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  1. So guys got there in the end, here are the pictures here, more can be seen here in larger format, this last year has been a bit strange for us all. Lets hope 2021 keeps us all safe and getting back to some normality, I wish all of you to stay safe, anyway enough of the rumbling on here are the completed pictures. That’s it for the layout, now lets look at the items on the desk to go with the build. I love how these turned out, this is on the left side of the build and tie in nicely I think Then on the right side due to that side of the case being black with the red and white samurai case I done this to the external devices. All the Painted items (headsets and mice) were done with a metallic silver, then green and blue and white mix of pearlescent on left side and the same but with red pearl on other, then the red was scuffed down to give some wear and tear, on the mice I coated them with candy yellow, then lacquered them with more than enough coats so I could when not fully cured but ok to touch could then rough up the finish, but only in areas fingers would touch. On the headsets, I just used matt lacquer and then went to town scuffing that up as well to match the whole wear/worn effect on the pc. The full gallery of build can be viewed here all 122 pics 😛 If you want to see the video of the build click here or view below.
  2. So after quite a few delay here I am again back with another update, so lets start off with the first thing to update with, so new items going into the build. First up I would like to thank Secret labs who provided Well I suppose you can guess what… I think that was a bit obvious don’t you but of course it 100% matches the build well. Next on the list is Seagate who not only joined in the fun but wanted to ensure I had a future proof cyberpunk themed nas, this was a shocking delivery. 4x 16tb drives in Raid equalling 32gb in total with 2x 480gb cache drives is probably all the nas I would ever need tbh, more than enough and very future proof. Time to get back to the moding I suppose and the mice, you remember from my previous post that I had put down the metallic silver base coat and the graphics and created some wear, well now it was time to lay over the candy yellow before rubbing that down in some places for wear and hear is how mouse one came out. Coated in lacquer as well and onto the other mouse, I am actually starting to enjoy the worn look I have created a fair bit now… also the game is getting close I know, so here are some sneaky pics to wet your appetites, This is just a lighting test and I have not decide on final loop yet, I was just organising some things and testing some things out so lets take a gander. Please ignore th image clarity hear there is still film to pull of the glass, So now I have tested the front panel lighting out, I think I should just hook up the motherboard, gpu ect and do some lighting tests inside the case, let me know what you think. But I think the inside is 100% matching up to my inspiration lighting wise, which was worn, neon and dystopian, getting the final lighting right is going to be a challenge and a few other things as I do want to have neon pink and blue to be the colours but its going to take some work to arrange so they don’t drown each other out colour wise.. As I said this was just a rough wiring test to see how the lighting loops are going to work before I route the cables to the separate controllers, I also need to sort pump placement as well as there is quite a bit going on wire wise. As you can see this is not a powered up test yet for obvious reasons (no pump and no loop). But I kind of love how the backplate cover came out and reacts to different colours.
  3. So another small little update for you guys, this time just painted a few things and added a tester neon string light that I will be replacing with a pink one. I like the way its come out and when the pink one arrives I will glue it down so its straight, also on the subject of the case I don’t a quick assemble to see how the yellow panels looked. So happy with how its come out, but obviously its now time to do the samurai logo on the back panel, this was probably the hardest to do due to the layering up of the paint to get desired effect, ill go into detail after the picture. Might not look like much but this is 4 layers of paint for a worn look to match the build, I done etching primer (not a classed as one of the 4), then pearl black as base of artwork, when that dried i sprayed pearl silver, then using a cotton wool bud dabbed hairspray in cerian areas i wanted to stay silver sprayed over with platinum pearl then dabbed areas i wanted to go back to the platinum and used some red over that lol,... then used hairdryer in some areas to make the red paint not have chance to fume out in some areas to get a rough surface to get the desired look, I am happy with how it came out. Moving on I have laid the basic graphics down on the mouse with a metallic basecoat and just need to do the top layer now Top layer will be a translucent colour, added some extra thick paint as with the case via a brush then will sand back the graphics to add some wear to it too to match. Moving on I have the headsets to paint as well, but as a lot of people that paint will tell you it does not always go to plan as I must of picked up a old can of primer for the headset (same one used on mice but different can) as despite looking hard, the moment the metallic base was drying on it, the twat started bubbling up so I have to re sand those back. Other than that no issues so far. I will 100% need in final photos and video need to get plenty of lighting on this due to the pearl being really fine, to get it to sparkle. More coming a lot sooner once I have completed the mice, I also have a special thing lined up for inside the case that involves a small info screen, not transparent, but not what you would normally expect either.
  4. So final coat of lacquer dried yesterday and I polished it up, so happy with the finish. Happy with how it came out tbh, onto the next job now.
