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  1. So, some time ago I ventured on a build that was held here based in the Thermaltake X9 and was a dual loop massive water cooling project. It took some time was basically my first time using rigid tubing: The time eventually came where we needed to replace the desk in the house, unfortunately the mammoth X9 caused a lot of head ache here due its vast size limiting the available desks. So I decided to downsize into an INWIN 303 using all the current parts I had available: Recently you may have heard that AMD released a new range of CPU's - it's been quite a small subject with very little hype or coverage ............ oh wait So I sold up my trusty 4790k and Ranger Z97 board + DDR3 ram and got to work with a Ryzen refresh! First thing I wanted to do was polish the CPU block up as it didn't look as good as it once did, a little like myself!! Next job remove the SSD, split it down and make it more suiting to the incoming colour change! Followed by a new logo for the 1080 GTX Backplate By now the components had arrived comprising a Ryzen 7 1700, Gigabyte AX370 Auros Gaming 5 and 16gb of GSkill Trident Z RGB 3200 Next chunk of work was to resleeve all the cables and paint the supplied AM4 bracket I also sorted out my 5 inch LCD to match the colour scheme and of course changed the logos! It this point I decided I didn't like the ugly Enermax fan in the rear of the case and opted to add another 120mm crossflow radiator to the rear which of course required spraying! I then had to change the LED's on the Riing fans on the upper radiator to blue from red and Thermaltake sent me a batch of blue mounting pads out: At this point I wasn't completely happy with the temps, like most tempered panel cases it traps a lot of heat in, so I decided (yes crazy) to strip the whole PC down again and add a 120mm intake fan to the front of the case and figured whilst it's empty, lets spray the inside!! The fan is off centre here purposefully to allow clearance of the tubing on the inside: So basically its been a long road but I'm almost (yes almost) happy - the only change I want to make is to add Bitspower white fittings, but that will have to wait for more wife credits as i'm negative marriage currency now !! Thanks for viewing!
  2. ok so I got everything sorted today, the block arrived yesterday, but I had serious Man Flu and slept only 40 mins before my night shift! So today I could finish it up, especially as the back plate was finalised! Good Load temps, this was with GTA 5 benchmark running Fans turned out good Only eye sore left is the keyboard, hopefully be moving onto an Asus Claymore (the whole reason for the 5 inch LCD)
  3. Ok got some good news today, my water block is being replaced and has already shipped! Also my LCD display has arrived! First thing, get the fans started, so I got to work with the primer, the black was making the theme darker than I wanted: and I tested the LCD on my MacBook, showing the reason why I need an LCD in the first place! Got the fans finished and tidied up the PCI brackets around the rear of the lower radiator and got the LCD mounted in the surround.
  4. So first things first, let's get some hardware installed! Quite happy with that first connection, looks pretty clean, I used the old Enermax fans to start getting everything fitted whilst I wait on the Thermaltake/EK fans. CPU block fitted, and first bit of cable management completed, that M.2 is a real EYE SORE, I have a plan! First rigid tube in, I used Alphacool tubes for this, they're a little more sensitive to the heat than the previous Primochill stuff that I used, but a few pieces in I had it worked out: Quickly followed by the second tube, here you can see why I opted for the 360 crossflow, it makes loop much cleaner in my opinion and the distance between the ports is pretty much identical to the layout I have for the VRM chipset block to the Pump/res: Coolant in and leak checking my connections so far, had on leak right on the 240mm so not too bad. I loop isn't complete as I'm still waiting on the GPU block, also ignore that eye sore pipe between the CPU block and 240mm rad, it was an off cut piece I used for the purposes of this leak check: Oh and that EYE SORE m.2? Is no more, nice little product from Coldzero: http://www.coldzero.eu/364-m2-covers It wasn't perfect, I had to touch up the edges of the pcb up with a black marker and apply some double sided tape to prevent the right side of the cover from rising once it was tightened down. I also had to file a little away in the bottom left corner to clear the PCI slot, but that is due the motherboard layout not bad design. Next up is to mod the PCI brackets to fill that gap behind the radiator, get the backplate finished up, get the LCD fitted (on it's way) and sort out those PCIE power cables ready for the 1080 water blocks arrival. Will know for sure then whether or not the sound card can be mounted or not
