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  1. GO WINGS!!! Well done Mogrid... BTW If your around HOCKEYTOWN we should have a brew in the MOD Shop, I'm in Canton.
  2. Wonderful creation. It's a heavy metal industrial build with the heart of the 50's car chrome and metal details. The finish you have on some of that metal is unique and coloring is outstanding. Thanks for such Inspirational builds Bill. Well Done is a understatement. I even enjoy just looking at it. Think about this in a poster bill, I know I'd get one.
  3. Subbed and watching! Great work MOD-Squito ^5 BTW, BLACK and WHITE looks fantastic!
  4. Very well done again Bill. This, as usual is over the top skill and workmanship. And being a military theme makes my heart skip... Love it! Can't wait for the giveaway if that's what you decide. If so Thanks for giving such a beauty up to the community.
  5. Al Shuryan

    Coolant Guide

    Nice synopsis of MAYHEMS coolants. Amp'd about trying the XT-1 \0/ Thanks Michael...
  6. Classic Dell case and nice touch with the Plasti paint coating, give me ideas on a few things to use that for. nice paint work Jesse keep it up bro.
  7. Thanks Blade, Been trying to sell screaming eagle for 45 days now outside ebay and bout ready to give up and take the hit on the ebay and paypal fees. Wish there was other ways to sell and promote without losing so much.
  8. Side Note; As moderators, admins, contributors we have a obligation to our members to promote, showcase and provide positive commentary and encouragement. We especially need to be factual and correct in our comments. It's offensive if we were to insult a member especially if the insult is incorrect and not researched they should apologize. The F/A 18 HORNET was the first fighter jet to use Carbon Fiber. It's state of the art material in making jets light weight and sturdy. http://www.impresaaerospace.com/programs/boeing-fa-18-hornet/ so the person making the comment carbon fiber is never used in jet fighters is simply wrong and uneducated about Jet Fighters. We are not in competition and should be a brotherhood and if we don't have something good to say even when it's our duty and obligation to we should stay silent, especially if speaking of something we know nothing about.
  9. EKWB Water block with 3m Carbon Fiber Di noc with EKWB fittings on the Sapphire HD 7970 GPU Some LED block lights for effect. A few MOBO Mods with 3M Carbon Fiber Di Noc on the Chokes and XSPC Block Assembled the ECS Golden, Corsair Dominator Ram, EKWB fittings, XSPC CPU Water Block, Sapphire HD7970 GPU with EKWB fittings and water block, masterkleer tubing, Enermax Cluster fans, AlphaCool NeXXos Monstra Full Coper 240 rad, 3M Dino carbon Fiber details and painted Choke Heatsinks for the Caution/warning look. Mr Chuck Reller of http://www.chuckreller.com/ Gave permission to use this HD photograph of the Blue Angels for the back side panel: and it will look something like this: I'll match up the colors bettter. At this stage of the project Chuck wrote the DOD office of the Navy asking for autographs so we could also include a 16 x 20 framed picture with the auction. I receive a Stop and Desist order from the DOD. They said All colors, images, logos, names... were property of the Department Of Defense and I was not licensed. My heart sunk and thought Uh Oh... After some work I made my way to the DOD laywers and had a wonderful discussion with the officer. Turns out we are both Polar Bears 4Th Battalion 31st Infantry. After some work I am now awaiting my formal License from the DOD for ALL U.S. military copyrighted materials. Since we make no "profits" on any sales and proceeds are donate to PCs4VETS I owe no royalties. If I did reproduce any builds for say a customer and made any profit we would owe 30% royalties on the profit. So we came out with a DOD License, HOOAH! More to come....
  10. HOOAH! Fantastic attention to the details. IMO i think the camo effect is excellent. Going to pick your brain when I get to a camo build in my military tribute projects. Look up Wayne Bullet butler another C70 Lover, he runs our Military Mods page in The Association Of Modders T.A.M.S ... Great work Keenan !
