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  1. We have been busy working on a few projects but, we have gotten more work done as far as design and application finished for our case mod. This is the first sketch up for our custom skin that will be applied to the side panel of the case. One of the greats!!! Mr. Marcus Garvey!!
  2. Ok guys, were are back to it. I am so glad to be able to continue on this project as it's going to be a great one. So we will start with the top of the case. We will have to remove the top cage for the 120mm fans as we will be installing a 420mm radiator on the top. We do this by using a cut off wheel with high speed RPMs with air compressor. Gotta love those sparks.... next we use our custom made aluminum radiator template grills by DDCASEMODS to position and find a good spot for our 420mm rad. Hmm. This looks like a perfect spot. Just between the locking wholes for the plastic top panel. Although, we will have to mod that also to make sure our 3 - 140mm fans fit. Now we will work on making a front panel to hold our 2nd radiator, a 240mm hardwarelabs nemesis GTS. This panel came from a Rosewill Legacy MX2-S. We are recycling it due to the fact that it's all aluminum and very good material. Again using our radiator template grill (240mm model) we mark the spot. Then first cut the holes for the latching bolts. More to come :-)
  3. Greeting all, I go by the name Bishopdown in the gaming realm but, formally it's David Wright. Been modding since 2006 and recently started up DCCASEMODS. We are a professional computer modding/repair company. We fix computers, TVs, Notebooks, Phones, Tablets and just about anything electronic. We also do custom painting and MOD!!! I'm an avid starcraft 2 player and love to build computers I am happy to be part of the MODZOO and hope to have more projects in the future Warmest Regards
  4. Hello, not much has been done to this mod. We are still in the works of waiting for some tech updates as to what we will be able to do with the case. More ideas are flowing around to possible make this a tribute to a special fallen hero... More to come soon
  5. Hello all, I just wanted to say that I'm happy to be a part of the forums and hope to give as much as I bring to the table. In this log I we will began cosmetic construction to a Antec 1900 Case that we actually purchased from MNPCTECH.COM a few weeks ago. Lots of potential in this case but, seem to be made with an old school attitude of case applications. But, yet and still it will be a fun project to work with and see what can be done. The plan is to place a good water cooling system with in the case and paint it Green...hmmm, simply enough, right. So, Lets get started with a short video http://youtu.be/wb9_NK2feXg
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