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  1. Daughter of geek she never goes under desk. She gets on the computer and goes to youtube..so no worries
  2. You are one of the few the know the real me :-) Now to finish this desk up today...which now looking like I wont..daayumn me trying to be perfect on trying keep the wires down
  3. Little update.. Still waiting to get watercooling parts..but got the rig built to test parts and well use in mean time First the pile of parts The stuff I ended up with 1231v3 Xeon...yeah, sure cant overclock, sure silly for a build that will have a full acrylic watercooling loop but I dont care about OC and wanted to save money. Asrock Z97 Extreme6 2 X Strix 970s with the daayumn logo's upside down to drive me nuts until i get waterblocks Blue 16gb set of G.Skill ram EVGA G2 750W PSU since my awesome g500 finally died after hmm 5+ years..got me a Roccat Kone XTD mouse so far working out great got a brown cherry mx K70 keyboard..seriously in love with this thing. after a silly silly I cant believe I made that mistake, I am blaming my 4yo that was distracting me the whole time but shhh dont tell her, Got it all up and running posted great.. so for now this is what it looks like and strangely the stock cooler fits lol While I am waiting on getting the watercooling parts I am modding a Linnmon Table top/desk from Ikea a little bit Its just their standard black/brown color. I am putting a Doctor Who Wall decal on top of it and then putting some layers of polyurethane on it to just lock that decal down So it will be this image across the top of desk in white once it gets delivered Also grabbed a set of LEDs from IKEA to put around the desk Put the little hub they plug into on underneith with double sided tape so it aint going anywhere, routed the cable to the remote around side and it is attached via velco. So it will work well....Now to figure out what to do with the legs.. here is pic of what the looks like Hopefully more updates on the case and such soon..Work is just kicking my arse this past month
  4. Little update. Fighting a head cold so have done as much as I wanted, but the 360mm radiator came today and did a test fit. Yes I bought some Yate Loons as a cheap lets toss them in to make sure everything fits..might change them out..who knows First pic is from the side.. Second is from the front,, still need to figure a little mount for the bottom part of the fan..but will do that when I feel better My LEDs came in also today, but I need to rest up..going to test fit those for best placement to make that crack go in next couple of days.. Cheers!
  5. In past have always scarred acrylic on both sides to break, never had an issue.. til now..Easily can fix it, but daayumn it annoyed me because work has been kicking feces generator arse for past month with no real days off the few mintues I have to work on this. this happens lol
  6. I donno, I met him a couple years back and he was super nice For me, I gotta say Norm Abram, yeah woodcrafter but still he got me motivated at a young age to work with my hands..
  7. Ok Update for what I am doing this coming next week as long as everything is delivered on time The white acrylic panel to go behind the crack in time, I found a piece close in size, just need to cut off 2 inches the LED strips, which have LEDs on the side of the strip to make it easier to light up the acrylic the 360mm radiator + 3 120mm fans, really just got 3 yate loons because at 3.50$ a pop it was cheap and would help in making mounting the 360mm radiator in the front of the S340 to know where I am going to drill holes to mount the bottom fan and shave any metal Once I everything fits and all cuts in case are sanded down.. I will be painting the interior of the case because you can tell to save cost on the s340 they didnt go all out on paint, and just man handling it while cutting it shuffed the feces out of it, This might have to wait until next week since I only have one free day to do the above work, really with how much I am at my work I need a daayumn promotion..and a 3d printer for some items I want made dammit.. lol Cheers!
  8. Best way to remove all the little metal dust/shavings after cutting metal that are hiding in all the nooks and cracks...without an air compressor?
  9. Hmm this is a very interesting idea... I was planning on a pair of 25cm leds strips with the leds on the edge and have them on either side of the white acrylic
  10. I have one idea to find someone locally with 3d printer to print me a sonic screwdriver which I will mount around one of the watercooling pipes. Its currently only place I think I would incorporate it
  11. Well Should have started here first and not the Build log where I posting my progress on that build but here is the in's & outs of me.. Living currently in Portland Oregon, We have the most breweries then any other city in the world OH YEAH, Been building and repairing computers for near 18years now, 2 or so of which I did at a computer shop, now on side as a hobby to help people out, but everyone wants me to make a career out of it blah blah blah, just dont wanna ruin my hobby I love by turning it into a Job. I deal with severe Anxiety and Panic disorder so the working with hands is a good thing for me because the cheesy saying rings true for me "Idol Hands are the Devils Playground" This custom themed build I am doing is a first of its nature for me, since never do any mod work on a PC, I have worked with power tools and sheet metal for years also, working on Project classic VW's so I know somewhat the in's and outs of metal work, but for some reason I just suck and painting.. Wanted to post it here among other forums because though seems smaller than other forums, the people seem friendlier.. Cheers!
  12. Thanks! You are not the first to say that, sure the TARDIS in cool in all but I want this to stand out above all Doctor Who builds... Also been tossing around for interior to go more orange/reds to be more like the planet Gallifrey
  13. Thanks! I am going to make this a nice show piece...Just hope to get it done prior to PDXLan in February
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