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  1. Project is complete. going to have pro pictures taken but for now here is a few. Also check out my Instagram for more pix and videos : @baldwinracing86
  2. Update... got the parts all aligned and disassembly and paint
  3. Boy help me install some MNPCTECH diamond case feet last night As well as making a slight modification to the setup with a MNPCTECH vertical GPU mount
  4. Hey everyone! my new build... also follow on instagram @baldwinracing86 The Case: In Win 101 The hardware: EVGA z370 Classified EVGA GTX1080 FTW2 EVGA 850w G2 PSU The cooling: Primochill tube res and D5 pump Primochill PETG tubing and fittings Primochill 240 and 360 rads Heatkiller GPU and CPU blocks More pictures: Cutting the back side panel wide open:
  5. Thanks guys... going to be a slow project. I have a lot of summer stuff planned out and none of which involve computers. I am hoping to have it "complete" for a LAN in October though.
  6. Added MNPCTECH grooved feet last night. Required NO drilling!!! Sorry for the dark pictures. will get better ones. Will hopefully drill and mount the handles tonight
  7. These arrived last week but been very busy but do hope to install them tonight though
  8. Submitted my order for the first parts just now. Thanks to the man himself (Bill Owen) and his amazing parts. Parts incoming! Grooved PC Case Feet, Black Black Billet Grooved Handles, PAIR 360mm Open Air Fan and Radiator Grill
  9. Hey Munkeys!, My new project has arrived (I was one of the winners to the In Win 303 giveaway) . Currently laying out a plan to get this build started. took a few pictures of the box opening. Hardware: Currently researching Start off with a "inspiration" picture:
  10. This is top notch work!!!! amazing build! I love Doom and this build hits home
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