  5. So it has been a while since the last update for obvious reasons, but lets crack on shall we, I wanted to paint the top panel and front side panel with a yellow and a bluey green pearl airbrush for the art I was putting down. First the yellow basecoat and then flattening it was done Next it was time to airbrush the design onto the panels, then paint with a fine tip brush some smears onto it (extra paint blobbed down in some areas). After doing this normally we would be moving onto flattening it smooth with a very fine compound, but as I wanted a worn look a coarse compound was used. I am happy with the result, but as with previous mods, I always get ummm and ahhh and more, or should I have done less in my thoughts when doing wear on a buld. On the front panel IO ports I also took the file too them to add some wear and chipping as if the pc was worn a bit these ports should be the most worn. On the top it’s a different story, I wanted to add wear but keep the cyberpunk logo more intact than the rest. Then after this it was onto clearcoating, this will be done in stages to get a deep gloss finish, this is after stage one So slowly coming along bit by bit, why I let the second coat of lacquer dry I moved onto the motherboard heatsinks and io shield, I decided despite what I had done earlier I wanted to do it different so painted them all matt black. Here was what inspired me from in game footage. So I wanted to recreate this style onto the io shields and make it look like someone has used a key or something to scratch the designs in. The worst thing about doing this was due to the size I had to do it with a sewing needle which my fingers did not like one bit, but we are moving along now with the build and more will follow. Until next time.
  6. Small little update, some of you may know or not, my wife is very talented with a dremel at creating images from 1000s of dots, here is the start of the front panel engraving. Yes I know it's back to front, but it's being done on the inside, so once complete it will be flipped.
  7. Hi all and welcome to my next mod project, CyberPunked Two 077, the name is reference to something, but I will leave that until the later stages for you guys to figure out, although I know you have figured out that of course this rig is going to be themed on cyberpunk 2077. Let begin this crazy journey with thanks to the sponsors involved in this. Website, Facebook, Youtube Website, Facebook, Youtube Website, Facebook, Youtube Website, Facebook, Youtube Website, Facebook, Youtube Website, Facebook, Youtube Website, Facebook, Youtube Website, Facebook, Youtube Website, Facebook, Youtube Website, Facebook, Youtube Website, Facebook, Youtube Website, Facebook, Youtube Website, Facebook, YoutubeWebsite, Facebook, Youtube I would like to thank all the sponsors involved who without none of this would be possible. So First up shall we take a look at what the guts of the system is going to be? 😮 yes I am amazed to, it’s going to be a beast, not only will we be using the Aorus C621 Xtreme motherboard, we have a 28 Core Intel Xeon W-3275 for the motherboard, also to top it off there are 2x 2080ti Gigabyte Gaming OC 11G cards. Need more idea of the size of this mobo, let me throw it into the lian li PC-011 dynamic XL version (which I will be using in the build). As you can clearly see this is a monster of a motherboard, but I have plans for it, first though I need to fab a mount to make sure the board mounts correctly, Lian li do sell a E-ATX mount for this case as seen above, but its designed for another brands motherboard and would not work with this board, so here is what I came up with. So now I need to sand the raw alu down and paint it black then do some sanding on the edges to get the worn look. Moving back to the motherboard, let us take a look at it naked. Ermm yes that’s going to need some serious cooling, let’s see what we can do about that. The Bitspower block, is rather large and one of the ports sits under the IO, The main question here is do I keep the io shield and drill a hole through on the drill press, or do I leave it off, having looked at the reference images from the game, a lot of metal stuff seems to be worn down a bit. So I decided after cutting and sanding and prepping for paint I actually like the worn look a lot, so I removed the right chipset cooler as well and gave it the same treatment. Yes I did just take a very expensive motherboard and use 600 grit on the alu parts (of course removing them first :p), I made the rub down near the hole in the io panel more intense due to that I will poking a carbon black bitspower extension in there. Anyway stay peeled as I add more stuff over the next couple of months and see what we can come up with in the end.
  8. So I know its been a long while but I am finished now, here is a quick glimpse of completed build before I do final photos and video
  9. So just another small little update, remember this. This is the vanity panel I made to hide the power strip, switch ect under the desk, of course I decided to airbrush this too and tie it in with the inside. I used a samurai quote in this which is used to describe two samurai warriors working as one. Translation is “Different body, same mind.” Which for us westerners means Harmony of mind between two people. While I am here, I should also translate the writing on the houses for you, the lower roof on the house on black side says Dragon clan and on the white roof says Tiger clan. On the side of both the houses the translation is honor and truth. Any way guys stay tuned as more of the small stuff is done before the big reveal
  10. he he, I did not either until I had to weed the stencils for tiger and dragon that small lol ?
