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  1. Front panel mod... So I wanted the case to be "VR" ready. To accomplish this I needed a place to add a HDMI port to the front of the case? I will be using this HDMI pass through cable. I found the perfect location. Located just under the front I/O ports and power button is a 'fan slider' of sorts and a button to change the color of the RGB lighting when connected to the included 'Fan/RGB hub'. So after removing all the front I/O pcb parts and the charging part for smart phones I started the mod. This is the after photo of the hdmi cable installed. First up was to 'widen' the area where the HDMI cable would go in place of the 'fan slider' switch. I used a index card to get the right size and holes for the mounting screws and taped it in place. Then I drilled my holes for the screws to hold in the HDMI cable and filed the opening of the switch a slight bit larger to accommodate the HDMI port. Then I realized that the 'HDMI' port was hitting the internal part of the case and simply wouldn't fit. SO some modifications are in order... Using a dremel and a very steady hand I cut two 90* cuts to allow the HDMI cable to fit nicely when the I/O port is in place. Now to see if I made the cutout wide enough? Ah perfect and you won't see this when the top bezel is installed over this part. And the HDMI cable plugs in without any issues... Now what about that 'hole' to the right? I have a solution for that too! I found this momentary switches on Ebay... Perfect size and not very expensive either! They come in either 'green' or 'red'. They don't have a led so they are just a push switch. Kinda like a 'reset' switch if you will. No drilling required! Now I can use these as a switch for changing RGB colors using a fan hub included with the case... IF RGB fans you use support such an option... More mods to follow!
  2. Next up and a very simple mod plus addition to this build is the Xbox 360 controller. I wanted a Xbox 360 controller to be part of the finished project and because some games are just better played using one. So I purchased some orange parts and some 'bullet' buttons for this mod.
  3. Next mod... The motherboard tray is 'reversible' meaning it can be turned 180* if you so desire. What I did find is there is some 'wiggle' to the tray even when using all the screws to mount it in place. To fix this I decided to purchase some U-Channel from MNPCTech. This simple mod keeps the motherboard 'tight' and there is no wiggle now plus it will help reduce vibrations inside the case. Using a simple hole punch you can purchase from any Office Supply Store I notched out areas where the screws go to attach the motherboard to the case frame. The notches are perfect for the screws. More mods coming up soon...
  4. Thanks sir! I will be sure to edit my post and share all that I have! Kudos!
  5. Sadly I can't add any more pics? Contacting admin to see how to fix this? "Max total size 0.07MB"
  6. BeQuiet Dark Base Pro modifications: First modification is a simple one... Painting of the motherboard tray. I will admit it wasn't easy to find the 'right' orange color that matches the other parts of the case but I found an orange that comes pretty close. I didn't want the back side of the motherboard tray to be orange so I masked off the areas I didn't want paint to get to. I did the best I could... I think it looks really good... My smart phone camera sucks when taking pictures... lol OR it could be the image website I am using... I think the paint job came out excellent for a simple 'rattle can' of spray paint. Now onto some other modifications...
  7. Hello all, WOW I registered many many moons ago and never really posted up any content?? For shame of me... LOL! So here I start by giving you my newest project: Stryker This build is a 'work in progress' for a PC build for my daughter. Build Year 2017-2018 Below is the build log to get everyone interested and some of the specs: Let's Begin! ---- Case: BeQuiet Dark Base Pro 900 MSRP: $249.99 Motherboard: Gigabyte K7 AMD AM4 Memory: TBD (To Be Determined) Video: TBD Watercooling: EK, Bitspower Others items: TBD BeQuiet Dark Base Pro case... MSRP $ 249.99
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