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  1. Yea I had to do that some to round the corners as bit..
  2. Thanks! But I'm not sure if it's just the angle of the picture but the upper left corner seems off a bit but still I'm happy with it in isn't easy rounding corners with a Dremel lol!
  3. While it's a simple installation of a case window it's my first attempt at a case mod and am pretty happy with the result. Do to the raised center and unable to flip it over to use a jig saw do space issues I had to use a Dremel to cut the window out which wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. The window kit was bought from our very own MNPCTECH, and yes Bill I wore my safety glasses. :) The panel. All taped up and ready for cutting. Using the raised portion I was able use it to draw my lines for cutting. The cut out. And the window, now time for the decals to finish it off. The finished project! I have placed 3 Phanteks PH-F120SP_WLED 120mm White LED Case Fans inside and will be using a Enermax Cluster Advance APS 120mm White LED Fan, UCCLA12P for my heatsinks so once I get the build complete I should have a pretty good glow coming from the inside. I only wish the cut was smaller so you couldn't see the drive cage but still think it looks good and am happy with it... I'll add a final pic once I get the system up and running.
  4. Not really the Porter Cable works just fine :) Good news is doing some research online I came across a Porter Cable forum and found out that if you turn the piece that holds the blade upside down you can use U and T shank blades so I'll be able to use 36 TPI blades but thanks for the reply
  5. I want to install a window on my case. I have a Porter Cable jig saw that uses hook blades but the highest TPI for cutting metal I can fine in hook blades are 24 TPI Thin Metal Cutting Blades will that be fine of enough to cut a window out or will I need to buy a new jig saw so I can use 36 TPI blades? The case I have is a Xion Xon 560 case if that helps.
  6. I took a look at Icemod and there pretty cheap and with free shipping I'll definitely be ordering from them thanks.....
  7. I interested in getting this http://www.frozencpu.com/products/20296/cab-1647/ModSmart_Kobra_Cable_MAX_24-Pin_Motherboard_Extension_Cables_-_16_-_Black_UV_Aqua_Blue.html?tl=g2c587s1886 To go with my interior color scheme but wanted to see if anyone has used this brand before? I'm wanting to find out the quality before I spend the money.
  8. I'll give that a shot. Luckily I have a spare panel to practice on. case came with a dent on the panel so I contacted Xion and they sent me a new panel
  9. I didn't think about that it should work.... I got my window kit from MNPCTECH so have the u channel and all the goodies
  10. I'm going to put in a side panel window on my Xion Xon 560 and the problem is I'll be cutting the whole raised portion of my panel. And I'm not sure whether to use a jig saw or Dremel? I was going to use a jigsaw but I'm not sure if the feet/base/guider doesn't sit flush if I'd get a clean cut? Or should I just use the trusty Ol Dremel?
  11. I wanted a keyboard to match my White SS Kana mouse and White Xion Xon 560 so after a couple tries I finally transformed my Ducky Zero from all black to white and black, thanks to Plasti Dip. As I stated it took me a couple of attempts, patience is a virtue, before I was happy with the results. I placed the feet and decal back on using double sided tape. I wish I could find a black Ducky decal of some sort to place in the area above the arrow keys so it don't look so plain. While there are a couple of imperfections as you can see here you can't really see them unless you know where to look and look close and is in spots you won't be looking at all the time. This is my first mod with that being said I'm happy with it and ain't in the mood to Peel off once again lol! Also as you can see I also changed the WASD and arrow keys to grey thanks to WASD Keyboards. Next up for me is Operation Arctic Owl......
  12. I just Painted my Ducky Zero White using Plasti Dip while it looks good I've noticed little rubber particle balls all along the egdes so I was wondering if I waited till it fully cured could I take like a green scrubby and take them off without damaging the paint?
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