  5. Ok, so whilst I had the spray I decided I should get it all done (at work = happy wife) First Up: XT45 Radiator: Soundblaster Z: The plan at the moment for the sound card is to vertically mount it in the window (hence why the PCI bracket is straightened), however, I may not be able to due to the mounted height of the card and the position of the ports on the GPU block Finally the GPU backplate and pci bracket:
  6. Hi, it's been a while since my last build, using the Thermaltake X9, I loved the case and the build, however living with it day to day just isn't worth it without having a dedicated gaming room as it is just too big and dictates desk choices. Which brings me to my new project. My desk was on it's last legs with dodge feet and legs so it really needed replacing, so this pushed me into finally breaking the parts out of "Iced Blood" ready to go into my new choice of case: I love the design of this case, the "Tempered" (see the pun ) glass makes the case look great and it's size means I can buy a normal sized desk and put the tower on the desk rather than below, allowing me to be able to put my feet under the desk! Specs for the plan are as follows: i7 4790K Asus Ranger Z97 32GB Kingston Hyper X Fury Samsung XP941 256gb m.2 drive Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD Soundblaster Z Added to this will be: Crucial MX300 525GB SSD Palit 1080 Gamerock Premium GPU and the following cooling: EK Supremacy CPU Block EK 1080 Jetstream GPU Block and Backplate EK DDC 140 PWM Pump/res combo with 204 res tube and white cap Alphacool UT60 240mm + Alphacool XT45 360mm crossflow radiator (crossflow choice will become clear) Thermaltake Ring 12 Red LED x3 EK Varder FP4 120mm x2 in white Im hoping that soon the G15 keyboard will be replaced, to that end I want another method of monitoring temps, for this I will be making up a 5" inch LCD and mounting it in the case window with a self made sensorpanel for Aida 64 The 1080 had been in that build for around 3-4 weeks. I was originally planning to buy the Thermaltake View 21 for the vertical mounting of the GPU (changed my mind because they have no plans on a Snow Edition, and my mrs will kill me if I spray another case in the porch!) but I noticed on flushing the CPU loop that something odd was happening with the block: I couldn't work out what it was at first, so I dropped the coolant and cleaned the Block out and refitted : So the black had an internal leak, after some communication with both EK and Overclockers.co.uk I was put at ease and assured the blocks performance wouldn't be affected and it was purely cosmetic. This obviously made me change my mind about vertical GPU mounting So to work, I quickly got everything out of the old case and stowed it "safely" on the old desk: and guess what, the block's performance was affected, this was around 8 or 9 days after the previous incident: Pretty damn lucky! Overclockers were great and RMA'd instantly, now just waiting for the block to return, in the mean time, onto work! At first I though I would be able to fit a 360mm radiator in the base with the res/pump combo as the the dimension is 480mm and i needed around 450, however on arrival the internal dimension was a little smaller! Oh well, I had a 240mm radiator in my old case! First job, spray the Pump/res combo, I always felt I should have done this on my previous build but never got around to it I really liked the new look and should help getting a little more white into the inside of the case
  7. I guess it was the final at the time, but I always wanted to go SLI, just had to get the funds "released" from the wife lol! Since that finales its had another 16gb of hyper fury X ram in red, a 2nd 970GTX and EK parallel terminal with EVGA SLI bridge (doesn't light up on my 970's!!) and of course now the flow meters and PETG tubing. The 970s are now also running modded bios, 1420/7400 daily and as a result of that I did a little reworking of the PETG and flushed the 240mm rad from the CPU/Chipset loop (leaving those with a 360mm, and added it to the GPU loop Will also act as a nice foot warmer during the colder months!!
