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  1. Thanks man - that's high praise You know, I was thinking the same thing with the mesh! Unfortunately that piece was all that I had apart from round-hole stuff (which didn't look all that great in this case). I find that Googly eyes on everything makes for better company when I'm alone.... Oh wait... I think I'VE said too much now....
  2. Thanks Man! I used to do that myself too, but after realizing that using thousands of feet of badass dental floss would probably end up making me look like I practice dental care with a chainsaw, I opted to ditch it Hahaha! Thanks Bill (Seriously, thanks for everything!)
  3. With the cutting, filing and swearing all done, it's time to transplant the innards from my other case - I thought I'd take the opportunity to try some cable sleeving. Nobody in NZ seemed to have anything nice for individual cable work, so I used paracord that I had lying around - Kinda wished I hadn't now!! Cut to length and gutted the sheath: I had to remove the ATX connectors with MacGyver staple shims as I don't have the correct tool for the job: I opted to also try the no-heatshrink method - melt shape and insert: ... and set up camp for the day (this takes AGES) The same 2 staples lasted me the whole way - glad that they did because they're expensive to replace! After that - it was install, swear, re-install, swear, reconnect wires, cross fingers and power on! All in all, I'm pretty happy with it! It all works swimmingly and I'm stoked with how much cooler (and quieter) my system is (and how little the build Actually cost me) 'Till next time - Thanks everyone!
  4. Nice day - time to get my mod on! I grabbed the scrap section, the case and the 5.25" bay blank and got to work: I dremelled and filed a slit in the bay cover big enough for the original HDD LED assembly: You may have noticed a hole - with some help from the trusty nibble squid: It now accommodates one of these! An MNPCTech Vandal switch Like a glove Next step was to grab that piece of old masking-taped sheet metal and measure it up (massive hint as to what I'm doing with it ) After marking and very gentle work with some metal shears, I harnessed teh awesome power of my curved bench-edge to get some bend on: An old PSU (way fewer cables than the actual one) for test fitting got installed: ...and BOOM! It disappeared! Looks okay to me! Next on the agenda was the matter of making the radiator safe to put on the outside of the case - those fins are delicate as hell and need some protection BUT - I also need to be able to clean the thing too. The answer to my problem (from the hoarded stockpile) was an off cut of Hex modders mesh - just big enough to fit (luckily) Some time spent with metal shears and needle files got nice hexagon-shaped clean edges on my new grill. It also that meant I didn't have to use anything like U-channel to prevent cuts. I did have to cut a few bits out to accommodate radiator screws, but they'll be covered up anyway. With that done - it was time to paint! I folded some standoffs and threw in the 3 aluminium gap-filler-thingy that I made too - for good measure; and a matte black finish (paint and etch primer all in one can) Once the paint had dried, I realized that I forgot one thing - I had planned on placing the original Slverstone case badge on the front of the case. It's attached with double-sided tape but I wanted to embed it in the grille - for a low-profile finish. To achieve this - I used a hex-shaped piece of metal scrap and hammered the mesh around it to create a hex-shaped embossed section that the badge would fit in: Back for a re-paint, some 'tape of the gawds' and the grille is done! Now we're ready to put some stuff together (finally!) Cleaned out the case - took off the masking tape and gave it a good vacuum (we don't want metal filings in our PC now, do we?) Power switch/HDD LED is in: Next is the radiator - I didn't like the shiny billboards on the sides - Off they went to make it look a little more industrial: Fiting nicely with some of those ML series Corsair maglev fans in there: Next comes the blanking thingy -Now for the reveal - the holes are for..... OLD SCHOOL BILLET HANDLES! I have had these for AGES and never used them - seemed like a good time They not only act as handles - they'll protect the rad from the vacuum cleaner (as the case sits on the floor) In go the drive cages... and a SHINY piece of sheet metal - attached with thumbscrews to hide any shameful cable management: did I mention that the shiny metal was THE SAME PIECE as the PSU Shroud? VERY shiny And with that - my work space got reset.... But we're not done yet....
  5. Productive day today - I started on the 5.25" drive cage. Obviously it's not going to fit anymore - time to disassemble and get cutting! First, I've got to remove the drive clamp/support/lock thingys (it's a technical term). They're all attached with screws: I needed a short screwdriver, but got there in the end. Next step: Protect the finish with tape and take it outside for an excessmetalotomy (amputation of extraneous bits). I had cut-off wheels at the ready: Fun fact: The cage is made out of aluminium, not steel. I was hoping for sparks, but that was a no-go. In order to fit it in and leave a gap for the aluminium strips on top of the radiator, I needed to remove some material from the cage parts. Rather than fire up the dremel, I opted for a stealth approach and unleahed my friend Norman, the nibble-squid: It's been a while since I've hung out with Norm, he made short (and quiet) work of the corners and gave me a great workout in the process With rough edges filed down I had a look in my case of accumulated fasteners and assorted rubbish: Boom! Found some! Was originally planning on riveting stuff together, but I figured that everything else is attached with threaded fasteners - might as well keep with the theme Time for a test fit: Looking good so far! Yup - good to go! My gosh that radiator looks epic..... Pretty sure you can guess what's going in that 5.25" bay below the DVD drive Before I ran out of time, I dredged up some old material from my hoarded junk pile. and whipped out the other stealth cutter: Not looking pretty, but I'm hoping it'll surprise you soon 'Till next time - mod on people!
  6. That is VERY nicely done! I love the vertical GPU idea and how you managed to almost completely re-layout the insides - well done!
