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  1. Project Timeless Warriors

    thanks, yep result on monitors, now to work out how to cover the section of them that no one will see with nappa leather lol.
  2. Project Timeless Warriors

    Another small little update, its been hard getting into the shed to engrave more because of the extreme weather, but its coming along and side one is getting closer to completion. Been pretty amazing the fact that lost count at 10000 dots just on this side and that’s before the warrior was completed: O Loving the dragons head tbh, yes this is taking a long time, but the result is so worth it. Not much left to do on this side, also next week I can start doing the waterblock ect… so more to come sooner rather than later ;). Oh yes for the first time ever Monitor sponsorship on a build from LG amazing, will follow up with some pictures of these when I get the stuff to slightly alter them which is coming from Italy.
  3. Project Timeless Warriors

    Wow an update??? Well in truth its been a bit chilly to go out to shed and be engraving, so a nice little update on engraving now, as you know from last post we got as far as the smoke above the flowers. Well here is where we are now. It’s been slow but I do expect it to move a bit quicker now, also had some great news on the sponsor front and have to say a massive thanks to sapphire for stepping up on this. Feeling super blessed with these, and highly appreciated, I will add more pics of these over the coming weeks as my custom designs for waterblocks come to reality with a samurai twist. Until the next post
  4. Project Timeless Warriors

    Thanks guys I’ll tell the wife about what you thing of her engraving skills, waiting on confirmation of GPU’s going in this to get cracking on the samurai armour for the gpu blocks, sill unsure though weather to do it out of acrylic (two colour layer stuff) or just plain acrylic covered in nappa leather.
  5. Project Timeless Warriors

    So been a while, but was waiting on some new tips from dremel, some more work has been done on the engraving and this is the result, finally flowers done and onto the smoke and then one of the samurai. Progress on from the flowers is starting to move along, more than ever More to follow soon, and its coming out amazing, also thought I would also spill the beans on the design (subject to change of course, but gives you a rough idea of what it will look like. Was going to leave it as a surprise, but I thought I would share what is going to happen on the image side of things.
  6. Project Timeless Warriors

    Back again with another small update, as you know this dot shading engraving takes a while and you can clearly see that it is worth it in my opinion, the bottom of the engraving is coming out great. Wanted to share this before, but I thought I would wait until there is another image of more progress. I am completely blown away myself, just more amazing every day, this is going to be a superb art piece by the time its finished. Lastly but not least, here is a sneak peak of a packaged that turned up from razer supporting this desk build, I have worked with them before and thought even with that asking for 2 of everything was a massive ask. They stepped up with two tournament v2 keyboards, 2x wireless Lanceheads, 2x Wireless manowar headsets, 2x mouse mats, 2x base station (head phone stand and usb hub with razer chroma in base). Last but not least I got sent 2x development lighting kits for the project, feeling blessed. I will post some pictures of the stuff properly and others as they turn up. Still doing some 3d work to finalise my block cover plans, SSD cover plans ect before I post them.
  7. Project Spectrum! ( ITX scratch build ) [SPONSORED]

    keep it up watching
  8. Project Timeless Warriors

  9. Project Timeless Warriors

    She does amazing tbh tried to get her to try tattooing too but she is not interested, on sponsor note it takes time but sometimes I manage to get a fair bit
  10. Project Timeless Warriors

    Another update for you guys, first showing you some stuff that turned up for the build. First up the PSU’s, yes you did read that right as desk will be housing two rigs, it also need 2x PSU’s. Seasonic stepped up here and provided 2x 1000w prime Titanium PSU’s for the build, solid and reliable power. Ill add some more photos of items when opened. Next up was the gift from intel and very lucky gift indeed, it had me made up. So both rigs will have almost identical processing power for this build, going to be a long ride I am thinking at the end with final pics and videos. And last of course and not least, before we go of course a little update on the cherry blossom flower shown in previous post being finished. Only 5 of these left to go and onto the main imagery after that, but going on this alone it’s going to all look amazing when put together. Until the next update guys
  11. Project Timeless Warriors

    Epic and long so much engraving to take place
  12. Project Timeless Warriors

    Another small update, but this time with a little video, this may show you why dotting shading (that gives depth takes so long). Youtube short vid And of course pictures after a few hours today :O So a very long way to go still to fill up the two sides, on a plus note, it’s the wifes skills this dotting lark I have not got the patience for it and she well is the master in my honest opinion. On a plus note, should have confirmation of a few bits, then quite a bit coming in so I can actually start working on the insides J as I will have products to measure before making custom pieces J.
  13. Project Spectrum! ( ITX scratch build ) [SPONSORED]

    Love the lighting on this
  14. Overwatch Case Mod - Lucio

    love them Brian
  15. Project Timeless Warriors

    So another small update and in general, most are going to be quite small until engraving is done, actually got started and so it begins. I will not review the full design yet, but here is a glimpse of what has been has bee planned I can not take credit for the engraving as its my wife that does this part, she asked to try and apply dotting as shading one day and let us just say the rest is history on that, I will add more photos as the engraving progresses of course.