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  1. Photos finales du projet !!! enjoy. Thanks to Asus républic of gamer France to trust me for several years now and it is not finished. Thanks to EKWB to have supplied me the completeness of the watercooling, has my sense Best of what is made on the market of the watercooling custom. Thanks to Intel to have supplied me the processor and the ssd of 1 TO . Thanks to Phanteks to have supplied me the case, the last halos digital Lux frame, the strips of leds RGB and the small toolbox ultra luxurious and practice. Thanks to Bequiet for this PSU sfx of 600 W. Thanks cablemod, Thomas and Mattes, a team which tears and sheathed cables so qualitative which it is to be blindly bought. Thanks to Crucial for the pins of ram trace RGB. Thanks to you to follow my adventures modding.
  2. Hi every body, I present to you a small project i start a long time now... This project is based on a phanteks shift X anthracite , the idea is to associate two tendency " RGB and polished aluminium ". The goal for me is to realise a sober project with good cable management and add some aluminium plate to get a harmonious result. The sponsors who followed me in this project are: Je les remercies chaleureusement car sans eux et sans vous rien ne serait possible. this is the configuration of the project : Processor : Intel core I7 8700k Motherboard: Asus Z370i gaming VGA : Asus gtx 1080 8go Ram : Crucial ballistix tracer RGB 16go 3000Mhz SSD : Intel SSD 600P M2 1to SSD : Intel Optane 16go Power Supply : Bequiet SFX 600W Cable : Cablemod personnalize First step on this case , add some plate to hide the PSU and the bottom of the case. This two plates will be paint in black when the case will be totally finish. next is time of sanding and polishing with belgom alu i start to sanding with grain 80 because the metal got a special hard treatment before i start to got the natural aluminium. First step with grain 120 and the result was : " i go grain 80 or i order a ton of grain 120 " Finally we take the grain 80 , i use 5 disk by face of the case. Yes it s really better we try the polishing to test Résult : awesome lets go !!! First passage for polishing : second passage , third and others : Then we arrive to a correct result : " on way to polishing again " I decide to paint the top ot the case too , but before i polished all the line and paint all in black exept the top of the line, the result is perfect. J'en ai profiter pour faire la partie supérieur du boitier aussi , j'ai appliquer la même méthode ponçage + polissage puis j'ai peint en noir tout le reste en ne laissant que les lignes du haut. It s time for hardware, i mount a part of the configuration. to ensure all was of for the dimension. I m really impressed to imagine 1 to on this small things We test the cable from cablemod. this is the version pro with metal cablecomb, this cable are awesome, never hesitate to buy it. We add an awesome ekwb watercooling bloc specially realise for this motherboard. Same treatment for the VGA Meanwhile I am to contact by an old modder which work to phanteks and which participated in the development of this case which proposes me of sponsored certain products. A few weeks later I receive at my home Halos Lux Rgb Frame taken out a few months ago only in CES 2018, a pack RGB strips and a box has tools terribly effective and of a really good finish. we put it on the case Then I noticed that in the case there was a space side GPU which was rather ugly once the installed configuration, we saw many cable and not bad really ungraceful thing there. I thus began to realize an aluminum plate hide all this. I still feel myself for this plate of " raw or polite " metal. Then we passed in the tubing full house metal: (the first time for me and I made it found that very easy) The tubes of acrylic and those metal stands out in the same way in the end. I used one cuts tube which we find in the business for the plumbers. I have of to drill holes for the pump because even if there is one platesin this case which take care of my pump the configuration was not adapted has what I wanted to make. Voucher a the end of day, always the same bad problem in the finger but the result is really beautiful. I wonder I even to have ended him in the 1 day. I have to proceed to the paint of plates alu " alim mask and bottom of case " in black, to realize the cable management. The project is not crazy is there because I wanted him sober and simple, not by feignantise but because I want that it adapts itself for example has an environment of lounge quoted of a TV. There is all the same 70 working hours on this case, the polishing, the cutting and the folding of rooms to create for the case having taken me more than 70 % of my time. The final photos are thus for soon. Thanks to all to support us, quite your small messages, your likes, your sharings, Thank you.
  3. thanks , no money to buy it , maybe at computex.
  4. finish and coming soon. see you soon.
  5. hello, I spend tonight bring news , today there is a strange thing happened in my office I decided to give food to my old PSU that was to serve me ... for this mod is that it eats well it's the little beast . and boom... I'm kidding . A big thank you to Bequiet [/ b] for this wonderful participation adds that this 4 ventilos Bequiet shadow wings in perfect 120mm radiator for the project . - Assembly of all the components is made : mother board power supply SSD Pump Rad Tanks switch on/off the protection of this switch I have a few modifications : - Insert one of the tanks is still top of the blow one of them is slightly inclined I retravaillerai tomorrow . - The plate of SSD to deliver 90 degrees. I also add feet project that I will double in caoutchou to avoid scratching the tables already and to create a slight thickness so that the bolt does not touch the ground. I shall have to go up the watercooling but I await news . and do the painting , I think based on the green and black " view can be a nvidia logo " . to see, unless you have better ideas , I was listening. @ see you soon.
