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  1. Hi you know the problems with my EK Nickel Coated Waterblocks, This is one of the block. They are full correded at 4 months and nickel coating was robbed. You can see copper on nickel coated waterblocks. And EK could do nothing for blocks…whic are used onl 4 months.... This is the answer of EK about the problem. Thanks !!! EK for your help… I must do anything for waterblocks… firstly cleared corrosion as chemically and mechanically than Nickel coated again “sadly you can't do anything but to replace corroded parts.” Was the answer of EK… And this are the results from waterblocks…. EK said : “It would be a good idea to find out what is the cause of it in order to avoid it happening in the future. “ I shall think two times when buying EK EN Waterblocks again.. You can also do so. arg-ist Of course an new build and upgrade is coming so.on
  2. Staining at plexi but but on metal blocks there is a problem at Ni coating . You can see copper at marked places. .I have solved the problem ,but ı want to see what EK says for his Nİ coating!!!
  3. Hi Most of members know my old worklog ı hope. SAKSAK 800 D CASE MOD+ Watercooled with Copper and Acrylic pipe I had used at this project MB ASUS R4 Black Edition All waterblocks EK WB for MB EK-FB KIT ASUS R4BE Nickel Plexi Clean CSQ WB for CPU EK-Supremacy Clean CSQ Nickel Plexi WB for Video 2X EK-FC TİTAN SE Nikel Plexi -Clean CSQ Rezervuar EK –X2 250mm Rads 1x Alphacool NexXxoS UT60 Full Copper 360mm 1x Alphacool NexXxoS Monsta 240 Fittings 30x Bitspower G1/4" Matte Black Enhance Dual Multi-Link For Acrylic Tube OD 12MM Fluid Primochill Liquid Utopia Fluid Dye Pack- BLOOD RED Pump Swiftech MCP655™ Series 12 VDC Water Pumps - With Speed Control I have used Rads Alphacool UT 60 and MONSTA ( FULL COPPER) All waterblocks from EK ( FULL COPPER-and NICKEL COATED !!! ) Reservoir EK X2 Fittings Bitspower Fluid Primochill Hard tubing There is nothing in the system as corrosive. Can you please suggest me a better quality of these products. And this are the results after 3 Months. Who is to guilty at this business. MANUFACTURERS... OR arg-ist…. Because ı believed , trusted, paid and used this products… Is there anybody who have anything to say me… arg-ist
  4. I can post it you if you have losed it... Dear friend you have a good worklog. nice and clear. But ı would not use this photo as first photo on my presentations. That was all ı said.
  5. Because it remainds to as raw wood case...
  6. nice work winreboot congratulations ... I like wood Works too.. But dont use this raw wood photo please.. , It reminds me worklog without raw wood case photo please
  7. Because I have changed my house , ı could not add final photos.Sorry. Some final photos Although I think the pump to work properly upsidedown. but I changed pumps position not to risk the pump Thanks for warning Cheapskate :) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
  8. Four Silverstone case feets mounted to the bottom of the case R25 Next stage is front and back panel Made from 3mm thick acrylic a pattern for front and back panel. And mounted to control. Resim24 At front panel ı don t wannt to use a lott of displays. I want to use 2x lcd temp. displays for radiator entries and 2x lcd temp. Display for rad outputs.total 4 LCD displays for temp. And a fan controllerfor fans. And some researches for their placement R26-27-28-29 I have tried with different reservoirs EK X3, Bitspower. With 60 mm Radius. but I do not like any the most appropriate was EK Tube res X3 150mm with 60 mm Radius. R38 but want to keep the cables of PSU. Masking could be a solution to it.. R 39 40 41 I wanted a different solution At last ı decided to use a wider resorvoir 150mm Radius , to make reservoir as essential element. I must make a Jumbo reservoir from acrylic tube like this R30 And use reservoir as essential element. of the buttom case like this R 31 32 33 Reservoir with extrem 150mm Radius. Was to big for this case. Therefore ı decided to make it with 120 mm Radius R 34 35 36 37 It is time to make a custom Tube reservoir with 120 mm Radius.