  11. Wow it’s been a while with any update so this will be a longer than normal post. First off the GPU blocks have arrived (eureka) so let’s take a look at them. Overall I like the design of these BP-VG2080RD-A2 blocks and they are also very heavy. One thing I did like about this design is the use of the extra support for block on the back bracket A nice small addition to help with the support of the heavy block, now shall we see how they look in place with the covers. To be honest I was now at an small stall, waiting for a few more things to turn up so I thought I would figure out a cunning plan to hide the cables coming out of the PSU, despite them being mostly hidden by the top anyway. Also something to aid in my plan of having green gpu cables both sides to represent bamboo and tie in with the Japanese/samurai theme of it all. So being me, I ordered to self-construct type Japanese houses and 2 watch towers for this sort of placement, thus hiding the psu output cables and guiding the green cables to the gpus, of course I will be painting them to match the colour schemes of each side. Wanted to hide these cables specifically with the houses. After doing this and despite knowing the houses won’t be hardly visible with top back on, I still wanted to spruce them up a bit… but first let me show you how this looks in I know some people won’t like this idea, but I love it and it ties in with the theme, and wanted them to match the theme, translation of writing is dragon clan, then tiger clan on the matching sides to match the engraving. And know I won’t ever do stencils this small again and then hand paint them on (more on that later in post). The most shocking part of this stage is working out how to hide nearly 38 meters of cables and lighting in the desk :O. On another note, I also decided to mod one of the bitspower hex tanks, the one for the black and gold side already had a black dragon on it (bitspower logo) I decided for the tiger side of the build I would try to make something not like bitspower logo, but very similar with tiger logo. I made this with vinyl. It should match the general theme of one side of engraving being a tiger and samurai and one side being a dragon and samurai. Now I did warn this was going to be a long post, so I’ll start by mentioning I am now lucky enough to be permanently sponsored now going forward by airbrushes.com on this a future builds (wish it would of arrived before I done the houses ? and hence my comment of I will not be hand painting ever again and can get back to airbrushing stuff again. Hopefully I get the rest of the stuff soon to finish this massive project, on a plus note I don’t have to hand paint my planned stuff on the vanity cover on the bottom of the desk now this has arrived J Mod notes to do list, fittings for gpu blocks to connect to each other to do, painting of vanity panel, tidying of the cables and extensions to go in and make acrylic covers for cable tidying inside the desk, fill and get air out of the loops, then sit and install windows on both machines and check for any conflicts or issues.. then book time to do photos and video of this epic piece.
  12. Back again guys with another small update, still waiting on a few items to turn up to get into the actual build part, but started working out layout ect, so here are some pics. Memory is ready to go into the motherboards, have replaced logos as well to match paint job I done them with, now to put them in these two puppies Also some other parts turned up too, firstly the fans and cables needed to complete the build. Yes that is 12 fans, a couple of splitters and 24 extensions for the fans…. A lot I agree, but I want to run the fan cables around the sides of the desk to keep them out of site as much as possible, a big thanks to noctua for sorting these out, much appreciated. Also the rads turned up and as I wanted crossflow, well thanks to the guys at Aquatuning they did. Simple position of getting the fans on the radiators and putting them in and we can finally see what is starting to happen. Let’s put the SSD’s in place and glass back on to get the look I am going for as a little test. My samurai Armour SSD’s are now in place, now the one thing I had not taken into account when planning this was the length of Sata Data cables to reach round, even 90cm ones are not long enough, so I have had to outsource so small male to male data connectors and run over 2 cables each of the on show drives. And yes I do expect I will see a slight decrease on performance on 2 each on each side as they will be using these male to male adapters. Good news is why I was doing this, two of the other 4 items I need to get stuck in turned up to, A huge massive thanks to my contact at Gigabyte for pulling these out of a magic hat, I did not expect them and thank you. Now just waiting for the other 2 items, the waterblocks for these to turn up and I can finally start assembly, yes there are many minor and small things to do yet. But we are finally getting near the end.
  13. Back again with another update to the build, a long time coming was waiting and stalling it for some special items that a due in for the build (well 2 of them) but I thought I better put something out there to keep you all keen. So engraving has finally finished at last, and boy is it truly an amazing piece of work do I call the build a build now or a piece of art, or artisan PC mod, god knows but I just can help staring at it. Time to put it back on top of the desk and get drilling some fill and drain ports in. This is starting to take shape now, also one thing I decided to change was the toughened glass top, not only for practicality but also for the fact the std glass top was tinted and I did not want to dull the engraving down on the build. I also added some extra overhang on the rear when sizing the replacement up, I wanted to ensure I had this to aid with my lighting plan for the rear of the desk and will aid in spreading light behind the monitors. I also added a cut out to the rear of the desk were the monitor mount goes, my thought behind this is if for any reason I change something be it ram ect ect in the future, I wanted to be able to lift the glass off without going through the process of breaking down the monitors pulling the desk out and undoing the clamp on monitor mount as on the original glass it would of sat on top of it. Finally I added a vanity panel to behind the legs and desk for cable tidying, which will enable me to only have three cables coming from the desk as the panel will allow for the power adaptor, router, network switch ect to be place in this. Which leaves only one power cable to wall socket and two network cables to the nas. That’s all for now, as soon as the final two pieces turn up ill photograph them and get them up (although its four pieces in reality to give you a clue to what I am waiting for).
  14. So guys and gals it’s been a while since I updated, but the exciting news is we are getting very close to the end of the engraving side and onto the building side, ill just through these pics up for you to see how close we really are. Oh I wonder what the lines to the right are for………………………………….. So finally getting to the end of the amazing engraving and then onto the building part.
  15. Oh you will once its in place with other elements ;} and been polished up and aligned properly
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