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  1. Hello! the last week was very busy to me, no time to take detailed pictures, anyway finished! I used many old and used part to build this case, i spend less than 80bucks for this one. It was really a challenge to me use and combine this parts together Hope enjoy! Sorry for the lack of work details, in the next project i will have more time to make more detailed photos. I want to thank everyone who followed this topic! Next work coming soon.
  2. Last week update. Mobo plate It's almost a scratch build! i just use the main frame. The I/O panel plate was not included from MSI so i try to make in CNC machine. this was my best at the moment Ready for assembly I create this block cover, to hide the old Swiftech Apogee XTL looks good I jumped the steps of painting plates, i was really busy and i forgot to take the pictures. here is the result. Next week i will make good pictures of full assembly project.
  3. Man, just very good theme! awesome! Contratulations!!
  4. Today it's saturday in Japan, time to make something. I think about to paint some part's but it's raining :( My friend gave me this Colussus M, definitely this m-atx case is awful to mod them so i decide to use just the frame. not finish yet:) This parts will be useless :( Recording the cnc steps :) More acrilic parts and some screws.... I bough a plate of punching steel, i will use in outside and inside..
  5. Thank you Mosquito!
  6. Dude, i don't see this side panels before!!! Cool !!!
  7. Im always use black/blue themes.. this time im too lazy to paint or hide the mobo/vga :D Thank's for follow:) Today i will post more pictures! thank's!! Basically yes, before i just take photos in the both side of connectors (to reference) and crimp one by one :) Thank you Bill !!
  8. Hi all!! I'm not so forum's addict, from now i will :) This time, i looking for smaller and sli/crossfire capable rig with a "cool look". What will be used: Case: Bitfenix Colosus M Mobo:MSI Z97m gaming (Thank's to MSI for support me!) VGA:MSI N770 TF4 2GD5 OC Memory: Corsair Domintaor GT 2000 cl7 4GB (Until get a better) PSU:Silverstone Strider Gold 1000W Cooling parts: i will reutilize my unused parts, Alphacool and enzotech fittings, Magicool rad and Swiftech CPU block. Here we go... Some meters of MDPC sleeves I dont decide yet which ID hose iwll be used :) Sleeving.. Burning my finger's The one night result: Sleeve the original cable in the Silverstone it's really boring.. in PCI-E cable was a capacitor and ferrite tube ...Just left 3 cables (2 SATA and 1 4 pin) Sleeved fans. Drawing back plate and grommets: Back panel, front panel and badges: Continue...
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