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  1. Sure! When he was filling it with sterile water, like a surgeon does, he put the fill tube up to his mouth to blow some of the water through as the water had an airlocked bubble in it any he was trying to get it out T_T I saw this happen through facetime and kind of gave him a cringe but didn't expect the buildup to happen as quickly as it did, it was about 6 months till the system was moved and then wherever the build up was located dislodged and then relodged in the CPU cooler as far as I can tell, there's also sediment in one of the GPU blocks. I'm thinking a CPU and GPU dismantle with a flush of the radiators should do it. It's either that or coating from a block or radiator delaminated but I find this to be unlikely as all blocks and rads are copper or copper - chrome plated.
  2. Is there any one in the Baltimore area that's familiar in wild ways of water cooling skills? I had sent out a machine at the start of this year to a friend of mine and when he filled it he contaminated it sadly and it's now semi mucky and needs to be torn down and cleaned and refilled! Even though he's a vascular surgeon he's terrified by anything electronic with fear of killing it for good. Wonder if there's any one around that could help him out, he lives in a good neighborhood and would be able to travel to you as well as I'm sure he'll tip well :D Let me know who's around! Thanks a million! (also we may toss in a new reservoir as the current one is too difficult for him to manage)
  3. Does anyone sell Monsoon fittings here in the Twin Cities? I know Microcenter only has some Primochill ones. Looking for hardline 1/2ID 5/8OD
  4. I was, yah Mosquito said the same thing, in the past I've always just hosted things on the forums directly but here it seems that most ppl either have their own site or are tossing them on Photobucket The more you know! <insert obligatory rainbow here> //^^^\\
  5. So at the moment I'm unable to add in photos to the post I need to because it only gives me a max total size of .21MB, waiting on the two big dogs above to maybe shed some light on it the desk and my current computer system are up and running, now it's just time to wait on other parts to come in. BOO! Hurry up and get here from China parts! bah humbug.
  6. Progress - Reserve Post Cardboard Layout: Drew out the size of the gfx card, two ssd spots, psu, mb, and cord routing as well as cutouts Drew out where the connections were approx. located so I could plan cable routing better (didn't have the PSU at the time, it was in a friend's computer) This helped me figure out the lengths I'd need of cables as I'm going to have them all on display, all flat to the tray and everything run at right angles as well as where I'd put cable combs (as this setup will be inverted / suspended the combs will stay in the cables permanently as well as being adhered to the surface to prevent droop) Desk Setup: So I have the desk setup with my current rig and even doing my cabling nicely you can still see feces running across the surface of my desk and a cluster of cables around the bottom of the monitor sadly, it all needs to go! You can see how the piece of wood from the old Switchboard Operator's table fits perfectly over one and a half pavers (had to break them in half with a chisel :'( ) Here's a slightly better view of the bricks themselves as you can see they were put together in a way that they fade in color from gray to red to match the tone of the wood as they go up. This is also where I'm going to be putting the outlet of my radiator by removing the top two rows on the left hand side, inserting the radiator setup and then framing it back in with brick all around it so it blows out from under my desk towards the wall. The radiator will be semi permanently affixed in there (due to being surrounded by bricks) so it will be hooked to the main lines by quick disconnects, or so the plan goes currently! Here you can see the backside of the desk which is visible to anyone in my living room or first floor, my current system in a Define R3 is in the inside corner you can see with a mess of cables visible as well as taking up knee room =\ another problem that will be solved by this solution hopefully! Also, the back of that monitor, oh so sexy imo......
