to hide the fans, I dont like the look of fan-borders everywhere. Sleeving on its place now! Going to tidy it up some more, but Im still waiting for the second GPU to move in before I can to that. :lol: Almost finished now. I hope you still like it with some colors in it :D
  4. Thanks alot, its a bit tricky. :) I have to redo it all the time :( Im glad you like it! :D Oh haha, what case did you buy instead lol? Thank you very much! :wub: So I recieved the accent packs from HEX GEAR yesterday. My special order is frosted blue :)Im also going to show you the orange accent packs. They look lovely, don't they? Time to change the accent packs again... And now it's time for mine! Just love how the light illuminates the panels. And dont mind that long crooked pipe, will redo that one soon. :angry: Will do more sleeving pictures next time, but these are the colours that I chose. Thank you Nate @ E22 :) Thats it for now! And remember kids, dont leave your cat with a bunch of sleeve. ^_^
  5. Hello Modzoo :) First time doing copper tubing! It was harder than I imagined, not doing to actual bend but to do multiple bends on one pipe. Well this is my first try! Going to try straighten up them a bit when I got time. Have to wait for more fittings now, so I can continue again with more tubing. I prefer having soft bends instead of fittings, I like it more like this. EK nickel backplate for GTX970WF3 :) On place in the case now :) So what do you think? :)
  6. That metal working. :o Great craftsmanship! Impressive :D
  7. I got it as a gift from my boyfriend, so I dont know where you can buy it :(
  8. Me too! Yes ive been waiting but they came yesterday :) Woho. Hey, I made you a spoiler a bit down in the update! Check it out. Great! Haha I can understand that. ROG hmm.. Red accent packs for the case maybe? ;) Thank you! :D Update! :P My GPU waterblocks finally came. I thought that only one would come, but both did! Going to have one GPU installed since I need one in my current computer. But of course the other one will move in when the time is near. Gotta love EK packages :D Today I made holes for the reservoir :) First GPU installed. Im thinking about cutting the g1 Gaming backplate shorter so it fit in the case, or buy the nickle one from EK.... :rolleyes: not sure... Someone asked how to plug in the power so I took some pictures of it here: 90 degree IEC adapter (comes with the case). - First swipe off the top panel. - Plug in the power connector. - Put the cable in one of the holes, you can also do this in the bottom if you have the PSU there. - Swipe it on again :D Now its time to plan the loop and buy fittings. Already got 4 pieces of Primochill Revolver fittings for hard tubing to try it out :)
  9. Looking forward to see more :) Good luck!
  10. Love that positioning of the motherboard. The cut-out for the motherboard on the backside looks cool :D Great build!
  11. Thanks! Yes but i will add some crystal blue to it :) Sleeving-shade, liquid and accent pack! yo! My new reservoar has arrived! I am so happy with this one. Quality is great and its looks just perfect for my build. PrimoChill 120mm CTR SFF Phase II High Flow D5 Black POM/Clear This reservoar is available in so many colors also :) Do you like it? D5 goes in here! Motherboard mounted. Tada! Now Ill just have to wait for the GPU blocks, ive been waiting 2 months now :(
  12. Wow that cast iron grate looks so cool, i hope you will keep the color on it! :D Good luck!
  13. I like the effect with the mesh on the controller, good job ^_^
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