  7. Small update today - not a lot of time to get anything done but at least there's SOME progress Harnessing my expert jigsaw skills, I cut 3 strips out out of some scrap aluminium and filed a couple of shallow grooves in one of them: Got to drilling next and bolted them together: This is what they're for - something sturdy to sit on top of the radiator to blank out the gap below the second 5.25"bay. the grooves are there to help it fit snugly on top of the radiator fittings The longest strip sits inside the case and will stop the assembly from falling out. As for what will stop it from falling IN.... That's a bit of a surprise. Let's just say it's something coveted back in the Pimprig days Next step will be to chop up the scrap section that I cut out of the front of the case earlier: That'll have to wait for next time though - ran out of time
  8. Happy 2017 people! Alright, minor update - the weather here is rubbish (it's the middle of summer and it looks like I'm in the UK!) so I'm hiding out in the garage: After deciding to mount the rad in front of the case, I need to attach it properly. I'm opting for the tried and true 'aluminium mounting plate' method. I found a piece of scrap and traced out a pattern for drilling, then cutting: Quick test fit on the radiator and case after drilling - seems okay, time to cut! I even invested in a new jigsaw to get this done (because cutting with a dremel takes way too long!) Before I did anything else, I figured that I'd better protect the radiator fins - those things get bent if you sneeze near them. Cardboard to the rescue! Opted to add some custom artwork for simulation purposes too: It's cooling way better now! Right, back to test fitting and a TON of filing: I was going to paint it, but with the weather like this, I dredged out some Carbon fibre vinyl film I had lying around to black it out instead (it's not the good stuff, it's 'Di-Knock-off'). Looks better than silver Testing with the fans installed (making sure the mounting screws are long enough and checking clearance between the fans and 3.5" cage All looks good so far! That's it for today - exept for these: Will let you know what they're for later
  9. Hahahaha! Figured posting a worklog between footage was the least I could do Seriously, this is the most expensive case I've ever cut up. I'm not overly worried though, because a) it was a review sample and b) the interior design had some major eff-ups. Dredged up the old *cringe* supplemental video from the review... if anyone wants to see the stock case up close
  10. Short of making your own (crimps and connectors required), I'd recommend either a 4 channel fan controller (newegg link) or a splitter cable (link to the first 6-fan one I stumbled across) :)
  11. *stands up sheepishly* Hi everyone, My name is Peter and it has been ten years since my last mod For, my first those of you who don't know me (I've been a weak-ass forum participant), My first ever 'proper' case mod was called Refurb - back in the Pimprig days: My last mod (2007) was a DVR that I had built out of a shuttle case and PS2 screen: Things have changed a bit since then though - nowadays, I don't really have the time or motivation to maintain a custom water loop or change out my hardware every month like I used to. I tend to do video editing, VFX and motion graphics in my spare time and have been using an (ugly) Silverstone Raven RV01 that I had been given to review back in 2008. Before you judge me too harshly, I just needed a quiet, stable workstation that would do the job I need it to do - nothing fancy (obviously) Anyway - enough of the public shaming - I've had an opportunity to get back on the mod programme thanks to a generous donation of a Corsair H100i AIO loop from an anonymous benefactor who shall remain nameless (unless he calls himself out here). You see, my CPU is struggling with the summer heat and the stock Intel AIO watercooler that I've shoehorned into the case just isn't cutting it (did I say enough with the shaming? Guess I may have been wrong there....) I have also switched out my wife's PC internals into a smaller case and am in the fortunate position of having a spare, empty Silverstone FT01 case which I reviewed years ago. It's not the best designed case out there (you can't take the 'removable' top fan filter out!!) but the internals are all attached with screws - which is great from a modding standpoint. The plan will be to move my gear out of the Raven and into this - making a few modifications beforehand in order to accommodate the H100i and possibly use up some of my old case moddding supplies that I have lying around (I'm a bit of a hoarder of useful things) Oh, for my last bit of public shaming: where I am living, I don't have space to put my PC on my desk... So on the floor it has to go. Lights and flashy stuff are unlikely to be happening, but we'll see Anyway - let's get into this. The case internals are pretty standard. I've removed the drive cage that sits between the 5.25" and lower drive bays as well as the 200mm fans in the roof and front. I'm planning of either ditching the 5.25" bays or trimming them down to keep the top one (maybe two). Unscrewing the 5.25" drive bay housing, I can get the Power/HDD Led assembly taken out to see what I have to work with: Thinking on where to place the radiator, I was considering mounting it above the 3.5" cage; making a mount out of the 5.25" bay housing. The plus side to this would be that it leaves room for fans to push air through the radiator as well as the option for pull fans to be added: The downside to this though is that I don't have the option of having a DVD drive in the machine - which I use surprisingly often - and that I'd need to install a bare fan in the lower section to move air over the 3x HDD's. Option B was to install the radiator and fan in the space between the HDD cage and the front - which is a very tight fit: The plus side is that I get the 5.25'' bay option back but it's tight and I'd have issues with having room for radiator mesh in the front. I decided to make a couple of temporary mounts by cutting out the strip of metal on the front (it was always going to be taken out anyway) to test fit things and help me decide. Messing around, I actually found that I liked the idea of mounting the radiator externally - Usually I don't go for that kind of look but this one had appeal for some reason. I'm running with it and will be doing a couple of aesthetic and practical things as well to (hopefully) help it fit in That's it for now - next update soon!
  12. Beautiful work Bill! I still remember drooling over Psychosis back in the day - stoked to see it evolve into this :) BTW - the video came out great too!
  13. I'm with XNine on that one - a good dose of ketchup left on for a couple of minutes - scrub with an old toothbrush followed by tap water rinse then distilled water... then Listerine to kill any bacteria when reassembling the loop :)
  14. If you peel it off - can you let us know if you rip off any components with it as well? That'd be my main worry with this (looks effing slick though!)
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