  7. Building Blocks - Some of the parts you'll see there's a larger quantity than what would normally be needed and this could exist for two reasons A) My cable routing in this build will be longer than standard by a ways B) Ordering extra just to have some on hand + I'm looking at this as if I had nothing to begin with so I am getting all new tools along with everything else to complete the project Computer Components: ASUS PG348Q 34" UWS 100Hz Monitor ASRock Z97 Fatal1ty MB Intel 4970K Logitech G600 mouse - G13 gameboard - G510s keyboard - G930 headset - F310 gamepad Corsair AX860 PSU SanDisk Ultra II 2.5" 480GB SATA III SSD Corsair Force LS Series 2.5" 240GB SATA III PNY GTX 1080 Founders Edition 8GB MAINFrame Customs: Teleios - Black 50ft Teleios - Dark Red 50ft Teleios - Gray 50ft Teleios - White 50ft Teleios SATA - Gray 6ft MFC Custom 16 AWG Wire - Black 150ft MFC Paracord Threader MFC Molex Extractor MFC Ratchet Crimper SATA Power Crimp Terminal - 50 Female ATX Terminal - 225 E22 Cable Combs 24 pin - 20 E22 Cable Combs 8 pin - 8 E22 Cable Combs 4 pin - 4 GigaParts: Swiftech H240 X2 Prestige Performance-PCs: EK-FC1080 GTX EK Waterblock modDIY: 10 x Anti-Static M3 Red Paper Washers 2x M3.5 Easy Grip Anodized Aluminum Thumbscrew - Blue (4 Pack) 1 x KSS Adjustable Cable Clamp M (5 Pack) 2 x Flat Snap-Close Nylon Cable Clamp Adhesive Back - 7.8cm Black 10 x Premium M3 Motherboard Hex Stand-Off (5mm) 3 x High-Speed SATA Data Cable - Two Side Right Angle (40cm) 4 x Professional Single Sleeved Cable Wire Clear Comb (SATA 5 Slot) 10 x Premium Glossy Aluminum Alloy Countersunk Washer 11 Colors (M3 Red) 1 x Premium Gold Plated 16x PCI-E Extension Shielded Cable Riser (30cm) 10 x YFS Premium Aluminium Alloy Hex Screw (M3)
  8. First of all a shout out and thanks to Mosquito (Chris) and Bill (Owen) as I regularly spam them with ideas on Facebook and in general they're pretty fantastic guys (at least they haven't told me to #$&@ off yet ^_^ ) that just happen to live down the road from me. Secondly photos will be uploaded as I sync them through iCloud (causeeee I'm lazy) to the PC and I will be updating the primary post rather than doing additional posts as I go along. I Haveeeeee a dream! That dream is to have the cleanest desk in America, without having a crappy AIO and wireless everything, so how do we do that? Let's talk about that: Step 1 - Assess what we already have: A piece of wood from an old Switchboard Operator's table (you know, the olden days, where they routed your telephone calls) Retaining wall bricks from Menards (Like a Home Depot but Minnesota and midwest only) ASUS PG348Q 34" UWS 100Hz Monitor ASRock Z97 Fatal1ty MB an Intel 4970K my current computer (2700K DDR3 16GB ram - 3xSSD - 1xHDD - nvidia 770 4gb edition) Logitech G600 mouse - G13 gameboard - G510s keyboard - G930 headset - F310 gamepad A Steam Controller an extra Corsair AX860 PSU Cardboard and Markers My Puppy Step 2 - What can I do with all this Poopadilly: Draw an outline of what I want with markers on the cardboard make mockups of pieces outta cardboard take measurements order lots and lots of Poopadilly Step 3 - Build There's my Current plan of attack, I will be updating with progress photos as I start to go through. My goal isn't to have the fastest computer out there as I'm using an old MB (not that old) and CPU I had laying around as well as my old SSD's, but I picked up a new 1080, going to watercool it all so I can make it about as silent as can be to me and then take all that and Mount it to the underside of a homemade desk that sits at the precipice of my loft overlooking the first floor. Update log: 5/29/16 - Posting photos and a bit more description into my planning phases of cardboard layouts 6/01/16 - Added links to all the things I've ordered for the system and put up pictures of my completed brick and wood desk
  9. Welcome to the forums Jakweeze :)

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