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  1. Wow, really good looking result.... Nice, clean... what more is comming????
  2. YES!!!! Updates!!!! Due to me having a painter that is just starting for himself, I'm subjected to the horrors of life such as me not getting any parts in due to his mother in law having a brush with death... Well, luckily she's in the safe zone again but this does mean my project will take some more time as he needs time with his family. Frame is now painted and I finished my bracket to hold the PSU in it's new place. Some glam-pics I made outside of the case before installing the PSU: Since we always have plenty of mobo stand-offs, I put them to use: Plenty of space for an SSD or HDD.... I hope..... Plenty of space for cables...... uhhhhh, I hope..... And Front panel connectors: Next will be the case top panel so I can finish building the watercooling loop.... and then hopefully the correction on the damage around the power button will not take that long.....
  3. Oke, I'm going to go feel bad about myself now. Thanks.... that was..... ego shattering. Round of applause for that workmanship.... now I'll go and cry myself to sleep.....
  4. Looking really sweet with those green sleeves and fans.... sweet build
  5. This is going to be hard as they are both really expensive cases and indeed once I don't see often... My suggestion would be to use either fan-mounting or PCI slots as a guide to make a close guess work. The outer dimension are on the lian li site ( http://www.lian-li.com/en/dt_portfolio/pc-v2110/ ) from experience with many Lian Li cases, they tend to be rougly 2cm thick but I will measure all of my Lian Li front panels this weekend (I have 4 so that will be pretty close :D )
  6. Lian li has some smaller cases that you could use, the build quality is very good on them and there are few choices out there in your budget range (looking at local prices) Fractal also has some good cases for what you are planning. Keep in mind that any material you cover your case with will add thickness and lots of small venting holes are a pain. My suggestions would be Lian Li PC-A55 or a Fractal Define. Both are good build quality and both will allow for easier work covering it while being in the right price range (at least here). Hope that was any help as your idea sound really cool to be honest
  7. Cleaning? I do not know this word... what does it mean???
  8. Oke, time for another update as I have gotten some work done as well as getting some new supplies in. 24-pin is done safe for one that is not finished yet (needs some TLC so that will be done tomorrow) And from the other side too Got a new connector for my video card since the old one was under a bit too much stress for my liking: Keyboard and mouse came in too This maybe just me being a prick, but this blueish metal royally pisses me off Keyboard looks nice.... but a little too..... well, stock So, off to the painter with it! And lastly, I don't think this collor matching is wrong, cables are a bit lighter in the full sun but inside the case they will look even better matched (as can be seen closer to the connector) The painter has corrected the front panel damage and the rest is just about dry so I hope to get to do the assembly this weekend. With any luck next time the pictures will be of a more.... complete PC... Also, I finally came up with a name for the project. Since I will have a lot of these curved brown cables.... Coffee Stains! As a hyper creative person who craves the black liquid I have seen more then my fair share of them so I thought it was fitting... (now if I could only change the title.....)
  9. If done well and not to girly or childish.... a Pikachu mod wouldn't even be bad... I mean, as a theme... Plus, good strong colors on that one. Have a beer and think it over :D
  10. Krimm


    Looking good. What are you going to use for the panels? Good luck with the build and keep the updates flowing :D
  11. Nice work, love the collors and can't wait to see the completed project :D
  12. daayumn, that is a ton of work.... And really worth it. Love that PSU cover, actually, feeling a bit envious :D
  13. I have to second the gold. With red fluid it will look better in my opinion as I dont think you will see the gold through the fluid anyway :D
  14. Wow, looking really nice. Strange you can not get that Keyboard in other switches in the UK, we can get all of them on the other side of the water.... but maybe that due to the germans :D Strong colours, really liking that... keep the updates comming... I'd love to see the rest of the build :D
  15. I really did not look at this. Thanks to Mosquito's signature that Im even here to begin with.... (thanks man) So, me? Not really that interesting but here we go: Hi, I'm Krimm (yes, privacy), an old fart from the Netherlands and I have been into computers for.... well, long. I can't even remember the first computer I 'worked on' but it will most likely have been a 486 (my fist PC) but I first gamed on the C64 (tears of joy remembering when I still had a full head of hair). I used to work for Acer as a builder first and later as a quality controller that was until they moved to eastern europe. However, by that time I had become seriously interested in PC's but, since I have absolutely no patients at all, am severly chaotic and have little to no tolerance for rules and regulations, programming was not for me, nor was networks.... ...Thus I ended up one day with my friends PC that coughed up some black smoke.... I fixed it and haven't look back since. I'm currently working on building a new gaming PC and will there after start doing what I normally do... strange builds that may or may not involve copious amounts of drugs, sacrificial bacon, duct tape, hammers and half a tin of lighter fluid. Hope to see you and your projects so I can steal/copy all your ideas :D
  16. Really nice work but one question: clamps? Chisels? Drills? what are these things? Are they like hammers, explosives and fire?
  17. Nice job sleeving... you are a much more patient man then I will ever be. Hats of too you sir :D
  18. Hahaha.... Yeah, I ordered some really small heatshrink, hoping that will work to keep that anoying wire down. Looking forward to seeing your post so I can copy them... My first time costum sleeving a PSU since..... since..... That has to by my Pentium 2mmx..... (daayumn, that made me feel old)
  19. Looks really nice, cool to give a case a second chance of life.... makes the plants in the pictures even more fresh :D
  20. Krimm

    My Air 540

    Really nice build, clean and really nice details, shame about the red-taint in the pictures maybe take some pictures not on a red table.... its looks really good but the red bleed means the pictures do not do it justice.
  21. Got some good and bad news on the project....... Baybus was finished and has been reassembled..... Starting with sleeving the PSU There is one cable I can not sleeve yet, hopefully I can find a fix for the hickup.... but for the idea: And now for the bad part... Well, there is that one cable that I can not sleeve (the cable has attachments on both sides at the connector) as well as the power button..... I was putting it in as carefully as I could, however, as soon as the button clicked into the holder... POP! At this point I was about to throw the front panel across the room, luckily I didn't.... Back at the painter now to get fixed as is the chassis (it wasn't painted before since I still needed to mod the PSU mounting) Got a new radiator in since the old one simply did not fit (sorry EK, no dice) so for now I just got a cheap one so that I can shop around and find something worth the system for the long run.....
  22. Wow, that is a really nice looking mod. Love the strong colors and your attention to details.... really impressive...
  23. Looking nice, guess cable management will be a day mastering the art of shouting curse words :D
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