  8. Hurray, Parcelforce finally picked up my shipment from UK customs, a nice little box of modding kit for this build! Thanks to Primochill for providing the following products: So 2x Flow Meters, A Rigid Bender, a whole bunch of the new Primochill RSX fittings and a whole bunch of Primochill 12/10mm PETG tubing Rigid Bender, seems like a nice piece of kit, used it this evening and it definitely works, good job Primochill! 2x Flow Meters - During the last 6 months or so my rig has been pretty daayumn quiet, too quiet. At times I wasn't sure if the pumps were actually running, so these should hopefully aid that issue: I really like the amount of different tubing configs you can use with these: Next up are the 2x sets of Primochill RSX rigid tubing fittings. These are very new and they seem like a massive improvement over the Monsoon fittings I was using previously Particularly liked the packaging! I eventually ended up spending around 6 hours making some progress tonight. Most of that time was actually used to strip all the radiators and tubing out and flushing all the old coolant out and cleaning the CPU/Chipset blocks. I made a few bends and got to grips with using the Rigid Bender, which is pretty useful! Some more work done yesterday prior to a heavy night on the town! First piece of bending today was a pain in the feces generator, trying to get the bends correct for the pump outlet that drops below the partition wall and into the 240mm radiator Once that one was done (5 attempts later!!!) it was pretty much plain sailing to complete the CPU loop and most of the GPU loop I changed the old GPU layout a little to allow for cleaner looking bends and adding the Flow Meter Then onto some leak checking for the CPU loop, early signs all good Finally finished the loop and did some leak checking and all seemed good .... Had a leak from the Parallel Terminal (only part not disturbed!) which leaked in between the 2x GPU's where I can't see .... Turned PC on, pc restarted twice then I switched off at mains and eventually found the issue. On the plus side both GPU's are fine as I've tested those in another rig and I've dried the motherboard out and blown it through with compressed air. Will wait till tomorrow to test the board, but fingers crossed ... Update 15/02/16 Disaster averted, she lives!! So after the panic last night I figured whilst I have the loops drained I would swap all the Fittings around, aka white on red and red on white, I suspected it would look much better. Did all those last night and rebuilt the loops and waited until this morning to power up the PC. So back to leak checking!! (although I was pretty certain there were no leaks this time!) I left it running like that a little whilst bleeding the loops and leak checking all the fittings and especially that Parallel Terminal, had half of a toilet roll stuffed between those gpus today!! So it's now complete, it works and more good news, my RMA replacement for my Asus RoG Swift Gsync monitor shall arrive tomorrow!! I decided to do a little stress testing whilst finishing off the flushing and making 100% sure there is no leaks, AIDA 64 full stress test without any issues, so I guess I really did get lucky with that leak! I followed the AIDA64 with a run of 3dmark Firestrike on default settings, just to see what kind of scores I could get and how the temps are: This was the second run, I'm pretty sure I can get 1500mhz on these cards and I know the CPU does 4.9ghz. This one was ran at 1468/1856 on the cards and the CPU at 4.8ghz http://www.3dmark.com/fs/7571570 Graphics score 25816, I'm plenty happy with that, more impressive were the temps: Next weekend I'm gonna try for 5ghz on the CPU and 1500/2000 on the cards, probably going to need a bios flash, but I will see how I feel at the time. Onto the final pics, thanks for reading so far! The RoG front base still isn't working as my man that is lengthening my loom is out of the country with work, that will be added in a couple of months
  9. Theres always something just around the corner, pretty sure broadwell e and skylake e are hitting around the same time as pascal
  10. Mod is now unto 32gb ram, SLI-d and about to be moved into PETG tubing + flow indicators, should be shipped today. I also switched in some proper cable mods
  11. Hey this looks great. I noticed you are buying the RoG front base, which I too bought and painted. Just be aware that the cable that comes with it is quite short and required a friend of mine to extend it for me so I could use it in my build (in my signature)
  12. Well the memory arrived and its now fitted so i guess that this is now complete, it's taken a lot longer than i wanted it to, but then working away for 3 months probably didn't help! :roll eyes: Here's the ram all fitted: Thanks again to Mick at Mayhems for providing the 360mm Havoc Radiators, all the coolants and the Blitz Pro Kit :clap: Thanks for reading :thumb:
  13. Well it's almost there, still need to drain the cpu loop and change the extender on the chipset block. Also considering some Hyper X Fury ram sticks to add a little more white to the motherboard area. Water block now fitted, just annoying that you can't actually see the good work the EK guys did A little look around the far side
  14. Well its been a while, i haven't stopped this project, just another month or so away before i can complete it. I ordered the remaining cables and water block for the GPU this week, so it should be good to complete once i return home!
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