  6. Hello everybody, I present to you my new scratchbuild project named " renovatio mark 1 " , renovatio mean renew in latin and why i choose this name ? because the first idea of this project is to create something new but without change the existing things and mark 1 because this is the first bench table i do . I tell you the story , there are six months of that, I was looking for a bench table "cheap" but "design" to test the components I had in stock , I found things on the internet but at so expensive prices ... Anyway I decided to imagine a " one is never better served than by oneself " the first goal of the maneuver was to quantify the design of a table custom bench and see once modeled if the project is interesting or not . the second objective was " easy integration watercooling ." I started in the plans in 3D Solidworks and after six months of planning and testing, I released this: Top view : light gray clutter of a motherboard ATX Bottom view : side view : Vue isometrique : All gray blocks that you can see inside are the pump and power supply , I plan supports for the pump , radiator, power and SSD, I show you once received . The model measures 47.3 cm x 47.3 cm x 15 cm. The basic configuration will be unveiled shortly. I sent all cut from " johnsteelpro " in France I shall have to do the folds and seams . It cost me € 180 including shipping to those interested a small dot on the config [ ;) ] : and a sponsor follow me , thank you to " EK watercooling " here are the pictures all parts have been folded by a professional " family thank you " I confessed that I had a strong emotion when you see everything taking shape like that while this was an idea. here are the photos : I'll see if it all could be sealed today. See you.
  7. Here the final photo of the mod Tiger Share and like on my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/phenomdesignphotography Thanks To my Sponsor : Intel France Avexir Memory Gigabyte France CableMod CoolForce Bitfenix See you soon.
  8. Some news !!! for first thanks a lot for your comment i received some pieces : first mounting to see : I painted the fan covers and tank support and primer set many thing tomorrow I will still have a job in painting. I also finished fixing both SSD and pump. I place an order for two sata cable 15 cm It remains for me to wait for the fittings and tubing normally and tomorrow I get a sample of a piece I had printed in 3D with the 3D printer taf . I need to do some adjustement and go print 4 pieces : 1 TIGER 1 EDITION 2 with i line like the support of tanks.
  9. Hello gentlemen, I just received food I ordered and also the cable kit I won on the Facebook page CableMod a kit Orange / Black visible in a previous post . walk a little on the mod I removed everything inside " the support of the motherboard, HDD cage and 5-inch bay " , I gained some space , I finished making the system opening scratched facade , it remains for me to sand the inside to remove the rail system. This leaves me sticking this one on my opening system , do the cutting of plexi to scratch and then we will attack a little paint . I have yet to realize the plans on Solidworks for the plate which will host the motherboard and also the host of the two tanks I bought . I also bought two tanks, one EK radiator and my sweetie with a complimentary EK pump so I advance on the project that will be a reminder for OP DreamHack . I finished this weekend painting TEST an SSD , I'm just finishing the plans in 3D motherboard support , I also finished removing the rim of the scratched face I can fix it on the opening system , there will me more than to buy powerful magnets to create the binding. I am finalizing the 3D map motherboard support, I will surely do laser cutting my plate after the problem is to fold , I do not have a folder and I have to predict the odds in taking into account the bending and it is not easy it might not go the first time when I receive it and it will probably take a little things but hey it's part of the game. back plate GPU : Before : After modding : that all for the moment. see you guys
  10. Hello , I welcome today officially a partner for the Mod "Tiger" Intel gives me confidence today to equip me with a processor, a big thank you to them for their participation in this Mod. Avexir Memory gives me confidence today to equip me with RAM, a big thank you to them for their participation in this Mod. Gigabyte gives me confidence today to equip me with MotherBoard, a big thank you to them for their participation in this Mod. Cablemod gives me confidence today to equip me with MotherBoard, a big thank you to them for their participation in this Mod. CoolForce gives me confidence today to equip me with MotherBoard, a big thank you to them for their participation in this Mod. I just accept the image that will be on the right side of the MOD. Here it is:
  11. Hello world, I come to you to present my new project named Tiger First objectif : Having this configuration for DreamHack 2015 in the city of Tours in the month of May Configuration : - Boitier : Bitfenix Shinobi noir sans vitre - CPU : Intel Core i7 4790k - Carte Mere : Gigabyte GA-Z97-OC " - RAM : 16gb Avexir Blitz 1.1 - Carte Graphique : Gigabyte GTX 770 OC - Alimentation : Corsair RM 750 - HDD : 2 SSD crucial 128Gb - Refroidissement : CoolForce Color of the theme - Orange - White - Black So I started working out on white sheets to already take the hand with the airbrush and also have a glimpse of what it will give . Here are my first attempts at painting : - 1st test : - 2nd test : - Both for choice : - The future cutting the left side which will be glazed by the following : - Paint : - My guardian for cutting ..... My little tiger " Mumun " - Cutting : - Small passage primer : - The choice of my fans for this mod : Cougar Vortex 120 and 140mm - My first cuts: We do not forget the glasses with the dremel !!!!
  12. Hello Bill , I have a 140mm fans in my mod !!! Thanx a lot for this great fan grill. Thanx all for your reply and See you soon
  13. Hello everybody, last year i start the project name's " Ruby " because im the biggest french fan of AMD. So i start the mod in solo mod but when the project take form i try to enter in contact with AMD to have the permission of reproduction the picture of ruby. he say to me " ok, no problem " and i do this mod. you can find here all the step of this mod : http://forum.hardware.fr/hfr/OverclockingCoolingModding/Modding/workblog-photos-finales-sujet_280626_1.htm and my facebook page dedicated to picture of hardware and mod here : https://www.facebook.com/phenomdesignphotography?ref=hl have a nice day and good viewing. Special thanx to my Idol " bill owen " bill if i do the photo you can see it 's because of you, i always say to me " yes i can do it " Photos of my Mod : as you can see it a OCZ radeon R7 SSD in France it very difficult to find it. if you like my photos and my mod you can share it and please come to my facebook for like my album. like that i can see you look my page and my mod. Thanks to Gizmo2poche for the airbrush of Ruby " the right face of the mod " Thanks all
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