  9. Such a thing will help you to work with different radius and different lenght.
  10. First a recess for rads and rad grils in to the handles , from acrylic. Drawn at corel R 7 And laser cut from 5 mm acrylic R 8 To bend the acrylics, ı made a mold from MDF. R 9 I can bend acrylic using this mold R 10 Acrylic plate on the mold R 11 Acrylic plate fixed to the mold R 12 Heating of acrylic with heat gun. R 13 And bending of softened acrylic R 14 Bended acrylics R 15- 16 Bended acrylic mounted to the case for trial purposes. R 17-18-19 And second side panel bended likewise. R 20 Two side panels are ready R 21 Second side panel mounted too… for trial purposes R 22-23
  11. G5 BENCH As ı said before there are 2 new MAC G5 mods on the table.My first worklog MAC G5 ATX (passive watercooled) is finished. I take final photos.I t is time to begin with a new worklog. 1-My first worklog was MAC ATX (passive watercooled) Link MAC G5 ATX Passive watercooled. http://themodzoo.com/forum/index.php/topic/1941-mac-g5-atx-arg-ist/ 2. This time again a MAC G5 , but as a BENCH CASE. 3-And my next worklog again a MAC G5 … But this time as a JUMBO MAC G5 .= MAC G5 STACKER R MAC G5 STACKER I want to make a TRILOGY with MAC G5 cases. This time ı want to make a different BENCH CASE from this case. A combination of aluminum and acrylic. I will use this case R1 But ı wll use only back side panel and the four handles of the case R 2 Case tilted R 3 As a bench case there are two ways that we can use. 1-Handles at front and back panels R4 2-Handles at sides I shall use it , this way. R 5 I want to install 2x360 rads in to the bulge of handles. And PSU ,POMP ,HDD etc . in this case R 6 As usally, MB on the top, on a thick plexi, as MB TRAY .that can be opened to back. As ı used it at my first BENCH Worklog And ı wannt to mount the video card with a 16X riser card extender flex. To prevent the height of the case ,becouse ı wannt to make a flap cover from plexi.(If ı can do it…) R6a
  12. Thanks Cheapskate.. You may be right with pomp , but… EK says it might be used as this way But he uses at his products like this as physical at the most dangerous form, no way out for air… and bearing is dry, the bearing is not lubricated with H2O… EK product XSPC Photon D5 And ı use it by this way Of course the right way to use.. It can be a problem even in this way I guess D5 is theoretically a problematic pomp… :( but I had no problems so far . :) We cann see what happens. Not a great problem to change it to normal use..
  13. Holiday is over, continue to work Worklog of this week.( It's hard work after the holiday…) Step by step final assembly. Empty case R1 First montage of the pipe from pomp to 480 rad. R2 From MB block to monsta 480 R3 Montage of EVGA 980 Classified Hydrocopper İn and out pipes of Evga 980 R4 Montage of reservoir without montage bracket like a tower. R5 Montage of pomp on 3 feet, without montage bracket. R6 R7 R8 R8a And at last self made SPIDER WEB GRIL With 5K Potansiometer as dimmer. R9 R10 R11 Spider web grill backlighted with led strip and with a dimmer. R12 Case illuminated with led without fluid, to see th effect and to predict the result. R13 R14
  14. I am also curious as you are for the result. I want to see midplate with color. I could not wait . I photographed , before filling colored liquid , with clear liquid and RGB led light. 1 red led 2 green led 3 blue led 4 yellow led 5 white led 6 light blue led 7 orange led And then with selected fluid MAYHEM X1 Blood red . .8mayhemX1 a short break 2 Weeks late summer holiday at Fethiye /TURKEY , to watercool my self http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/1280x1024q90/674/bP4pmH.jpg
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