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  1. Thanks Bill! Appreciate the welcome to the Zoo. Time for some Update photos!!! Before adding the awesome AMD swag and cable management: Here is the after: I'm still working on plans for this build and will continue to update this build log as I go. Next I plan on adding some red / black sleeved extensions. I also plan on adding an additional red drive sled. I'm thinking it needs an even LED glow throughout the case so I'm looking into more lights. The biggest upgrade I'm looking at doing is possibly going with a Swiftech H240X and turning it into a custom loop with adding the graphics card and maybe an additional reservoir to be seen from the window. You can see the build overview video of this here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrRR7M2cu1Q
  2. thanks I was going to start painting but since I have to do it outside and it decided to rain I'll have to wait and see if I can to it Sunday.
  3. What's Up Y'all!!? My name is Paul - iamApropos part of AMD's Red Team+ formerly known as AMD Advocates. I wanted to share with y'all my latest build project. But first a little about me. I stream live on twitch.tv in order to help show just what AMD products are capable of while gaming as well as I try my hand in making youtube videos from time to time. I'm very active on twitter and facebook and I'm starting to reach out onto forums such as this one. Bare with me as I learn the ropes. I'm a gamer at heart and I'm very passionate about building computers! This will be the first time I've added modifications to a computer build so I'm excited to share it with you! Thanks to AMD for providing the FX 9590 with closed loop Cooler Master 120XL, 16gb 2x8gb 2133mhz, Radeon Gaming memory, Power Color TurboDuo R9 290X. Thanks to Fractal Design for providing the ARC XL case and Newton R3 1000w power supply. Thanks to MNPCTECH - For providing the AMD fan grill, AMD window decals, red zip ties, red thumb screws, red LED strip! My plans for the build - I plan on removing the front and top metal grills and painting them red. I also plan on getting red / black sleeved extensions for the cables. Putting on AMD window decals, AMD fan grill on the current Radiator, using red zip ties for cable management and red thumb screws for the side panels. I'm planning on also painting the drive cages and PCI expansion slot covers Red too. After Fractal Design sent me the ARC XL and Newton R3 I went a head and did a YT overview video of both parts: ARC XL: http://youtu.be/bzGAMteuLy0?list=UUX999d2_gJqRyiFj1AsLnPA Newton R3: http://youtu.be/SqGDE08EZRk?list=UUX999d2_gJqRyiFj1AsLnPA I did a live unboxing of the R9 290x on twitch and it was uploaded to my youtube channel as well. I'm planning on uploading an overview video onto my youtube channel of the build once all the mods are completed, hopefully by next week Tuesday / Wednesday. Updates will be posted frequently. Here are the current parts before adding any modifications: If you have any questions, suggestions or wanna just talk shop please let me know!
  4. **** Just realized this was an old post **** hope the information is still useful :) I might have missed it but from skimming through the replies in this post I didn't see it. Did y'all know that GIGABYTE has the absolute lowest RMA% in the market with motherboards? If i'm not mistaken they've reached this for the last two years. What that means it there is a far less of a risk that you'll need to RMA your motherboard if you choose GIGABYTE. Though others have improved theirs drastically over the last 2 years it doesn't hurt to consider this point as it is always a risk of needing to return a computer component. Kinda of nice knowing your % is lower than anything else by going with a specific brand. Hope that helps some :)
  5. What's Up Y'all!!? First post but Just wanted to say this place is awesome and I shared this out hoping some of my friends, followers, and audience will find a new home here. This is a pretty sweet giveaway! If some of you know me then you'd know that I'd fill it with AMD completely with AMD. AMD FX 9590, R9 290x, AMD 16GB Gaming Memory so on so forth :P but I'm not here to win this I'm here to show off this community a little! I can't wait to see what is done with these awesome prizes when the winner gets them!
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