  11. Thank you Abysscinian and onevoicewild. I've reduced the price to $1600 and can't believe it's not selling since it's well worth $2600. I could part it out for $2k... Hate thinking about EBAY again to sell it. Mech 5 keyboard, mouse, Klipsch speakers, Win 7 Pro, Office 2010 pro and the One Of Kind GTX 680 Black Series... well worth it.
  12. Creds Spudnik... Having a 76P40 MOS (Automotive Repair Parts) I ran a Mechanized Infantry Warehouse supplying tank parts. One of those track spindles broke my foot, I'm well aware of the elements of a tank. Your dead on target here. Excellent planning and fabrication. And father / son memories for a lifetime. I'll be following, Keep up the great work with your son. Welcome and thank you for sharing.
  13. Going WAY OUT on a limb here. This is what I WANT TO DO. I have some of the items and plans set for this but allot to still gather up. I've found in the PCs4VETS MOD/Builds it's always the little things and miscellaneous items i can't get sponsored and with Screaming Eagle still not sold I'm out of budget> This is my concept and hope and please don't hold me to this, I'm sharing for suggestions too. The windowed Side panel will not show the Water Cooled loveliness of the Engine Bay. I want to display a Heads Up Display view from the cockpit. The HUD will be engraved/laser etched and green edge lit with a High Definition vinyl image of the flight sky with targets and others in flight. There might be a RED Targeted jet in sights. The border around the window I would like to make it real, active and functioning controls as shown in the layout: I'm dropping the res but other than that the rest is doable and possible, I'm very busy trying to scrounge the items, wish me luck. Other options include multi layering of the acrylics and adding the frame to the HUD and cockpit window. Another creative element is a JET TURBINE ENGINE, well a simulation fitted to give a VGA tunnel cooling benefit. I wont show what I'm doing yet since I'm not happy yet BUT part of it currently includes a MNPCTECH Turbine Grill. Here's the story on this, I ordered it and Bill Owen being who he is sent it NO CHARGE, Free. That kind of thing helps make the other concept wishes a possibility. Thank You Bill for supporting our disabled Vets. Playing around I do get the effect I want, the opposing turbine twister effect looks very nice: Now Don't get me wrong. I'm not hiding the inner beauty, especially this being my first water cooling adventure. I'm happy with how the inner MOD is shaping up: I have the Ultimate in MEMORY, thank You Corsair for the Dominator Platinums PLUS the light bar kit! So I did this with them: As with any High Tech JET Carbon Fiber is a built in element so how can I leave it out? The AlphaCool NEXXUS Monsta 240 Full Copper Rad, thank you Meta Beta for this and the XIGMATEK Fans. Performance PC's (Hank Baron) Was kind enough to supply some EKWB fittings Tubing and this GPU Block that I Carbon Fibered. GPU Block LIT UP: I'm very proud and lucky to call EKWB a sponsor of PCs4VETS MODs4VETS. This being my first WC project I will not even pretend to know what I needed and how much so I went the full EKWB Kit package to help me start: This is the EK-Kit-L240 More Carbon Fiber... The EKWB RES: Here's where I really get to enjoy things. When friends join the team I get to be active and inclusive with the sharing the FUN. This build we will be showing how the MODDER Community is stepping up in saying "THANKS" and helping our mission and cause. Charley Bowy sent this package to me, full of goodies. I love the XSPC GPU block I had to use it. Not just that but I have a real treasure now too, FANBLADES Milled Case Feet. Not sure yet the exact use for them yet. SO, LOL I carbon Fibered the Block: Cooler Master, another, every build, sponsor sent this pretty little wonder along: Cooler Master's Silent Pro Hybrid 1300W Nice thing about this baby is the controller and it's intelligence. It knows if it needs to activate the fan and to what speed for as quiet operation as possible. What do think I did with that? Yea you guessed it, carbon fiber and Warning Stripes: More to come and you guessed it again. I'm not done with the carbon fiber. Soon you'll be saying HE PUTS THAT SH#T ON EVERYTHING... not quite, I hope.... Thank You for viewing...
  14. Thanks Guys, The Bubble Canopy and Tail fins are going to be finished but they will be a easy to remove option for choice. Kinda felt over the top but It has decent respectful look, I hope...
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