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  1. I decided to make a new solid action base using hollow bars and also installed the hdd block, reservoir and pump on the left side cannon. see you on the next update, thanks!
  2. this is what it looks like right now, hope you like it.
  3. Without Bitspower support, this build is still just a dream because I cant buy all of these parts. Thank you very much Bitspower, I really appreciate all the help you gave me and you really made my dream come true!
  4. I would like to say big thanks to Li-Heat Industry for the very nice high speed riser cable. :D
  5. top panel work I'm so happy with the cuts, pre-shade, red lines and black metal base coat :D
  6. using the HDD, pump, reservoir and water channel to create a side cannon on the left. I will show more later.
  7. Update At this time, I almost give up and want to finish the build like this because I'm so tired working on the other project.
  8. yeah its gonna be fun Bill! thanks for visiting my work. :)
  9. Thanks you Cheapskate. this build is inspired by Meteor Unit and Tallgeese 3 mega beam cannon. my plan right now is 2 side weapon and also 2 in front, I still want to add 2 at the top if I have enough time.
  10. ok lets start :) Making the front panel and fan holes
  11. Hi guys I wanted to share my project. I am an avid fan of Gundam ever since and case modding is my favorite hobby, so I came up with this idea to do both in one build and introduce Gundam into the world of pc case modding. The idea of using pc parts to create a Gundam weapon which I named Weapon of Mass Destruction. Before I start I would like to thank all of my sponsors for their support and for believing in me. Sponsors: ASUS Bitspower Avexir 立熱工業 Li-Heat Industry Co.,Ltd. Dremel
  12. ok guys here's the final update :) ASUS Strix Menace Eyes ASUS Strix Menace Tail Lights ASUS ROG Hero Cooler Master Seidon 120 V Plus Cooler Master V1200 Platinum Cooler Master JetFlo 120 Avexir Blitz 1.1 Original 16GB ASUS Strix R9 280 Engine It's done! ;) Thank you very much Mod Zoo and Mr. Bill Owen. I hope you like it. :D
  13. Memory arrived! Thank you very much Avexir for your support. It's a dream come true :)
  14. rear bumper The rear bumper is inspired by Lamborghini Veneno ;) because it's my favorite car. :) :D
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