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  1. Had to :) I'd order from them everyday if you meant this type of drop ship lol.
  2. All hail the disco Luxe now with extra flashy. I bought some of them RGB 5m LED kits from with the intention of making my glass desk into an infinity mirror but never got round to it. It's on the to do list, it's a long list. the original Phanteks strips are 8mm wide, which I found out when I tried to fit 10mm wide strips into the front bezel. With a little bit of cajoling they went in and with the bezel re-assembled they can't fall out. i bought 3 of the LED kits with strip, remote and receiver thinking I could control them independently but although the PCB in each of the receiver boxes is different. All the remotes use the same frequency. So that idea was out. I'm still waiting for a splitter cable and a connector for the LED's in the top bezel. I'm tempted to fit some under the armor on the Sabertooth, You don't think that's over doing it, do you. A quick vid of my Liberace Luxe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llxQfcqYesE
  3. After buying the excellently thought out Enthoo Luxe, I got itchy fingers to mod it. As you do. Being a novice modder and not possessing a workshop or spray booth. I've had to aim a bit lower than the usual quality of mods in these forums. The pics are a bit potato like as well :blush: First off, the easiest/laziest side panel mod. The side panel on the Luxe looks a bit different with it's two windows, but if like me you want a different colour then because of the lip on the edge of the panel. it's not just a simple job of just changing it for a piece of flat acrylic. Luxe with standard side panel. To show off the build inside a bit more and not have to cut a big hole in the side panel I used a single piece of acrylic which is held in place with 12mm self adhesive magnetic strip top and bottom. You don't even need to cut anything apart from the magnetic strip. Most retailers sell acrylic in whatever size you want and can polish the cut edges for you. So all you have to do is stick the magnetic strip on and put it in your case. now i can sit back and admire my build through a full size panel. DOH! I've used the dark smoke acrylic panel for the back panel. i've run some of the LED lighting in the back of the case aswell so when the case is in place on my desk it shines a glow around the case. Originally I ordered a piece of 5mm glass effect acrylic to the size I needed minus a couple of millimetres. Then fitted rubber U- channel to the edge of the acrylic to hold it in place. then I saw someone had done similar but used neodynium magnets to hold the acrylic in place. not wanting to have to use a pry-bar to get the side panel off i went with the magnetic strip. Rear panel with cathode lighting. Now replaced with RGB lighting, at the moment I'm replacing the stock LED strips in the top and front bezels to match. magnetic strip. Stick it to your pre cut acrylic sheet, job done. Original clear acrylic window turned out to be a bit err clear and the dark smoke was a bit too dark I ended up using orange acrylic, the acrylic panels can be swapped around to change the look of the case. Orange Dark smoke, with the lights this time. Clear acrylic
  4. I have the same thing with WatercoolingUK when I want PC parts and delivery costs more than the part, they're only a couple of miles away but they only do online. It's the same with Dabs up in Bolton. You can see it across the carpark from Scan's shop, but you have to order from them online. Or maybe they pull the shutters down when they here me coming :o
  5. that mid plate is sick Arg-ist, :o can't wait to see it in action with the LED's.
  6. It was a mount I made from an otterbox case to use my phone as a camera/satnav. Mainly for the camera so I could film ride outs, Englands not that big and I've lived here long enough to know how to get to most places :lol: the tape was an attempt to stop it being ripped off at speed. I took it off once i put the orange screen on as the vids looked like I was riding through some post apocalyptic nightmare. Or Manchester as it's more commonly known. It worked quite well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8P06sXp2uI&index=95&list=UUniPRRVM5P6MdAC-5Tozbtw I bought a bullet style camera after that and fitted it to my helmet. It was another slow day at work.
  7. Another motor mod. Motorcycle this time though. I bought this Honda Fireblade a couple of years back, I know subtle and understated was what i was thinking when i saw it as well B) after a few weeks of hoonery i thought i'd better give it a service, and one thing led to another. Fitted a Dynojet kit, ignition advancer, Micron titanium pipe with carbon can. It had not for road use on the tip, dremel sorted that out :rolleyes: put a 17" front wheel in so I could fit sticky Pirelli diablo's, armstrong wavey front discs and +2 tooth rear and -1 tooth front sprocket to make the acceleration a bit more lively. Eventually got sick of hanging onto in the wind blast like an ewok on a speeder bike and bought a clean standard one and swapped the go faster bits before to it before selling the bladefighter.
  8. Nice side panel mod. i had one of these, I tried to buy another but they're a bit scarce now and double the price. The airflow on the top is good, but you should use the bottom 2x 80mm vents on the bottom to exhaust the heat from the back of the board and any HDD's you have in the hot swap bays. A common mod on these if you're using HDD's is to mount a 120mm fan on the right of them blowing across to keep them cool. I meshed tthe top and side panel on mine, along with one or two other things. It lets a ton more warm air out than the windowed panel. I chopped out to just short of the rails on the side the roof panel, to make it as large as posiible. the cut the edge off of the rails to slide the mesh under to support it. Then I used some double sided foam tape to hold the front and back. you could also do this with a 3mm acrylic sheet to support the weight. Handy if you've got cats Very meshy You also get a good veiw with an acrylic window, air flow not so much.
  9. I got this in an email at work, and it got me thinking. so in response I came up with this. It was a slow day at work.
  10. cheers apocalipzs. I'm a student of the mod zoo style B) the more power tools it takes to put a build together the better. :D i did a quick vid of my latest build as it stands, going to do some more over the festive period. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOqcNS60gO8
  11. i have two "carbon fibre" MNPCtech steampunk fan grills in my build. a 360mm and a 240mm. I replaced the front fan panel? on my Enthoo Luxe with the 240mm and put the other on my 360mm rad. I'm going to change this for a mirror finish one and drop some a couple of LED strips in underneath. i only wrapped it after I went and stood on it :blush: i didn't cut out all of the grill, just enough for airflow and left enough to stop it falling apart. Sorry for the potato pics, I've ordered a new camera but it won't get here till next week.
  12. I've used Trent plastics in the past and don't have a bad word to say about them. good choice of different acrylics and fast delivery. after first finding them on fleabay, the next time i used them I ordered direct. no price difference, but at least they didn't have to cough up paypal/ebay fees. I'm oop north in Manchester so for super quick service I use GJplastics in Radcliffe Manchester. Delivery time isn't as quick as Trent but It's not far from me, so if I need it double quick I can ring an order in and it's usually ready by the time I get there. I've also used Hindleys over in Sheffield. it's an arts and crafts supplier and stocks a load of stuff you didn't even know you needed :D
  13. Hi welshy46 here from over the pond in Manchester UK. Only got into pc's in 2010 and modding them just over a year ago. I watched a lot of how to's on modding from mod zoo and Bill's own YouTube channels. I'm a big fan of their style and hope my latest build shows that I've been listening to you guys were saying in your vids. Before Pc modding I mainly did mods to my other hobby, motorcycles. Mainly for speed. :)
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